How can Instagram Instagram be viewed on the PC? Discover it here!

Instagram Stories is an application used to upload content that will be visible to your followers for at least 24 hours. This tool that comes within Instagram gives you the ability to upload any photo, video, gif or even advertise and mentions.

However one of the big disadvantages that many have is that this tool can not be used fully from the PC. However we have done our best to give you the facility that you can use Instagram Stories on the PC easily.

What are the advantages of using Instagram Stories?

This tool can work for you, especially if you use it to show the content that you are promoting on Instagram, be it any type of products, offers and you can even place a link so you can access directly to your website.

The best thing is that you can make any type of publications without the need to delete them since after a lapse of 24 hours these will be eliminated completely from the application. So you will have the opportunity to upload an unlimited amount of Stories and these will also be deleted after a day of validity.

You can mention several accounts, make a hashtag, place music, stickers, sources, surveys and even interact with your users by letting them ask you a question so you can answer them in the next storie.

What are the best tips to have the best Stories on Instagram?

There are several tips that you have to know before you start using this tool, since there are some users who abuse it and end up saturating content to their followers.

  • Do not saturate your Stories, there are many users who can upload up to 50 things a day and although Instagram does not place a limit for that, for your users it can end up being boring, of course unless you are making a small statement or counting something for short videos .
  • Do not fill the content of thousands of things, there are those in a single storie place photos, sticker, hashtag, mentions and more. This ends up causing each of the publications They look very full and immature.
  • Try to upload a story that has exactly what you want to say, whether it's a product, an advertisement or some motivation to interact with your users.
  • Make sure all your followers can see your Stories and interact with you at the same time. This will give you better feedback on what they like and what they do not like.

How can I upload my Instagram Stories on the PC?

Unfortunately, the web application does not have the possibility of upload a story, now you can already see and you can send messages about that history, but generate a new one and upload it to your profile is disabled.

However, we have done the task for you and we bring you 2 great ways in which you have the ability to upload stories from the comfort of your office if that is what you want.

1 method to upload Instagram Stories on the PC

  1. Access the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Log in normally to your account from your computer
  3. Once you find yourself using your profile you must press F12 on the keyboard. Once you do this, the browser will show you the mobile version. By doing this the width of the screen will be reduced and the cursor will become a circle.
  4. Press F5 and you can start using the application as if you were directly from your mobile.

Something that has to be taken into account with this method is that it does not always work at all, since it has some limitations. However, what you can do is upload photos, put the text you want, change its color, move it and even paint with the pencil.

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2do method to upload Instagram Stories on the PC

This second method is a little less complicated but at the same time you must fulfill each step as we indicated so that everything can work correctly.

There is an extension called Chorme IG Story, this extension is enabled for Google and allows you to have access to the account normally as if you were from the mobile application.

This extension should be downloaded and then used as any other application, Alec Garcia is responsible for this extension since the downloads makes its operation as simple as in a phone.

Both methods are great so you can use this extension from the comfort of your PC without any problem, try any of the two methods and tell us which method has worked in the best way possible.

If this has helped you, do not forget to send this to any of your friends who are also being promoted in the Instagram world, although it is not something they will use all the time, it will surely be a great help to get out of any trouble you may have. some time of the week.

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