Something that has become very important for the Internet stage we are experiencing is the amount of interactions we accumulate in social networks. The way in which people have given so much importance to the amount of likes is a worldwide phenomenon, followers and comments that accumulate. Large accounts within instagram, whether from marketing or influencers, focus on the reach of their posts. How many people has your content reached, how many viewed it and reacted to it. These are the questions you count on the rise continually. And even those accounts that want to stay on top. To help these types of accounts. Within Instagram valuable information about the statistics of each account has been released. Normally when talking about statistics in instagram, there are two concepts sounded, these are impressions and scope. Now you know what are instagram impressions? Next we will say it.

What are instagram impressions?

We already mentioned that some of the most popular concepts on the platform when talking about statistics are impressions and scope. Although not everyone knows for sure what scope or what are instagram impressions. Even those who do know a little about these concepts are often confused. Impressions are no more than the number of views your posts have had in the range of a week. You can already see what concept of what are instagram impressions It is very simple. And it can be accessed through the latest update of the instagram algorithm.

Now you can not only access information such as impressions or scope. But you can also access how many have been the views of your profile, number of visits to the website that you have placed in your account and other related information. This statistics function is only available for company profiles. So you will not be able to access this type of information with a personal account. Through what what are instagram impressions, business accounts can control the amount of views of their posts. Which helps them know what type of content users like best.

How impressions work

In terms of statesmen, the number of times an account's content is displayed is what what are instagram impressions. When we talk about the number of times that certain content was seen, we don't talk about the amount of interactions that other users had with the publications. But we are referring to the number of times a post was seen in the news section of another user.

Unlike other platforms, within instagram a single user can have several impressions of the same publication. Because of this, more attention should be given to the scope of publications within company accounts. Although to better analyze the statistics of an account, both must be taken into account, both what are instagram impressions As the scope. Through this type of statistics, information such as sex, location and age of users who viewed or interacted with your publications is released.

Impressions vs Reach

Instagram users have a lot of doubts about which statistics is more important, whether impressions or scope. And although we already mentioned what are instagram impressions, we have not yet delved into the scope. The scope is the number of accounts that have seen your post. Many will say that it is the same as impressions. But, the truth is that while the impressions take into account all the visualizations of a publication, counting several times the visualizations of a single account. Reach all in mind just a visualization of an account. No matter that this person has seen the publications more than once. Only one display is counted per person.

Because of the last named, many tend to say that reach is more important than impressions. But, both depend on the other.

How to change your personal account to a business account

In order to access your account statistics, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you need to have a business account. For this reason we will show you how to change your personal account to a business account. To do this you must comply with the following steps:

Enter your profile

To make the account change. The first thing to keep in mind is that this process can only be done from a mobile device with the instagram app. Enter instagram and go to your profile. In this you will see a three-line icon located in the upper right corner. Enter it.


The three line icon is the one that represents settings. Entering it you will notice that there are several options, the last one is configuration enter there. In turn, other options will appear in the configuration, enter account.

Business tools

Within the account option you will see other options, click on the one to switch to the company profile. This will bring up a tab with instagram tools for companies. Read the information provided by instagram and then continue, important information will continue to appear. Read it all until the last page appears.


Once you have finished the business tool message, the process of migrating or changing your personal profile to that of the company will begin. To continue with this, you must link your Facebook page with your profile If you do not have a page within Facebook you must open one. This must be done because instagram company profiles are linked to Facebook pages, therefore they are also subject to Facebook conditions.

If you have several pages on Facebook, choose which one you want to link to your company profile on instagram.

Configure your profile

This is the most important step in the entire profile change process. You must configure your account to show the most important data of your company, brand or company. These data must be: email, address and telephone number. It should be noted that it is not mandatory that you fill in your account with all this information, you may be missing some of this information.

Instagram message

This is the last step. When you finish configuring your account, you should receive a message from the instagram platform that confirms your change process. Once this message is received, it means that you successfully completed the process of changing a personal profile to a business one.

It is not other that you go to your account and verify the changes.

Differences between business and personal accounts

Some of the differences that can be found between a business account and a personal account are:

  • You can promote your account and create ads about it, if you have a business account.
  • Because the business accounts connect only with Facebook page accounts. The images that you upload to your instagram account, if you link your account with Facebook, will also be published in your company account, not in your personal account.
  • Now you can have contact buttons. Other instagram users will be able to contact you through the information you provided.

The statistics of your posts on instagram

Some of the statistics that you can find inside instagram are the following:

  • The scope of your publications.
  • Impressions accumulated for all your published content.
  • The number of visits your profile receives.
  • The interactions that other instagram users have with your posts, likes, comments and followers.

How to improve the reach of your account

There are different actions that can improve the reach of your publications. Although the success within instagram is not guaranteed by any formula, it can be achieved if you follow some advice. These are:

Make publications at the right time

Did you know that within instagram there are key hours to publish? You are right. Within the most important platform of the moment there are peak hours. Where large number of users are connected at the same time. These hours may vary depending on the region where you are. But something that is certain is that the more people are active, the more likely it is to reach more public.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags have become very important within the platform. These help more people to reach your posts. The key is to use Hashtags that are directly related to your content.

Make them interact with you

You have to make more posts that cause people to interact. This is essential if you want to reach as many people as possible. Create content that is not only interesting, but also has an effect on people.

Create ads

You can advertise your account through ads with images, videos and stories.