Typographies, learn all about them

The beginnings of writing have gone back millions of years in the past. Where in the depth of hidden caverns there were drawings of the ancient inhabitants of the planet. With the passage of time, evolution became inevitable, either from the writing mechanism to the executor of the same. So with the arrival of technology, writing has modified its ways of presenting itself. Currently he is in constant innovation various devices with which you can write and make use of the various fonts.

What is writing?

The marketing process includesseveral phases that are reflected below: manifestation of an idea, feeling or other in a coherent way has to be called writing. Human beings, we must possess a large number of mechanisms for transmitting messages; among these is to find the written method. So the simple grouping of letters to be observed must be perceived as writing.

What is a typeface?

When talking about types of letters, it should be mentioned that these are the different styles who has to have a complete letter or alphabet. These styles must be the different types of letters that must be able to be selected when making an action that requires it. Among the most common reasons are to find writing of various types of documents, presentations and even designs.

There are authors who have described them as art, by those who can have techniques that facilitate the management of letter styles and materials to print. This must be carried out with the specific purpose of ordering the letters and ensuring their harmony with the spacing. In this way, the final result will have to be a nice and coveted product By the users.


When mentioning "types", reference is made to a grammar unit as is the letter, which must possess a unique individual style. That is why, the technique responsible for ensuring the proper use of "types" must be called typography. In such a way, that the choice of the types has to be based on its characteristic style that must be able to be useful for an excellent final design work.



Relation of the types of letters and the graphic design

The use of fonts often has to consolidate one of the best tools to be used by the graphic designer. This, since they must be able to provide the essence to the information that wishes to be manifested in the various posters, advertisements and others. It is known that every designer has to rely on the different types of letters to perform works of excellent quality and originality. Since thanks to the ideal selection of the style of letters a presentation can change completely.

Why use fonts?

The reasons for using fonts are often limited to aesthetics. However, there are many individuals who must be able to make the most of the use of different styles of letters. Being able to do so, make memorable any document, article or presentation that has been made.

Write and write

To be able to write a document, even if it is simpler, a typography must be required. Even when starting to write in any program of any operating system such as Windows, it makes automatic use of fonts. Therefore, for the execution of the writing in general should be used the styles of letters.


When making presentations, posters or others; There are many creators of design that use different typefaces to achieve success. So the use of them as a decoration mechanism is closely associated with the structure and purpose of the design. In addition, in the same way the correct "types" are used in formal documents. In such a way, that the sober and official structure of the same one is not represented by adornments not conformed to the purpose.

Express emotions

Through the different typographies, individuals will be able to express ideas, emotions, status and others. This is because a "type" model is usually associated with some specific purpose or emotion. Therefore, when using a typeface, a feeling must be transmitted to the reader of the detailed product.

Types of fonts

The different types of letters have similar and opposite characteristics. What has allowed the creators and specialized personnel to classify them according to their form. In this way, a series of groups on a large scale will have to be distinguished. The latter must depend on the presence or not of serifs.



This type of fonts is often called "Roman" by its own characteristics of the "type". Serifas must be understood as the small auctions or even lines that must be present at the ends and endings of the letters. These lines, mostly have to be made in a diagonal or even vertical inclination.

That is why, this typography model, often has to be used in the various newspapers, magazines and books. In this way, in this way, facilitate the reading process and the creation of horizontal lines

Sans Serif

On the other hand the letters sans serif are also known as "types" of dry or simple stick. Rest, since they do not have to possess any type of decoration or termination in their terminal ends. It is for this reason that they must regularly be placed in the hierarchy of undue for documents and articles of great extension. The latter, due to the possible difficulty for the reader during the analysis process to confuse the different styles of letters in this macrogroup.

The use of the Sans Serif fonts to be presented in the usual way has been recommended titles and labels. Thus, they can focus the attention center of the individual who will enjoy the work of art. In the same way, you can include this group of types of letters, in stories of short text and of not so long length as to alter the perception of the reader.


This set of types of letters is characterized by imitating the "Types" handwritten of human make. So, often you have to find types of Script letters that resemble being calligraphies or writings of running character. In addition, its origins go back to ancient Europe, being one of the pioneers in the emergence of types of printing.


This typographic group is characterized by styles of letters whose union is narrow and their blunt ends. In this way you must achieve a soft impression that does not negatively affect the view of the reader to whom it is directed.

Uses of each type

By knowing each of the major groups of letter styles, it is necessary to be able to identify their use or even the emotion that can be transmitted. This, because for each sensation that you want to offer to the observer, you must use a certain typographic group.


The typographies of the Serif or serif group must be recognized for transmitting a message serious and formal. Likewise, institutional respect is fostered, which is why it can often be observed in documents belonging to an institution or body. This type of styles is traditional with respect to some more innovative ones. However, although for many individuals it is outdated, it is one of the largest groups of types of letters and is most commonly used.

Sans Serif

Through these famous types of letters, the individual will be able to capture security and neutrality to the observers. In addition, one of the characteristics of this great group is its creative minimalism and constant expression of joy. Therefore, in view of the need to express youth, modernity or freshness, these must be the best option for the designer.


The use of the types of letters of handwritten type It is often associated with elegance when it comes to designs. In addition, through them we must be able to transmit a high creative level present in the publications made.


The typographies of this group, they have to show closeness to the observing public. In addition, the softness that characterizes it makes it ideal for professional projects that are found directed to the young public. In this way, a peaceful or relaxing sensation must be transmitted with respect to the message that you wish to make known.

Web design and types of letters

The increasing increase of the means of electronic readings, has caused controversy to define the typography to use. However, the most recommended for them and approved by most designers is the typography Sans Serif. In such a way, they have become the standard for web writing and format editing. This, due to the simplicity of the characteristics of the "types". On the contrary, the serifs would have to be altered at the moment of presenting themselves to the individual as a result of the screen resolution that he has.

Install a Typography

In each computer you have to find a certain number of types of letters established by default of the operating system. However, this does not limit the possible acquisition of new styles of letters for the consumer. For this, a simple and accessible series of steps must be enforced.




The individual who wishes to install a new typeface on his or her computer must find an address or web service that can supply the installer file To do this, you must download the file from the platform to your computer. This, after being downloaded, can be found frequently in the folder "Downloads".


Often the file resulting from the download must be presented in a RAR or compressed format. So the individual should use some decompression program in order to obtain the desired installer. In this case, if you do not have a specialized program in it, you must be able to acquire it through the various stores of operating systems.


Once the file has been decompressed, the user must click on it. In this way it has open the installer, and will present to the individual the description of the "types" and how they are to be visualized. Frequently, they have to express themselves with the typographical style so that the individual observes in detail the figure and the result of the letter style.


When the installer has been opened and the typographic font that you want to download has been displayed, at the top of the description you should be able to see a tab "Install". The user must click on it, and automatically he has to request the administrator's permission to the individual. So the latter will have to confirm to start the installation process


After all this, individuals must be able to use and enjoy all the sources they have managed to install. In this way, the creative artist must be able to unleash his imagination in the creation of the various products of editing programs that allow you to work with text.

How to know the sources available in the Computer?

On several occasions, many individuals want to know what types of letters are found installed on your computer. That is why you have to know the way to acquire such information, which at some point must be of utmost importance.

Local Disco Drive

For the individual to obtain the information requested, he must be able to access the file manager. This should be located in the description of the computer and then enter the local disk C. Once there, you have to locate the folder "Windows" which you must access to display a series of additional folders on the screen. Among the new folders you will find the one titled "Fonts" and then click on it to see all the fonts available on the computer.

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