Update Instagram, find out now!

The constant innovation and progress of social media has increased considerably in recent years. This is due to the focal objective of improving experience acquired by the user when using the respective platform. Being Instagram one of the most acclaimed social networks in the last decade, its evaluation level was potentially maximized. That is why, users should be alert to the application version acquired. Or failing that they will have to update Instagram.


The platform will allow users Post photos and videos in your profile. Allowing thus be seen by each of his followers. It also includes the live streaming tool and the well-known Instagram Stories; with which you can make publications with the duration of an exact day. This attractive application eventually innovates a new tool for comfort. As well as for the optimization of the user experience. That is why many of those who use this application constantly decide to update Instagram.

Why update Instagram?

Frequently, the new updates of the platform allow a better exploitation of tools what it has; and in this way the present potential is better utilized. Since Instagram is not used only to make social life. On the other hand, the Instagram update will allow to explore new opportunities for Business, know companies and SMEs. Therefore, by making effective use of the application, the user will be able to lead the market and will be imposed before the competition, which is not up-to-date and archaic.

How to update Instagram?

For ease of the user who already has installed the application and wants to update Instagram, the platform is simply updatable from the virtual store phone software, tablet or some other device. This way you will be getting the latest version of Instagram.

How to update Instagram on Android?

When the user who wants to update Instagram has a device with Android operating system, the virtual store to be used will be Google Play. So, to update Instagram, you enter the Google store and you access the three horizontal dashes (each one on top of the other) in the upper left corner of the screen. Later the user must select the option "my apps". This way, each one of the applications installed from the store.

After the previous step, the individual must search among the alphabetical order of the list of installed applications the desired platform; in this case it's about updating Instagram. That is why when you see the name of the application you click on it. In this way, enter the description of the application in the store, the user will be able to observe two characteristic options in the upper part. On the right side you will usually find the "Uninstall" tab to completely remove the platform from the device.

Meanwhile, on the left side you will find the option "Open", if you have the last update of the program and redirect directly to the application. However, when the application is not updated, the "Update" option will appear in the box, and clicking on it will start updating Instagram, so that when the process is finished, it will be updated. ensure user enjoyment and use.

Update Instagram iOS

Users who use devices with iOS system, such as iPhone, must enter their respective AppStore. After this you must click on the category "Updates" located at the bottom and right of the screen. When the list of applications is displayed, you must search for the platform that you want to update.

If you are not able to find it in the list of applications, it will indicate that the mobile already has the last version of Instagram. More, if you can find the application, you must click on the update option located to the right of the name of the platform. So the update will be done automatically and immediately. If the user is using the application during the update, an indicator will appear on the icon "Home" from the bottom bar.

Update Instagram on Windows Phone

If you want to update Instagram from a mobile device or device that owns the Windows System, the user will have to access Microsoft Store to enter in the search bar the name of the application, Instagram.

When a new version of the application is available, the option will appear "To update" right next to the name of the platform, on which the individual must click. Particularly, after the application is updated, in many cases the mobile must be restarted. Since in this way the operating system will be able to execute all the necessary changes.

Update the news

When the user is in full use of the application and does not want to update Instagram as an application, but the information shown on the homepage or direct messages, you must find the solution in a simple glide. To do this, it must be located at the beginning and slide down the screen. Automatically the updates will begin to load.

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