What happens if you block someone on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most famous applications worldwide, which allows us to publish our own content, call yourself photos, videos, the very well-known stories. It also helps to express ourselves in many ways and as a means of communication as it allows us to send messages and audios. But when all these things are not possible it is proper Know what happens if you block someone on Instagram.

Now has it never happened to you that you see another person uploading content that you don't like? Or want to prevent a certain person from seeing your content or writing to you? o What happens if you get a message out of place? What can I do in these cases? How can I stop these situations?

Well you knew that you can, from your account, block another user so that he cannot write to you, nor see any of your publications, it would be as if he had never followed you from the beginning.

At this moment you will be thinking "that person could just look for me again". But actually blocking your account for this person would be like If your account were deactivated. That is, when searching for your profile either by your name or your user would not appear in your search engine, I could not write to you.

What happens if you block someone on Instagram?

When you block someone, that person stops following you and you to him so that the person don't have any access to your profile and even if he got your profile, the blocked user would not have the option to follow you again, considering the direct messages best known by his acronym in English "DM" this person could have among his direct messages the option to open the chat and write. But such messages would not be received Even if you later decide to unlock the user, your messages sent within the blocked time frame would not be received.

Seeing from the point of view of the user that blocks another user as mentioned, stop following the other user when blocking it, however, he would have access to the profile of the user. user locked using the search engine, however, this would only have the unlock option available that would be located in the place where the option to follow would be. This, like the blocked user, could not see the content of the blocked user or communicate with it without previously unlocking it.

How to block an account? and what happens if you block someone on Instagram

To know what happens if you block someone on Instagram, one of your questions at this time could be How can I block someone? It must be very difficult to block someone, well no, blocking someone can be done in 4 simple steps.

  1. You must go to the profile of the user you intend to block can be by the search engine or by a photo by clicking on his username or if you have an open chat with him you can go and click on his photo that will take you to the profile of the user you want to block.
  2. Already in your profile you should go to the top right, at the same level of your profile picture but on the opposite side, you will find the menu button, Press to display the menu.
  3. Once the menu option is displayed you just have to select the option to block.
  4. Although this option can be reversed, Instagram will ask if you are sure you want to block that user, you just have to press on "if I'm [Email protected]" and at this time the user must be locked.

Your account will now appear as if it had no content with the message "There are no posts yet".

How to know when they block me

While it is true, that today thanks to the technological advances that we manipulate, there are social networks such as Twitter They can inform you in real time when a user dislikes your content and has blocked you for certain reasons. But this is not the case of Instagram since it is almost impossible to determine if a certain user of the network has decided to stop receiving information or communicate with us.

Probably reading this you wonder How do I know when they block me? Good for the blocked user is difficult to know, but there are some details that could give you certainty that a certain user blocked you from your account.

Details to determine when they block you

  • Once you are in the social network you can go to the search engine of this and proceed to write your name or user by which you could previously access your electronic profile. Once you have written your name and then pressed the search icon, this user should not appear in the search list since it will be locked.
  • If you still want to know if another Instagram user has blocked one of the ways of knowing it, it is checking your number of followers since when a person blocks another is automatically stop following so you will have one less follower.
  • If you still have doubts about whether you have been blocked by a certain person, there is another way to make sure if you were blocked and if you have a direct chat with this person you can enter your chat list. In this sense, enter this chat and click on the profile picture this should take you to the user's account and if you have been blocked you will not be able to see the publications and the message "There are no publications yet" will appear. To confirm even more you can try to follow it if it is blocked, you will not be able to access this option.

Consequences of a blockade

Despite being normal for some people, there are certain users who wonder if this has any consequences or believe that this is harmful to their account. But the only consequence of being blocked is evidenced in the number of followers As we mentioned, before blocking a person you automatically stop following this person.

However, contrary to what people would think all lthe interactions before being blocked would remain the same such as: likes, the comments, the history of direct messages with that person, everything would remain the same, only from now on there will be no interaction from the blocked account to the account that blocked it, unless said user was unlocked.

Are there different ways to block a person?

It happens to many people many times that we don't want a certain person to see a post we upload. In this sense, we do not want to be so direct as to block it but only we want to prevent you from seeing a specific publication That's when the question is born, can I block a post so that person doesn't see it?

Well, we can answer that with a resounding "No", since a post cannot be blocked for a specific person. In fact, the closest thing to this would be in Instagram stories where the user can select which people to send them to and to those who want this story to appear in their history.

Although you also have the option to hide your stories from another user, as this would be:

  1. First you must access the profile of the user you want not to see your stories, for these you can use the search engine.
  2. Then you must press the menu button located in the upper right of the screen (This is represented by 3 vertical points).
  3. Once the menu is displayed, select the hide option “Hide your story”.
  4. After this Instagram will show you a box where you will be explained that the person will not be able to see your photos, videos and direct uploads in your stories, this will be indefinitely until you unlock this option for said user.

How can I see the people I have blocked? And what happens if you block someone on Instagram?

To know what happens if you block someone on Instagram, people often happen to them that they block someone by mistake and do not know how to confirm if this person was blocked or not, for this the social network gives you the option to see a list of blocked people and accessing this is very simple.

  1. You must first access your profile by pressing on the "YO" button.
  2. Once in the profile you press the menu button located in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. Then we go to the bottom of the menu and click on settings.
  4. Once the configuration menu is displayed, we select the "privacy" option.
  5. Once in the menu of this option we select “blocked accounts”.
  6. This will display a list of accounts that are blocked from your profile.

How to unlock a user?

Once you know what happens if you block someone on Instagram, if you have reached this point in the article, once already informed about user blocking You will have the following questions in mind. If I block an acquaintance and decide to interact with him again through this social network, is it possible to unlock it? Can I have contact with him again in the normal way? How do I unlock it?

To unlock it you must follow the following steps:

  1. You must go to the profile of the blocked user, you can do it through the search engine by placing your name or your Instagram user.
  2. Then press on the menu button (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. When the menu is displayed, we select the option "unlock user".
  4. Instagram will open a window where you will be asked if you are sure to unlock this user, you just have to click on “yes, I am [Email protected]".
  5. And ready the user has been successfully unlocked and can be confirmed by a message at the bottom on the screen that says "user unlocked."

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