WhatsApp is one of the applications that we use the most to relate to most people, be they friends or family. Therefore, the original states for WhatsApp that a user shares through this communication tool, can transmit or say a lot about him (e).

La communication through mobile phones has evolved our lives, so much, that we live so immersed in our smartphones that it is practically impossible to live without it. the mobile phone is used to talk and have communication with any person in specific, play for fun for a while, but above all, to send messages through instant messaging applications.

These days we spend a lot of time on the internet, which is not just about send instant messages through applications to our friends or acquaintances, but also to share emotions through original states as in facebook and whatsapp. So, if the intention is grab someone's attention specifically, the best way to do it is to share original states in the whatsapp profile. It should be mentioned that in the same way that it is possible to whatsapp, you can do it also in facebook and instagram.

The original states either for instagram, facebook or whatsapp, you can create them or simply search online those that are according to what you want to transmit. In this article we will share phrases originals of different categories, so you can express yourself in any of the social networks and capture the attention of people.

How to create original states for whatsapp or social networks

It is said that An image speaks more than a thousand words, so if the idea is to get everyone's attention or someone specific, you're going to need an image very shocking. You already know that you can save a lot of time since you can get the image with a message from Internet, but when we know what we want to transmit, we can create that original state to the extent of what you want to express or transmit. Thus, there are tools that will help in this process of designing the states that we want to share for transmit some type of message and we will present you one of the most used.



Canva is a website that allows you to create graphic designs without needing to have much knowledge in the matter, and most of all it serves to make a composition of images such as infographics, posters and etc. Therefore, it is not a tool of photo retouching as it is photoshop. Canva is a tool of graphic design with an attractive interface and easy to use by anyone; As we mentioned earlier, it is a website with various functionalities where you can design and share any content you design.

Canva is also ideal for create and advertise attractive business content, able to attract the attention of customers and potential customers. Therefore, it has many free templates that you can use to create a design that impacts and draws the attention of both users and potential subscribers.

Steps to create an original state

We will show you 5 simple steps to be able to use canva as a tool and to create these graphic designs to share in the states of social networks. Once you have knowledge of these we will show you how to elaborate the original states for WhatsApp, it will be up to you to use creativity and achieve a perfect image composition.

  1. If you wish to use this tool You must go to your website and create an account so you can design your own image for your whatsapp status.
  2. Once you already have a user in canva, what's left is to start creating that original state for whatsapp so you should start choosing a template from the library.
  3. If you already have a specific image out of canva, you can upload it and use it to start creating that graphic design that will help to have an original state that gets everyone's attention.
  4. In this step it is important creativity since you will have to fix your images, add fantastic filters that this tool has at your disposal and edit the text.
  5. In this last step you will have finished that original state that you want to share on whatsapp or in other social networks.

How to create a canva account and start creating those original states

canva account

For starting to use canva and have all the tools it offers As templates, clip art and others, you must create an account as mentioned above.

Then, you we will explain all the steps what you need to create your canva account for free.

  1. The first thing you should do is access to the website from any browser like, google chrome or firefox.
  2. When loading the page, you must give the option to register located in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. You need complete the form and select one of the options offered as if the account is for student, teacher, company, etc.
  4. Fill a form again with your email, password, resolve captcha and give you to register.
  5. Already in this step, you have created your account and you can start enjoying everything that offers this platform for free.

When you finish creating the account, a window will appear to create a work team if so you want.

It is worth mentioning that if you ask thatconfirm the email, they should go to the registered mail and verify the account.

Original status for whatsapp, facebook and instagram


If you wish to express something that is inside your emotions and you do not find the right way to do it, we will help you and we will share those original states that you can use. Therefore, you will only have to Choose the one that best expresses what you want. It is important to note that we will not only be sharing original status, but short phrases for whatsapp that can be used to share them in other social networks.

Funny quotes

If you are one of those who He enjoys laughing a lot through jokes, then we will show you some of the best original states for whatsapp.

  • If the drunks had them in power, we would have everything double.
  • I never forget a face, but with you I'll make an exception.
  • Half of what I say has no meaning, but I say it so that the other half can reach you.
  • Adrenaline, is to put your hand in your pocket and not feel the phone.
  • Every day that dawns, the number of fools grows.
  • There is no greater demonstration of purchasing power than sending an SMS with WhatsApp.
  • I will start drinking coffee so you can see that I already want to drink tea.
  • If the phone does not ring, it's me.
  • If you drink, do not use whatsapp.
  • You can not have everything, where would you keep it?
  • Honey I had to give the children, the cat is allergic.
  • Software Law: If you learn to use it, take out another version.
  • I wonder: What would I do without me?
  • Drunks, children and the latest WhatsApp connection always tell the truth.
  • War between pride and the send button.
  • Do we bums go to hell or come looking for us?
  • The future is not written, but please, create a good one.
  • Who does not swallow me, who chokes.

Original states of friendship

Do you like to value your friends and show them the affection and affection you have for them? we will make that possible, sharing some original states that have to do with friendship, where you can express that affection to your friends.

