Instagram is destined to share photographs and videos with effects like Clarendon, Moon, Lark, Kings, Juno, Tokyo, Jaypur, Lagos, Oslo and others. Available in the application, to show the human side and Training business of users, also has easy functions to apply when making a publication among them: Instagram Stories, Boomerang, Instagram album, to make the interactive navigation in the virtual world. However, it also has tools to configure privacy, for example, remove Instagram account.

It is the social network that has gained most popularity in recent times, reaching 1000 millions of users. Since its launch, in October of the 2010 by its founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger; at the beginning it was available for IOS (Iphone). Subsequently, the Android versions and the latest version for computers were launched, so that the public could access the platform without limitations.

Privacy on Instagram

The application has an important tool such as: privacy, so that users or followers control who can see the content, before sharing it Therefore, in Instragram the tracker can determine the condition of the account when it is registered, that is, if it is public, anyone can visualize all the content, from the photos, videos, follow the account and even visualize the profile; and it is private they will only have access to the content, the followers accepted by the owner of the account.

The user has all the freedom to change the privacy mode; even in the profile of this, to avoid remove the Instagram account In its whole; where the published stories are reflected. In addition to deciding what content can be visible with the labelss made by other followers. Then, it is configured as follows:

Account settings:

  • Click on the Instagram profile.
  • Select visibility control.
  • Select who can see my profile and photos on the web.

In the later indications of this last selection, the application emphasizes the state of publications, that is to say, when they are public they can be seen by all and if they are private, only the followers that previously were accepted by the account holder will be able to see them.

Conditions for using Instagram

  • Be older than 13 years
  • Do not allow a third party to use your personal account
  • Prohibited to publish Private information from someone else
  • The password to enter must be secret
  • Prohibited to share videos and images that encourage violence
  • The user is responsible for each publication made in the application.

There are other conditions that Instagram offers when opening the account; all this for the user take forecasts, because if there is inappropriate content that violates the policies of the same, the account can be suspended and depending on the case, the Instagram account is deleted; definitively or temporarily. Nor is he responsible for the inappropriate use of information personnel, who may use other users for different purposes, due to this certain conditions of privacy are required to allow the information to be stored.

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Suspend the Instagram account

There are times when the user is annoyed to use Instagram for various reasons; It may be because he wants a break from social networks, he feels invasion in your privacy, someone else used your personal data and photos to open an account, the constant updates offered by the application, in short; so for not remove the Instagram account, decides to suspend it temporarily.

Is this possible? Of course yes, the procedure is very easy, but this time it is not accessed from the mobile but through a computer (pc) entering with the same user and password, clicking on the option of edit profile, right next to the name; Choose the link: Deactivate my Instagram account temporarily and ready.

The photographs and contents, plus the iprofile information; they will be hidden until the user wants to activate the account again and will have all the information, this, in a simple way starting session as he did previously.

How to remove Instagram account?

This is done in a simple way, without investing so much time. It is possible to do it from a computer, before proceeding, you can take the option to save photos and other content that interest the follower. An important fact is that the user must be sure of wanting to delete the information, because once this procedure is done, there is no possibility of recovering it, or at least until Instagram determines offer new solutions and functions that give access to the respective content, respecting their policies and privacy conditions that are accepted with responsibility by the users of the Instagram community.

Follow these steps to remove the Instagram account:

  • Enter this link from a computer.
  • Select the option that is in the menu: Why do you want to delete your account? Must be expose the reason very briefly.
  • Re-enter the account with the same username and password.
  • Choose the option: permanently delete your account.

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