One of the functions that we most like about Instagram is that has a private mailbox whereby we can have private conversations, send images and much more content to any of our followers.

However, this mailbox function unfortunately is only enabled for the mobile version of the phone, so that those who wish to enter the web version can only see photos, videos, like and comment.

But if there is something great about technology it is that it always allows us to learn new things, that is why we are going to show you a small way in which you can see the messages from Instagram Web.

Why use the web version?

The mobile version of Instagram is quite complete, publications, Stories, videos, lives and messages. It is an App with which people can interact quickly and effectively. However the web version lacks an important feature, the messages.

Applications like Twitter and Facebook are very complete both in its mobile version and in the web version. In both you can interact in all possible ways, including the ability to send and receive messages through the private mailbox.

The reasons why Instagram has not enabled the option for the web version is still unknown, however many users have searched for the way to access the mailbox through this version and to our surprise they have succeeded!

So you must do to access messages from Instagram web

Surprisingly access Instagram messages from the web application it's much simpler than it seems. Of course, some things are needed to achieve it but it's nothing a mere mortal can not do.

Step 1. Know the extension

It is a fundamental part that for this function you use Google Chrome, the extension that is going to be used is IG: dm Desktop. This extension can work from Linux, Mac and Windows, the best thing of all is that this interface can perfectly replicate the message mailbox of Instagram.

Once the interface is ready, you can see how all the conversations that you have open appear next to you, you can see how it opens on the other side of the screen, so you can send all the messages you want or even the files what you wish.

Entering the account is very simple, just log in as the regular Instagram account, login is as easy from the PC as from the mobile, in fact if your account is linked to Facebook you can access it easily.

Web Instagram is constantly updating its platform, it is expected that soon the application can enable direct messages for its web version. However now you have this option at your availability.

How can I search for a conversation or create a new one?

Fortunately with IG: dm Desktop you will not need a lot of work to see the previous conversations or create a new conversation with one of your followers at the time you want.

Once you have installed this application you can see the conversations open on the side of the screen, you can select the one you want and write or answer. In the event that you are going to create a new message all you need is to place the user's ID using the famous @ to locate it easily.

When you find it, you just have to select it and then start a new chat. One of the advantages that IG has: dm is that it has the fun function of having emojis in chat, so you can also enjoy them.

Why use the messages on Instagram Web?

Instagram web is simply a tool that everyone can have on hand to connect to their profile, although it can be done from the mobile application, with the opportunity to have Instagram from your PC you can access the application if your phone is occupied.

In fact, you can delete the application from your phone and open the application from the PC, so you will not lose the opportunity to communicate with your followers and keep interacting with the accounts you follow.

Something great is that you can leave the application of your phone only for your personal account and use Instagram Web for your business account, this in case you have any company, virtual store in which you need constant communication with your customers and suppliers.

Now that you know the secret of how to use the messages from Instagram Web You can do the test and see how it goes. The important thing is to know each of the tools that this social network has for us and what better way to use something as important as private messages.

You just have to try it, give it a try and tell us how you were using this extension with your profile.

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