Primitive For those who live of the illusion, those who wait every day to win the lottery, the EuroMillion or any jackpot, today we tell you the history and curiosities of the Lottery Primitive. We explain briefly how to play this draw.

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History of the Primitive

As today, Primitiva was born to raise money. During the reign of Carlos III (also mayor of Madrid), they needed funds to improve the lives of the Spaniards. Therefore, Carlos III commissioned the Marquis of Esquilache (Leopoldo de Gregorio) who will be in charge of this project. In this way, an 25% of the proceeds would go to the State, while the 75% would go to the prizes.

That's how, as in 1763, Primitiva's first draw was made. In those years, it was known as "Lottery by Numbers". But like, fifty years later, he was born the Modern Lottery (which already had the number printed on the ticket), this more traditional lottery was renamed primitive lottery, being the first that was invented.

It is important to emphasize that there was a break of more than one hundred years between 1862 and 1985. And the 17 of October of this year was the first draw, with which 473.213.425 pesetas were collected. Although in the beginning they cost 25 pesetas, with the success of this technique of raising money for the State, the price was raised to 50 pesetas. In this sense, it was also positive for the winners, since the prize increased considerably.

As was tradition, it was celebrated on Thursdays. But in 1989 one more day of this draw is incorporated. This is how the primitive of Saturday. Therefore, today they are celebrated every Thursday and Saturday, at 21: 30h. They are issued throughout the week, in direct false, in The 2.

The ticket continued to increase its price. And it went from 150 pesetas in the 2000 year, to 1 euro with the currency exchange.

To date, the biggest prize has been awarded to the 15 of October of 2015 in Barcelona. An amount of 101 million euros.

What is the Primitive and how is it played?

La Primitiva is a Spanish game of chance. It is regulated by Lotteries and State Bets.

You must choose six different numbers between the 1 and the 49. And you must hit a combination that will be chosen after the purchase.

Six numbers are extracted from a drum containing 49 numbers. And a seventh number is chosen with another 10 ball hype (ranging from 0 to 9). This is what is known as refund Finally, an extra ball is extracted that is called complementary number This number is not chosen by the player, but it is counted within these six numbers.

From 2012, those who play the primitive can also play at JOKER, with the same ticket. The player must choose a combination of seven figures, which will also be extracted from the hype of 10 balls.

Successful categories

  • Special Category: Match the six numbers of the winning combination and the refund
  • First Category: Match all six numbers of the winning combination
  • Second Category: Match five numbers of the combination and the complementary number
  • Third Category: Match five numbers of the combination
  • Fourth Category: Match four numbers of the combination
  • Fifth Category: Match three numbers of the combination
  • Refund: Get the refund number correct.

Questions and answers about the draw

What happens if there are several acertantes for the same category? The prize is divided equally.

How much is allocated to each prize? The 55% of what is collected with the sales of the tickets is destined to the prizes. From this 55%:

-The 10% goes to the prize fund for the Reimbursement.

-The 45% to the fifth category.

-The rest is divided among the other categories.

What is done with the other 45%? Contributes to the coffers of the Public Treasury of Spain. That is, it enlarges the national budget.

For example, other draws such as sports betting, those that take the money directly are other entities that receive part of the money are the Autonomous Communities, the National Professional Football League and the Higher Sports Council.

How is the prize collected? It can be done in two different ways, depending on what has been gained, on the amount. Amounts less than 2.500 € will be given to you at any State Lottery and Betting facility.

The amounts greater than 2500 € can only be demanded in Bank Entities collaborating with Lotteries and State Bets.

How long can the prize be collected? In Spain, from the day after the date of the draw, there is a period of three months. Even so, every year there is more than one 30% of prizes that are not claimed. And that money goes to the Treasury.

So, if you buy the Primitiva, do not forget to check the number and collect your prize. You can check it here.

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