  • The one who looks for a friend without defects remains without friends.
  • Friendship is a soul that inhabits two bodies; a heart that lives in two souls.
  • The friendship doubles the joys and divides the anguish in half.
  • A friend in life is a lot, two are too many and three are impossible.
  • Everyone wants to have a friend, few bothered to be one take.
  • There can be no friendship where there is no freedom.
  • True friends stab in the front.
  • Keep a friend under the key of your own life.
  • Friendship is like a box of chocolates, you never know who is going to touch you.
  • Friend is not the person who dries your tears, but the one who prevents you from spilling.
  • Friend is not the person who dries your tears, but the one who prevents you from spilling.
  • When a friend asks us something, the word "tomorrow" does not exist.
  • The friendship that ends is because it had not really started.
  • Two carnations in the water can not wither, two friends who love each other can not forget.
  • A friend is a person with whom you can think out loud.
  • The hand of a friend never weighs.
  • A friendship without trust is like a flower without perfume.
  • A friend is the medicine of life.
  • Friendship is always helpful; Love sometimes hurts.

Beautiful original states

Some pretty original state that you can share on whatsapp and other social networks with any of your friends and family.

  • There are looks that kiss the soul.
  • The time that is given is not lost.
  • Beauty is born in the soul.
  • A kiss is a piece of eternity.
  • A poet is a world enclosed in a man.
  • Hugs express what we carry inside without needing to talk.
  • Your joy depends on your way of life.
  • Only those who find life can find treasures.
  • Never give up your dreams. Follow the signs.
  • The smile unites the hearts
  • Stop? Never. Move along? Forever. Give up? Never.
  • For Gray days, colorful umbrellas.
  • Humility is a very great virtue.
  • The soul of the world is fed with the happiness of the people.
  • I fell in love with you in a second, but not in a century will I forget you.
  • Silence grants, the look speaks and the smile confirms.
  • The only universal language is the kiss.
  • Humor generates tolerance and helps to live.
  • Love whoever loves you smiles to whoever hates you.
  • Be crazy when the occasion demands it

Funny quotes for whatsapp


We know that original states for whatsapp They have become our letter of introduction to the world, which is why many want to put a unique and impressive state. Therefore, we will share some phrases that you can use in social networks, especially in whatsapp, instagram and facebook.

  • The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.
  • I love my job, only when I'm on vacation.
  • Down with drugs! ... Sincerely, Those in the basement.
  • Does someone give me a beach to take?
  • Are you happy ?, No, married.
  • Fidelity ?, that you will only find it in speaker systems.
  • Why are all Asians suspicious?
  • Do you know English? Yes? Well tell or boy ah in cruise tar.
  • Is not a hard disk a CD made of iron?
  • "Just the little tips" is an expression that men and hairdressers will never come to understand.
  • 1 feeling, 2 words; I'm hungry.
  • To those of us who like Fanta so much, are we fantastic?
  • Sometimes I forget my mistakes. Sorry, what did you call yourself?
  • Updating my life, to the version DO NOT IMPORT ME 2.0.
  • Before you point at me, wipe your finger.
  • Before I was undecided ... now I do not know.
  • You used to seem like a bad person, now I can confirm it.
  • Yesterday it happened: a thief came to my house looking for money, so we started looking for him together.
  • Looking for dragons to tame.
  • Finding excuses not to stay with you.
  • Finding your intelligence, I'll stop soon to rest.
  • Shut up, you will not let me see anything.
  • Close an envelope is sucked.
  • I thought it could, and it rotted.
  • I think that eating so much shrinks clothes.
  • When the road becomes hard, only the hard ones keep walking.
  • Be careful ... I know KARATE ... and other oriental words.
  • From a distance you seem very ugly, up close, I confirm you friend.
  • My fame is born of your envy.
  • Leave me alone, or nervous, but let me fuck you.
  • They say that, to all people, everything in life happens to them for something, but everything that happens to you is imbecile.
  • They say that the one who laughs last laughs better, it seems to me that it is because he thinks very slowly.
  • Yawning is the reaction of the human body to indicate that our battery level is only 15%.
  • The advice for when you have to work and you do not feel like it is going to work without desire.
  • Money is not happiness, but I would like to cry in a convertible.
  • The world is a handkerchief, you a snot.
  • The problem with closed minds is that they always have their mouths open.
  • The one who laughs last, laughs later.
  • Tobacco kills slowly, and I am not in a hurry to die.
  • In bed I have no limits ... last night I fell twice ...
  • In life there are 3 groups of people, the smart ones, and people like me.
  • In life there is nothing stronger than love, except the cobwebs that swung so many elephants.
  • To be wrong is human, but to blame a third is intelligent humans.
  • You are one of those people we think you're an imbecile before meeting you, and when you're known ... we confirm it.
  • You're stupid until noon, and then until midnight.
  • It is good to stop drinking, the bad thing is not knowing where.
  • It is possible to live a better world, but not with my economy.
  • Marital status: Very tired.