Know how many visits you make money on a blog

Do you have a blog? You want to know how many visits do you make money on a blog? In the next post I will explain how and with how many visits you make money in a blog. If you apply it correctly, insurance will go very well.

To begin, you must first focus on searching for traffic. This corresponds to the number of qualified visits that reach your blog. When you have that primordial step, then you must take the first steps to convert that traffic into money.

How to earn money for visits?

The main ways to earn money for visits in your blog are the following:


In one of the most common and easy-to-use strategies. There are two models, payment per click and payment for impressions.

  • Pay per click: With the pay per click model you can earn money each time a visit reaches your blog and click on an ad.

In order to get this an ad you must have a code that you can get for free on an advertising platform. There are many platforms of this type, but the most common and popular one is Google Adsense.

With click payment you can earn from cents to dollars for each click that the visit makes in ads that are in your blog.

  • Payment for impressions: This is another way to earn money for advertising on your blog. Like the pay-per-click model you have to place a code on your blog. Each time the ad is visible to users, it is counted as an impression.

These ads are called CPM, which stands for cost per thousand impressions. The key is to receive many visits and place ads in strategic positions to be seen.

Affiliate programs

To earn money through an affiliate program you need place link of affiliate programs in your blog One of the advantages of using this technique is that you can earn money without having a large amount of traffic.

Of course, as long as those visits are of quality, that is, they are interested in buying a product.

Sell ​​your own products

This mode is the most used today by bloggers and webmasters, since they make a lot of money selling their own products. Sometimes, they combine this form with the others I mentioned.

Among the most common products that you can sell in a blog are EBook, tutorials, courses, subscriptions and memberships

How to get traffic to make money with your blog?

After knowing the ways to earn money for visits, now you will ask How do I get the traffic? Here 5 methods to get visits and make money with your blog.

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comes from any search engine that is obtained from natural form. That is, the result of the interest of the audience with the content that your blog generates.

Organic traffic is essential because we will realize the interest of the content of our blog and it is easier to monetize. In that sense, I advise you to make your blog dynamic and interesting for visitors so that you can position yourself in the first places on the search engines.

  1. Social Traffic

Social traffic is the most popular today, since comes from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

You can receive this traffic from someone who entered your blog and shared a publication on a social network. As well as if you shared a link in a social network. Each visit you receive of this type is considered social.

3. Reference traffic

The reference traffic is the visits you receive from other web or blog. This type of traffic is obtained through links that other webmasters place on their websites as a reference.

4. Direct traffic

Direct traffic is what comes to your blog because it they wrote direct in the address bar or it was saved in bookmarks. This type is achieved by hooking up with your website. That is, some advertising in a newspaper, television, radio, or scanned the QR code.

5. Paid traffic

The paid traffic is the visits that are obtained through advertising campaigns on the Internet, as in advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Yahoo Ads, Google Adwords, etc. Paid traffic saves a lot of time and many experienced people use it a lot.

Remember that it is a long-term job you must be patient and constant. Do not hesitate any longer, and optimize your blog so that visitor traffic increases and you can generate many economic benefits.

Now that you already know how many visits do you make money in a blog, Which of these recommendations would you apply right now?

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