These are the best phrases for Instagram of hints

Instagram is a great platform to use all kinds of phrases or hints What do you want to say to someone else? The hints are often based on small sentences with messages that refer to what you think of a person but do not mention it directly.

These kinds of phrases can be great, they let you vent a little of everything that bothers you and can easily get you out of control. Many people love this type of hints as they feel identified so they will quickly want to share these types of phrases.

It is for that reason that we are going to show you a list with all the phrases for Instagram of hints that you can use in each of your publications, videos or stories.


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Tips to upload a good hint to Instagram

  • One of the keys to creating a good hint is that it is an experience that many people have gone through.
  • Trying to be specific without falling into a direct total, is something a bit complicated to explain but very easy to do.
  • The more general the hint, the more chances you will have of your followers they feel identified with the publication and make it much more popular.
  • Place hints of all kinds, do not just stay focused on hints of love, you can also find hints of lack of love or even friendship, the important thing is to be as creative as possible.

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Indirects of lack of love

"Whoever does not show what he feels, may lose what he wants."

"If you can't love, pass by."

"From you I learned mistakes that I don't want to repeat."

"I forgive but I do not forget".

"Just like when I fall, I get up. And since I love, I also forget.

"It is very easy to say I love you, the difficult thing is to really feel it."

"No one deserves your tears and whoever deserves them will not make you cry."

"Forgetting is hard for someone who has a heart".

"Better alone than in bad company".

"No one who doesn't love you deserves your tears, and whoever loves you, rest assured that they won't make you cry."

"When I tell you the least, it will be when I want to tell you the most."

"You can go back the way you left, but when you get there, I'll never be there."

"Better to feel alone than to feel in bad company."

"I use your mistakes so I don't make them with anyone I love."

"Only when you don't find me around, will you begin to value me."

"Perhaps you lose what you want, for not showing what you feel."


Indirect for envy

"Envy will draw a smile on you, but it will never make you happy."

"If you see that you do not shine by your own light, do not try to turn off mine."

“You are not the best person to give your opinion, because you are the one who should keep quiet the most.”

“Anyone worse than someone who invents something bad? Yes, the person who believes and spreads it.”

"What does not kill strengthens".

"Hate is closer to love than it seems"

"Better enemy than traitor."

"There is no worse enemy than he who wants to pass himself off as a friend."

"You're like a poisonous snake, better run away"

"Your enemies may broadcast your failure but whisper your success."

“Do not criticize my steps without putting yourself in my shoes”

"The envious invent the rumours, the gossips spread them and the idiots believe them..."

"Many want you to do well... as long as it's not better than them."

"Silence can be full of noise."

"Envy bites but does not eat."

"To hate is to drink poison and expect the other to die for it."

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Indirects of love

"Live in my heart, and you will be happy as long as I live."

"I love you quiet, I love you suffering, I love you."

"I could love you and maybe I'd be happy, but I'm going to play the uncertain."

"I like everything about you, and I love that."

«You don't know it, but you are already for me.»

“If you have a heart, you will have a hard time forgetting.”

"If you see that they don't call you, maybe it's because they don't need you."

"You can expose your love, or lose me."

“I am of less love, but of quality love.”

"What doesn't kill you will make you much stronger."

"If it's hard for you to love that person, forget it."

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Indirect generals for Instagram

"Thank God, not all people are the same."

“Whoever wants fruits, must know that without harvesting…”

"Do not criticize my path without having walked it."

"Don't insist, that door will not open for you."

"If you think that friendship is bought, you are poor at heart."

"I thought you wouldn't sink any lower, you surprised me."

"Love, I need you in my days of sadness, luckily I'm always happy."

"They will say you failed, knowing you succeeded."

"You can pretend to be something you're not, but you never will be."

"No questions love me, I'll love you then no answers."

"You don't know, but only you have permission to steal a kiss from me."

"You are in my most listened to song, in my love movies, in every romantic novel I read..."

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