Discover here how you can post on Instagram from the PC

It is known that this type of application normally is allowed through mobile. Although in the web version you can enter the platform is really limited the amount of things that can be done in it.
One of those tasks that we like to do from the mobile and we would love to do from the PC is to upload content, this function is only available in the apps. However we have discovered some tricks that could help you post on Instagram from the PC Do you want to discover them?

In what ways can I post on Instagram from the PC?

Although the web version that exists so far does not allow us to do basic things like uploading content to our account, we have obtained some options that you can take to upload any photo or ad to your account from the comfort of your computer.

Download an emulator

A mobile emulator It is a great way to be able to access the account without using the phone. Installing it is quite simple, you just need to follow the following steps:

  1. You must open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Search for Mobile Browser Emulator and install on PC
  3. Enter Instagram using your username and password.
  4. Once installed you must click on the M of the extension.
  5. Select the first option that says: "Mobile - Portrait"
  6. Once selected this opens an additional tab where the option to add the photo appears, just like in the mobile application.
  7. Click and check that you can upload any photo you want to Instagram.
  8. When the photo is up you can edit it and add photos as you want.
  9. You must give it right next to a button that is up on the right and you can see the field to write the description of the photo.
  10. Once you have the photo edited you select the share button.

Once all these steps are ready you will have the opportunity to make the publications you want in the Instagram application from the PC.

Change it to mobile version

In the Instagram 2017 enabled the option to upload photos from any mobile browser, fortunately we can replicate this on our PC with the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and enter Instagram
  2. Start your account as if you were from the mobile application
  3. Once you have logged in you must right click on your mouse and select the "Inspect" tool
  4. You must select the camera that appears in the lower menu and you can upload the photo you want as if you were using the mobile application.

Use other applications


It is a tool that has the ability to upload images to your Instagram account from the comfort of your pc, She can help you manage any online marketing issues you have with your Instagram accounts.


  • You can create images on your PC and upload them directly to the Instagram account.
  • Is free
  • You can manage easily and quickly through more than one account on different devices.


  • You can not make a photo schedule.
  • You can not use two different accounts from the same device.

You must download this tool through its website and install it on your computer, log in with your username and password, select the photo you want to upload, leave the description and publish it.


This tool is pay, you can upload the photos to different Instagram accounts if necessary.


It is a tool that you can upload content to Instagram from your PC, it has a great text editor that you can use in the images. The application is paid, but 7 gives you free days. Its total price is about 8 dollars.


This application is valid for MacOS in which you can use the mobile version without using the browser. It's a free version but you can not use filters.


This is an application that allows you to manage several social networks at the same time, the free version allows you to make a publication on Instagram daily. The best thing about this application is that you can program all the publications. The big disadvantage is that the free version does not have the ability to have several accounts at the same time.

With these tricks that we have just published on Instagram from the PC will not be so complicated for you. We hope that for this new year Instagram will finally enable your option to upload photos from the PC. This would not only be a help for your users but would also greatly facilitate the use of this tool as a business account.

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