What does the heart on instagram mean

Since the beginning of Instagram as an app in the 2010, until today. Comments, likes, followers and posts have been part of the platform. Unlike other platforms, the icon that represents the likes is a little different. While on other platforms, such as Facebook we can find an icon of a hand with the thumb up. In the social network of the moment we can find a heart. By the time instagram began to take on fame (2013-2014) people were already more than three years old using the platform at that time, Facebook. And that the appearance of a heart instead of the icon of the hand, caused some doubts to new users. And although what what does the heart of instagram mean It is "I like", we can also find other hearts on the platform, which although they have a relationship with the likes, do not mean the same. Next we will show you what does instagram's heart mean.

What does instagram's heart mean?

As we mentioned before, what what does instagram's heart mean that we can find in the publications is like. But, there are also other hearts inside instagram. The likes, or likes, have accompanied the instagram platform even before it was launched for iOS devices. Since at the end of the 2009, Kevin Systrom had designed an instagram prototype. Which did not leave him satisfied and left. The following year, at 2010, Mike Krieger joined him and together they designed instagram. Taking some functions that his prototype called Burbn had. One of these functions that were left were the likes, comments and publications.

So what what does instagram's heart mean I like it in the publications. But we can also find a heart in the lower instagram menu. This shows the activities of the people you follow, their comments, likes and accounts that they follow. It also shows the activity of your account, those who comment on your photos, like it and those who follow you. We can also find hearts in instagram stories and in instagram direct. But, as in the publications, what which means the heart of instagram of the stories and the DM is like.

Types of likes

Believe it or not, there are different types of likes or likes. And although what what does instagram's heart mean I like it in the publications. The types of me like vary depending on the reason you give it. Next we will show you the different types of likes:

I like honest

This is the one I like that you give a publication really because you like its content. We support it or we simply agree with the image or the caption.

Like for commitment

It is that like that you give to your friends or family, not necessarily because you liked the publication. In this also enter the likes found in contest publications, where the user only likes me for the desire to want to win.

Like stalker

Within social networks stalkear is very common. But, even more within instagram. Where we get a person, we are interested in his life, whether famous or not, as we may like his content. Then you start searching through their publications and reach content from more than three years ago. And you can like it by mistake.

Like fan

These are the likes that you give to those celebrities you follow.

I like it by mistake

In this could enter the like by stalker. Although those publications from the beginning that you accidentally like are also included.

Because others like it

Within instagram the herd mentality is very common. Which is that if someone liked a post, you also like it. Or when a photo or video posted has many likes, you also give it. Not necessarily because you like the content, feel identified or support it. A clear example of this is the famous egg account on Instagram in the middle of last year. Where an account with a single photo of an egg became the photo with the most likes of the platform.


Where are the posts you gave them like?

Instagram keeps a history with all those posts you liked. And you can access it through the instagram app. To do this you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Enter instagram and go to your profile.

Step 2:

In the upper right corner of the profile you will find the three-line icon that means settings. Enter the.

Step 3:

Within settings there are different options. Go to the last one, the configuration one.

Step 4:

Once inside configuration another menu will appear. In this you will see options such as: notifications, privacy, ads, security. What matters to us is the account option. You must click on it.

Step 5:

In turn, within the account option, you will find another series of options. Slide the menu until you find the option: "Publications you liked". Click on this option.

Step 6:

Within publications that you liked you will see a list with all the publications you liked.


What posts do your followers like?

In the lower menu of the instagram app there are several options. One of them has the heart icon. This section of instagram has the information of likes, comments and followed that others give to your profile. But, you can also find information concerning the accounts of the people you follow. To access this information you must click on the heart option in the lower menu. In turn, within it you will find a top menu with the words "you" on the right and "followed" on the left. The information of the accounts found in this section ranges from the most recent to the oldest in real time. Here you will see the people they follow, the accounts they like or comment on.


Will Instagram eliminate likes?

Some time ago rumors began to spread about the possible like removal Instagram But why? According to studies, comments, followers and above all, I like them negatively impact the population. People have begun to relate likes, followers and comments with acceptance. The more I like you, the more accepted you feel. In addition to this he finds himself in desire for people to be famous. Because the more I like you the more you have, the more people know you, the more you feel accepted. What has a negative impact on those who do not get what they want.

Instagram then talked about the possible removal of likes. Thing that many users do not agree with, But, the platform is not going to get rid of the likes as well. Only the idea of ​​eliminating the likes counter has been raised. This has put it to the test in various parts of the world. Where users can continue to like posts. But, where the number of likes that the publication has does not appear. This information will only be taken by the user who owns the account. The way in which instagram will work if the likes counter is removed is the following: If you like a post, and another of the users you follow also gave it, this will appear, but, never the total I like you.


Reasons why instagram wants to remove the counter

The instagram platform has many reasons for wanting to eliminate the likes counter. The more time passes, instagram users tend to develop more herd mentality. That if most like something, you also like it. Now people are more focused on having a large number of interactions instead of making good content. The reasons why instagram wants to remove the likes counter are the following:

Quality content development

One of the main reasons why instagram wants to remove the likes counter. It's for users to focus more on crafting quality content rather than posting to earn likes.

Leave the herd mentality

Instagram also wants people not to get carried away by others, that they like only those posts that they really like.

Change as users think

This is really linked to the first reason named. Users think that the more I like and comments you have, the better. So they forget a bit about the quality of their content, and they think that the more I like you, the more they are accepted, which is far from reality.

Eliminate the competition

Inside instagram there are a lot of personalities that became famous in social networks. Now many of them have downloaded their content to have more interactions. What instagram looks for is to eliminate the competition of likes, causing everything to upload quality content.

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