Stickers for Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in most regions of the world with more than 1.3 billions of monthly active users. The application was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $ 19 billion in 2014. WhatsApp has been implementing some useful features last year and now, WhatsApp has launched a new feature called stickers for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp stickers are available on all devices that run the latest version of WhatsApp. If you are excited about the new stickers and are wondering where to download more stickers, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best WhatsApp stickers currently available in the Google Play Store.

While WhatsApp includes some sticker packages to download from WhatsApp, these sticker packages from our list are available for download from Google Play Store and work like pre-installed stickers once installed.

The best WhatsApp stickers

Download these top sticker package applications of various categories for your WhatsApp from the Google Play Store link that is provided for each. Be sure to open the label application and click on 'Add to WhatsApp' so that the label application is available on WhatsApp.

Please note: For packages of stickers that are not available in the Play Store, download the APK files and install them on your Android device. If you are not familiar with the installation of APK files on Android, you can check our detailed guide on how to install APK files on your Android device.

Here we go.

Personal stickers for WhatsApp.

Personal stickers

WhatsApp sticker packages

This is a collection of many sticker packages within a single application. Not only that, but the application also helps you create your own sticker package and even add text to a WhatsApp label.

Cartoons / TV Series / Movies

WhatsApp Stickers - WhatsApp Stickers

While the name of the sticker package application may not be elegant, however, the stickers included in the package are absolutely incredible and of good quality too.

The package of stickers has a ton of stickers in different categories, such as Super Mario, Memes, Pokemon Go, etc. The list of stickers on the package seems endless and would ensure that you would find the right adhesive at the right time.

WhatsApp stickers: the adhesive labels for WhatsApp have a size of 19 MB, which is a fairly large file compared to other label packages, however, considering the amount of adhesive labels included in the package, it is worth giving it a glance.

AIO sticker for WhatsApp

The AIO sticker package is the best package of adhesives available at this time. This package of stickers would appeal to almost everyone, since the package includes several stickers of different characters, such as Mr. Bean, Homer Simpson and probably the best animated characters "The Minions", as well as some others.

This sticker package application includes most of the decals of any package in the list and has a file size of 24 MB that is expected given the number of stickers included in the package. We definitely recommend reviewing the AIO Stickers package.

Movie stickers

This package of stickers is absolutely epic. The package includes stickers of various characters from the movie, including Freddy Kruger and Pennywise. The accessories for the designer and creator of the application, since the stickers are not shameful image cuts, but are beautifully designed and are unique.

There are several different categories of stickers included in the package, therefore, you will not be left alone with a couple of stickers to choose from. If you are a movie fan, we recommend that you download the movie stickers for WhatsApp.

Dragon Ball stickers

If you are a child of the 90 and you are a Dragon Ball fan, then this package of stickers is definitely for you. The package has more than 300 stickers for you to share.

GOT WhatsApp Stickers

Game of Thrones is probably one of the best television series ever made. If you are a GOT fan, then this package of stickers should definitely be on your download list.

"Winter is coming"

Pokémon Stickers for WhatsApp

You've probably grown up watching Pokémon and you probably loved it. If that is the case, then this package of Pokémon stickers is a must to add to your collection of WhatsApp label packages.

Pack of stickers Eevee 1 and 2

If you have ever seen Pokémon or even played a Pokémon game, then you would probably know that Eevee is a normal type of Pokémon. Although Eevee might not be the most famous Pokémon in the group, these packages of Eevee stickers are absolutely incredible.

Each label is perfectly designed and looks beautiful. If you are a Pokemon fan, then this sticker pack should be in your collection of WhatsApp stickers packages.

Deadpool sticker pack

If you are a Deadpool fan, then this is definitely for you. The sticker pack includes more than a dozen Deadpool stickers and can be downloaded from the following link.

Once the APK is installed, open the tag application and touch Add to WhatsApp. That's. Now you can show off with your great Deadpool stickers that none of your friends can find in Play Store from now on.

Sticker Packages - WAStickersApps

This sticker pack has a huge variety of stickers from a bunch of different movies, so if you're a movie fan, this pack is definitely for you.


Emoji Pug stickers for WhatsApp

Who does not love dogs, right? The Pug Emoji stickers pack for WhatsApp allows you to send cute pug stickers to your friends. The package contains more than two dozen stickers of which all are beautifully designed and look great.

The small drawback is that the application is not available for free and you would have to buy it for INR 85 (approximately $ 1.2) That is not much if you are going to see.

Supporting the developer also means that they could add new stickers at a faster pace. If you love dogs, then you probably will also love the stickers package. The developer also has a couple of other sticker packages to download at the same price.

Monkey stickers for WhatsApp

These well-made monkey stickers are perfect to send to your friends or family. The stickers are cool and fun too at the same time.

The big teeth of the monkey would definitely blow up your friends, so that is a sufficient reason to download the package. The monkey stickers for WhatsApp weigh only 3.3 MB and can be downloaded in a few moments.

WhatsApp Stickers - Sealu

This sticker pack is for WhatsApp users in India. The stickers are well designed and most of them have "Hinglish" text for the expressions.

