The Twitter User can check if the Security of his Account has been Compromised, when observing the following: You see spontaneous Tweets posted by your Account, you notice unplanned Direct Messages sent from your Account.

The user perceives activities made with your Account: How to follow, unfollow, block, etc .; you receive notifications from Twitter stating that your Account Security may be Compromised, that your Account information has changed and it was not him who changed it.

The User realizes that his password no longer works and, the Twitter platform, asks you to restore it. In this sense, the User needs Twitter procedures to replenish his Account and secure it.

Steps to Recover the Security of my Twitter Account

The steps that the Twitter User must follow to Regain Security of your Twitter Account: Change your password immediately, request a password reset on the Twitter platform.

The User must ensure that his email Rest assured, you can change it from the Twitter iOS or Android application or by logging into; override the connections of third-party apps you don't know about.

In addition, the User must update your password in third-party applications that you trust; since your Account is exposed to being temporarily blocked by the Twitter platform as a result of unsuccessful login attempts.


In the social network there are sometimes behavior that are outside of the Rules and Policies of Twitter, that become annoying and affect the virtual conversations between Twitteros. These attitudes do not necessarily constitute cases of abuse.

If the Twitter User receives Direct Messages or Excessive communications of Abusive Accounts, you can do the following: Stop following it and end any type of communication with the referred Account; in this way, said Account will lose interest when it is not taken into account at all.

If the attitude of the Abusive Account continues, the User is suggested to Block it, thus preventing them from following you, or seeing your Profile image on your Profile page or in your timeline; this way, your replies or mentions will not appear in your notifications tab.

I receive threats on Twitter

In the social network Twitter happens a little bit of everything, because they converge great Users quantity worldwide with different behaviors and actions that can affect, positively or negatively, the vulnerability of people who virtually transit through Twitter.

The User, if he has received Threats of any kind and you consider that your physical integrity is in danger, you should contact the Police Department; in this case: Document the Abusive or violent Messages that you have experienced during your stay on the Twitter network.

It is important that the User supply all the possible context with respect to possible suspects who have also shown excessive behavior in another social network; also provide information related to previous threats received.