Sometimes we feel that we spend many hours checking the mail and attending the inbox this happens with other platforms and perhaps with Gmail. However, Google has made users get the most out of their Gmail with tools to eliminate repetitive tasks.

We will show you,

What are the hidden functions of Gmail.

  1. Send your emails to "Sleep": This function allows you to select the emails and then remove the inbox to set it with a new date, that is, the inbox will appear at the indicated time. To do this you must use the "Snooze" or "Snooze" tool.
  2. Self-reminders: Gmail positions the emails at the top of the inbox automatically in the case of not having follow-up for several days.
  3. Organize an event with Calendar from Gmail: Calendar is a Google application, which is located on the right side of Gmail and allows you to schedule an event or select a reminder.
  4. Detailed organization: Use labels and filters that will allow you to organize the emails that come in from a certain recipient or that are mentioned with a specific word, this will be done automatically.
  5. Gmail predicts what you will type: Gmail has two smart features that allow you to complete sentences and provide responses for incoming messages. To do this you must use "Smart Reply" or "Smart Compose", functions that save you thousands and billions of unwritten characters.
  6. Multiple email addresses: In case you want to have any number of versions to your address, add a final period to your email address. For example: [email protected] that [email protected]. [email protected] or any variation, that Google sent the same emails.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts: It allows you to save time and access directly, to get a pop-up box you must press? and the following list will appear:
  • Ctrl + Enter means send message.
  • Ctrl + Shift + b means add Bcc recipients.
  • Ctrl + Shift + c means add cc recipients.
  • Ctrl+. means advance to the next window.
  1. Advanced shortcuts: It has the function of personalized shortcuts and they vary when you open a new window to compose until you move the conversation to the trash.

To make these advanced settings you must go:

  • Settings chart in the upper right corner.
  • Configuration.
  • Direct accesss keyboard.
  • Save changes

List of advanced settings:

  • /: place the cursor in the search box
  • c: compose a new message
  • d: compose a message in a new tab
  • r: answer
  1. Backup your messages: If you want to make a backup of your messages, you must make a subscription to an email account that makes a backup copy and you configure it to your Gmail account, this so that I send the emails to the main inbox.

Do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Forwarded y,
  • POP / IMAP.
  • Then resend a copy of the incoming mail.
  • Fill in the address of the mail.