Corgi Unicorn Stickers for WhatsApp WAStickerApps

This is probably one of the most beautiful sticker packages available in the Google Play Store. The package includes the cool decals of Corgi with unicorn horn and it's worth downloading them, especially if you love them " doggos " .

The best part is that the sticker pack is absolutely free.


Stickers PUBG for WhatsApp

Now, who does not love PUBG right? Well, maybe some do not, but the game is very popular, especially in India. In fact, PUBG is probably the most played game in the country and in several other nations as well. If you are someone who is a fan of PUBG and is dating 'directly from Pochinki', then this package of PUBG stickers would be perfect for you.

The package of stickers does not come with a large number of stickers, however, there is enough for you to brag about your friends who have not yet received the update. The application only reaches 3.3 MB and I hope the developer adds more stickers to the group.

Counter Strike WAStickerApps

Counter Strike is undoubtedly one of the best games ever created and, if you played it and enjoyed it, this pack of stickers should definitely be added to your collection of WhatsApp stickers.

Overwatch Stickers

If you are an Overwatch fan, then there is no doubt that this sticker pack will thrill you. The package has more than 500 stickers. Yes! You read well, 500 Overwatch Sprays.

The stickers are grouped into separate categories, such as themes and heroes.

StickersFortnite Sprays 2

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale games at the moment. If you love Fortnite, we know that you have probably clicked on the download link before reading this. The sticker pack is definitely worth checking out.


Stickers Rage Face for WhatsApp

The Rage Face stickers for WhatsApp return the "original faces of the memes" to your WhatsApp. The faces of the memes used to be in almost all meme publications a few years ago and now you can send your expressions through these great stickers.

There are more than 20 stickers in the sticker package and the app only weighs approximately 3.5 MB.

Meme Tag for WhatsApp

Memes are the best thing that has happened to the Internet in a long time. Well, maybe not really, but the memes are super fun and offer a good laugh. If you are a big fan of memes and go through the lists of memes all day, then this pack of stickers will delight you.

The package includes almost all the best memes that have appeared, including PEPE the Frog. The sticker package comes in a 14 MB download package and it's worth downloading.

Forum Cars Stickers

It is claimed that this sticker package application has been created by some users of ForoCoches forum. The sticker pack has many stickers to choose from and also comes with some memes stickers.

The creator also promises regular updates to add new decals and sticker categories so you do not get bored using the same old stickers repeatedly. Sticker Forocoches has only 6,4 MB in size, so you can download them in a few moments and start using the stickers on your WhatsApp.



This sticker pack is exactly what its name suggests, Bigmoji - Big emoji. The package includes the same Android emoji stock only in a much larger image.

If you are an emoji person, this package will definitely satisfy your emoji cravings while you chat on WhatsApp. The only drawback of the package is that currently there are only a few emojis available in the package. We hope the creator will add more stickers in the future to further improve the package.

Bigmoji: the adhesive labels for the WhatsApp file size are just 1.9 MB and you can install it on your smartphone in a moment.

Poopy Emoji for WhatsApp Sticker

As the name suggests, the sticker pack presents a lot of hilarious poopy emoji's.


LoL Stickers

This package of WhatsApp stickers is probably one of the best in the group. The sticker package includes 120 well designed decals and most importantly it is not a paid application.

The quality of the stickers included in the pack is great. The creator has even added some Halloween themed stickers to scare your friends. LoL Stickers for WhatsApp comes with a file size of 14 MB. Since the application is absolutely free to download and use, we definitely recommend checking the sticker package.

WhatsApp Stickers - Halloween

This may seem a bit strange since the stickers package is developed by WhatsApp's rival, Telegram, however, the labels are well made and they are spooky and beautiful.

StickerMania: Anime Stickers WA | WAStickerApps

Here is an amazing package of anime stickers that even features Dragon Ball characters like Goku and others.

Festive / celebration

Stickers for WhatsApp

This sticker pack offers lots of festive stickers, as well as some other categories of stickers to choose from.

WhatsApp Stickerfy

The WhatsApp Stickerfy application does not necessarily represent specific characters or games, however, the package includes a wide variety of categories to choose from, such as Celebration, Kitchen, Atum, etc.

All adhesives in the package are well designed and represent a specific purpose. The sticker pack is one of the most artistic sticker packages you can find today.

WhatsApp stickers pack - WAStickerApps

This sticker pack offers a lot of wishes for almost all Indian festivals. The package also has several different stickers, as well as birthday stickers.

General expressions / Chat

Right stickers for WhatsApp

The sticker pack contains a lot of expressions and an onomatopoeic word.

The best Indian stickers (WAStickerApps)

If you live in India, you have probably heard about the rise of WhatsApp. Hike is one of the best messaging applications, especially when it comes to India-specific decals. Fortunately, the same Hike adhesives are now available for everyone to use as stickers on WhatsApp when installing this sticker package.

The package includes a large number of sticker categories ranging from love to laughter and is a must-have sticker package for people who enjoy the use of Hike app stickers or even those who want fun cartoon decals.

Red Chillies Ent Stickers - WAStickerApps

The package includes a large number of labels with the text in Hinglish (in Hindi, written in English).

What is your favorite WhatsApp sticker? Let us know if you know any sticker package for WhatsApp that we may have omitted from the previous list. If it is really great, we will make sure to mention it in the previous article.

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