What can be done on Instagram?


One of the most popular applications today that has 900 millions of active users per month, offers many functions on its platform. But the main action that can be done on Instagram is to upload a photo, like posting a video or image. In this sense there are many other options that you can find within the application such as photo editing, stories, direct messaging, among others.

But if you are new to the application and do not know what to do inside it, the main thing is that you know what it is.

What is it and what can be done on Instagram?

It is a social re and mobile application at the same time, in which you can upload photos, images and videos. In addition to using its many filters and touch-ups to further personalize your posts, as well as share that content in other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

This free application Serves to share photos and short videos with friends, advanced touch-ups facilitate the digital strategy. As it helps to give it a greater color, control the warmth, intensify the contrast, increase or decrease the brightness, the lights, shadows and its sharpness among many other effects.

If you are a user who only wants to share your content and be able to see the publications that your friends upload or pages you like, this application is perfect for you. But if you own a brand and want to use Instagram as a digital strategy, you can do so and with many actions like the ones we will show you below.

What can be done on Instagram helps boost your brand

A company that has an Instagram account or wants to make a personal brand with it can take into account all the tools offered by the application.

You can archive old publications

Instagram has a file function where you can move the posts you have previously shared from the company profile, to a section where only account administrators have access. In addition it is not necessary to delete any old and worthless content. And if at any time it is decided to change your mind to share an archived publication, it will be placed in its original chronological space.

UTM links for stories

When the company account or personal brand has reached more than 10.000 followers Instagram allows you use its function to add a link to the stories. For example, when you want to make a campaign, a contest, or a blog post, you can send users directly to those pages from the application.

What can be done on Instagram to take advantage of sponsored content

The new Instagram update makes it easier for celebrities and influencers to show when their posts are sponsored by a brand, showing the phrase "Association paid with ...", this may be located at the top of the content or a sponsored story. But for this to be achieved, the company or brand You should review the rules and regulations that the association entails.

Save to private collectionss the tickets

The application allows you to order albums with different names, so that you can save the publications that other users make in a private collection without having to ask permission from any person. In this sense, it was possible to track and competitors, interactions with customers, inspiring messages, among other actions.

Sort filters

When making tweaks to any publication it is important to have accessibility to the filters that are most used, so Instagram allows you to hide, add and reorganize all that are needed.

Play the videos live in the stories

In the same way as a live video is published in the Instagram application, can be uploaded in stories for 24 hours. The videos disappeared when the broadcast ended, before the update of the stories was added. But since it is counted on and the video is republished, neither the comments, the “likes”, nor the opinions it receives are lost.

Use stories and hashtag to reach new audiences

Instagram function "Location and hashtag Stories" help to expand the scope and look for new fans Since it allows you to add a clickable location tag, therefore people can find and view public stories in any geographic location. Also this condition help potential customers easily find the store and even follow the mark during a contest.

What can be done on Instagram with the block comments filter

When there are abusive and offensive comments on a company's profile, this can be quite harmful for the brand, which is why Instagram allows you to enable a filter to block comments and in this way keep comments and professional discussions. In addition, this filter can be activated automatically or manually, and each one will work according to the algorithm that the platform has.

Hold a local audience with the "places" tab

This tab of "places" is a section of the page "search and explore " Instagram In fact, when you search on it, the application has the nine highest positions in that location, and then the most recent are in chronological order. Further, This tab helps to interact with what happens in the local area and get inspiration for messages based on your own location.

What can be done on Instagram from stories

A very practical way to gather feedback from followers is through the new modality of "Surveys" which are very interactive and participatory. In this sense, it is easy to conduct a survey, you just have to place the stickers anywhere on the screen while you are making the story. But for now, it is only possible to elaborate questions of two answers, and the user of the account will be able to see the results as detailed information.

On the other hand, there are also many other activities you can do from your personal Instagram account.

Tricks that can be done on Instagram

This application has millions of users worldwide, leaving Twitter behind for a long time. In fact, many people use this application daily for what can be done on Instagram.

Send images through a direct message

Some people pay little attention to the Instagram direct messaging. But when they include the new quality of power Share photos with other users privately, many looks turned to this function. In this sense, you can share the image you want by pressing the arrow icon that appears below the photo.

Receive notifications of the accounts you like

Sometimes so many accounts are followed, that your favorite updates are lost more than once. That is why you now have the features of being able to activate individual alertsYou have to go to your profile, press the menu and select the option "activate publication notifications"

Hide the photos where you are tagged

There are two ways to hide or prevent the photos in which you are tagged from being public. First, you can go to the section of "Photos in which you appear" to later press the menu button, it will give you the options to appear automatically or manually. Second, you can enter a photo in which you have been tagged and click on the label to make it disappear.

Sort filters your way

The Instagram application has many filters and every time they incorporate a new one, however each of us has their favorites, Like those we never use because we don't like them. In this sense, within the option of multiple filters, you will find in the end the administration tool, in it you can select the filters you use most to place them first and leave last those that you do not like.

Use an application for the computer

The web version of Instagram keeps updating its design, however still not the best option to review the content of the platform. That is why we recommend other third-party applications that fulfill the same purpose, such as "Grids" which is the cleanest and most beautiful so far.

Upload content on Instagram from Windows 8.1 and 10

Due to the restrictions of the Instagram service API, no third-party application can upload any photos on the platform. But from the Windows Store you can download an application called "Instapic" which allows you to take photos with your camera and upload it to your Instagram account.

Review the photos you liked

You can do this by going to your profile section and pressing the menu button and locating the section "Publications that you liked", there you can find all the publications that you have ever “liked”. In case you don't remember who owns that photo you are looking for.





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