Is it good to place a private Instagram account for a company?

When you have an Instagram account you usually want to do your best to start a business, look for followers, have a large number of associated accounts for mutual support between entrepreneurs and many other strategies.

But what's good about put the private Instagram account for a company? Well normally when we create a new account is this social network by default this is made public, this means that any user who can get your profile can see each of the publications you do.

What can you lose if you put your company's account in private mode?

Really you can not place a business account privately, this is part of the policies of Instagram. Unfortunately when you pass your profile to be a private account several functions are lost, these are some:

  • If you link your account
  • with one of Facebook, you can only share publications through that same page. These can not be shared through other alternate accounts.
  • Your content will not appear on the computer.
  • When a user who can see your content "like" or comments on some of your posts this will not appear in the "followed" tab.
  • Limit the scope so that other users can see you.
  • The tags you use can not be seen by other users who do not follow you.
  • No one who does not have your authorization can see any of your publications.

What can you do to place your profile in private?

Even if you can not place your company in private mode, we will give you the steps to follow so that any personal profile that you have can be placed in private.

  1. Open the Instagram app with the account you want.
  2. Access your account and go to your profile.
  3. Click on the option that says "options / configuration".
  4. Select "private account", once selected you will be asked to confirm if you agree with this action.
  5. When you select yes, the account will change and you will have your private account.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that the disadvantages we showed above will also occur with this type of account. But nevertheless having a private account is not all bad, since this can generate some benefits for your profile.

Many private accounts Instagram that are private use alternate accounts to draw attention to their private profiles, making users send the request and then be accepted.

Although this does not guarantee that you have a great popularity in terms of users, maybe if you use a great advertising strategy you will achieve a large number of followers.

Tips for running a company on Instagram

Although we already know that you can not place the profile of a company as private, you can get a lot of benefits by having it publicly.

Be sure of your company

While is true that Instagram works for several companies not any company can have a profile. That is why, long before you start with the project, you should raise very well if your company can have a good acceptance with this type of project.

Create a strategy

You must have a Social Media strategy, the main objective is to reach many customers and in this way you can boost your brand. Only then you can have the ability to make your company go as best as possible.

Account name

If there is something that should not be overlooked is the name of the company in the social network, the best they can do is that the name is as simple and as plain as possible. This allows all users to easily find you.

Description of your company

The description must be very simple, it should not take more than about three lines. Talk about what your company is doing and give them that touch of curiosity so they want to know much more about your products.

Do not forget add the URL direct to the web page of your company, this will help to not only have access to your social network but also to the main page as such, where you can see much more than what you offer.

Profile picture

The simpler the better, the best you can do is use the company logo or a basic image that users can easily recognize whether they see it from the profile or from another site.

Facebook + Instagram

Something that has been implemented lately is that both social networks go hand in hand, so you can link both accounts and be able to have a good traffic of followers both in one account and in another. This does not mean that you have to place the same content in both accounts, you only have to change the content without losing the monotony.

Good pics

The images that you upload along with the quality of them should be the best, in each of the images you must show the product in the best possible way, where you can appreciate each of the details of the products you offer to the public.

Many hashtag

The hashtag are really important To position a company, through them the company can be found easily and allows those who are interested in the products to find them much more easily.

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