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For all it is a fact that the digital platform Youtube He is the king of the videos. However, Instagram is very used to upload this type of content. Consequently, there are millions of videos that are reproduced daily in this social network, either in publications or in stories. That is why, if you are encouraged to do one, then you must know everything about the video Instagram format. Also, if your content is to promote your company or your products, they should be a success.

In fact, these Instagram videos are an excellent strategy marketing used by many companies at present. Also, there are more users who achieve popularity thanks to the videos that upload on this platform. In this regard, the clear information on the format and features, to later upload your video, it will be very useful.

Features of the Instagram videos

The recordings in this platform have some characteristics that you must know before continuing with the Instagram format.

  • You have the option to burn them directly from the application, something that it does not happen with other social media. Also, it lets you record several clips in the same video.
  • You can use any of the 23 filters that it offers you.
  • In case the video lasts longer than 60 seconds, you can cut it on the same platform pressing the scissors icon.
  • The application itself allows you to choose the cover image and activate or deactivate the sound before publishing it.

Instagram format

Once we know the characteristics of the recordings, we can start with the format. We also tell you how to make yourself popular with these Instagram names.

Measures for Instagram videos

You have up to 60 second to send your followers all the content. Even so, it is recommended that if you offer a product or a brand, the duration is not greater than 30 seconds, since after that time tends to lower the attention capacity of people. But if your videos are of topics of great relevance, very well produced campaigns or joke accounts, you can comfortably use the longest time

In the same way, the dimensions that your recordings must have are from 640 × 640 pixels, although you also have the option to make your video panoramic. For this, all you have to do is touch the icon enabled to respect the original format when you are going to load. Also, the most can weigh your videos are 15 MB or 20 MB, greater than that, Instagram will not let you upload it

Measures for videos of Instagram stories

In this case the time is more reduced, you only have 10 seconds to post a video in the stories. That is why you must give a direct and easy to understand message. Consequently, the ideal thing with these videos is to make a call to your followers. And for this, the dimensions that you should use are 750 × 1334 pixels.

We also tell you how to make money with Instagram.

Video format Instagram TV (IGTV)

For this function, you will have the possibility of uploading recordings between 60 seconds and 10 minutes for unverified accounts or up to 60 minutes if your account is verified. For this, you need these attentive to the video format Instagram.

  1. Vertical format: You can work with your cellphone directly vertically or record horizontally and then you flip it with a video tool like "QuickTime". You can also do it by recording the screen in the correct size through "Camtasia" or "Adobe Premiere".
  2. Type of file: MP4
  3. Relationship: 9:16
  4. Measure for IGTV: 1128px x 2008px.
  5. Minimum frame rate: 30 FPS.
  6. Maximum size for videos up to 10 minutes: 650 MB.
  7. Maximum size for videos up to 60 minutes: 3,6 GB.

Recommendations to make your video a success

These tips can be as much for your company or brand, as for your activity as influencer in social networks.

Define your Goal

First of all before publishing a content, ask yourself the question: "What do I want to achieve when uploading videos to Instagram?". Once you have the answer, you can start defining your video strategy marketing. Similarly, you will have clear message that you want to reach your followers.

Make specific vines for Instagram

Following with your strategy of marketing, the videos that you upload on YouTube and Facebook or can be the same for Instagram, the reason is simple. The 60 seconds that this application gives you is for you to believe shocking, visually appealing content that catches the viewer and take advantage of it from the second 0 until it ends.

Make special campaigns

Also, take advantage of some special date that allows you to win visibility y increase the engagement in order to improve results.

Use the hashtags

Meanwhile, the use of hashtags is what you will help people visualize you. So, search and explore trends and try to apply them in your videos as long as they are relevant.

Measure results

Finally, when you post your videos on Instagram, you will be able to observe the interaction, the quantity of visualizations and comments that they have had. Thus, will you have that measure what your audience likes most and follow that path.

And you, Do you already know how to sell on Instagram?

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