What happens when they block you on Instagram?

Follow and follow you is one of the biggest attractions that Instagram has. In fact, when someone starts to follow you the same application sends you a notice so that you know and decide whether to follow the person or not. But when it comes to knowing what happens when they block you on Instagram, the case is very different and there is no trick that is too reliable to know when someone has banned you from your friends.

However, there are many indications that may reflect that someone really wants to veto you from their group of friends.

How to know what happens when you are blocked on Instagram

Unlike other applications and social networks, what happens when you are blocked on Instagram does not indicate when someone beta you from your friends. In this sense, this option It becomes a secret among the user and the application when you want to stop seeing someone else's content but you don't want to stop following.

For those who seek to know who has blocked them, it must be said that there is no sure way to know. But following these steps, you can have a concrete idea.

Search the user directly

Enter the name of the application search engine of the user you presume has blocked you. In this sense, if the person has the private account on Instagram by the way it has blocked you, it will not even appear as a result in searches. But if the account is in public, it will be shown as if it has no profile picture or publications.

Check in your direct messages

When the direct messages you had at some time with this user are not available, it is a signal that has blocked you. And you won't be able to send more messages to that person either.

Try to follow the person

In case you have managed to find the profile of that person who has blocked you, it is very possible that the follow button does not appear. It can also happen that it is seen but that the application does not let you follow the person.

Watch your list of followers to know what happens when they block you on Instagram

It stops following immediately when one user blocks another on Instagram. For these cases there are third party applications They let you know when someone stops following you.

In the event that you are a victim of a blockade it is recommended that you start to forget that person and let everything flow. Thus, avoid taking a bad attitude of wanting to mention or tag users who are unknown in your posts because this is quite annoying. If on the contrary it is you who blocks, you are in your right, but keep in mind that the person can do these same steps to know what happened.

Block in stories to know what happens when they block you on Instagram

To know what happens when you are blocked on Instagram, there is also a way in which the person can stop watching Instagram stories from other profiles that already has in his followers, without this entails stop being friends. But, to know who has blocked you from viewing the stories is something harder to know than the previous block.

In fact, you can only intuit that someone has blocked or stopped following you, when you check among the people who see your stories and don't find that user. And if the same pattern is repeated at different times and different days, it is very possible that the person has blocked you from the stories. But you could also check if the block is something complete with the steps mentioned above. There may also be many reasons why one person decides to block another, such as those mentioned below.

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Within this social network you are looking for entertainment and information about what happens in the world. Also meet more people and even make your business grow. But, not everything is pink, because in this world we can find people who make it difficult for us to stay in the application.

The positive part is that in the virtual world we can block other users that disturb us, especially if they follow patterns similar to these:

  • Stalkers in comments, photos and direct messages.
  • When they tag you in their posts or those of others, people you don't know.
  • The case that you see unwanted advertising.
  • If somehow you find grotesque publications from other users.
  • When they are a whole scam or do not upload quality content.
  • For whatever reason you don't want to know anything about that person.
  • They break into privacy within the social network.

These may be one of the main reasons, however there may be others that you are living, in which case, if you think it is necessary block that person you can just do it. And although we already know how many reasons we can have to block someone, it is also convenient to know what happens once you execute this action.

When I block someone on Instagram

If you have decided to block a person in Instagram because he doesn't stop bothering and doesn't interpret the signals you send him to leave you alone, you might wonder what will happen next.

When you block that user, you will not be able to find your profile, your publications or even your stories, you will disappear from their reach.

I like you and comments

The reactions that user has had that you have already blocked, such as “likes” and comments, will not disappear from your photos and videos. But you can delete the comments.

Each and every one of the people you have blocked can see your reactions in other posts, but without being able to access your profile.

Direct messages

Once you block someone, the conversations you could have with that person will remain in chat. But You will not be able to send a message Not that user to you. In addition, in case you are in a group chat with the person, a dialog box will appear, which will ask if you want to stay or leave the group.

Mentions to know when they block you on Instagram

The person or people you have blocked can mention your username in the application. But nevertheless This mention will not appear in activity.

If you also want to prevent this from happening, change your username so that I cannot mention you.

In the same way as the fact that it happens when you get blocked on Instagram can also be done by the social network itself.

Reasons why Instagram blocks you and what happens when they block you on Instagram

There are several conditions that the Instagram platform has and if any of them is violated, the user will be automatically blocked.

Too many "likes" and followers at the same time

This is one of the most obvious reasons to be blocked on Instagram, that is, when the number of “likes” and followers reaches is very significant. In this sense this may occur. if you use some third party promotion tools or when manual actions are performed without first examining user profiles.

Limits according to the official Instagram guideline:

  • Maximum number of "likes" per hour is 60.
  • Maximum number of comments per hour is 60.
  • Maximum number of followers per hour is 60.
  • Maximum number of private messages per hour is 60.

In addition, Instagram adds the number of followers and non-followers, as well as blocking unwanted users. Therefore you cannot perform more than 1440 actions per day in your account.

Excessive posts and what happens when they block you is Instagram

It is recommended not to publish too often, since only Instagram controls the precise number of posts They can be done daily. In the same way it is advised not to publish the same photo in different accounts at the same time, since this properly lights one of the alarms of the social network.

Copyright Infringement

The photos and videos you have on your profile must be really yours, if not, you must at least have the author's right to publish them. Also when you want to share an image with another user, you must tag in the photo in case you have an Instagram account and mention its name in the description.

Violation of social media rules

When a user uploads a photo or video with naked bodies, sexual content and violence to their profile, it is considered inappropriate content. In addition this will not depend on the objectives pursued, it also represents an account lock.

User Complaints

The report button is used when considering a dangerous account for some reason. A block also occurs when other users report an account or complain about plagiarism, insults, inappropriate content, Among others.

Different IP addresses

When you log in from several devices and confirm them through text messages, the probability that the Instagram platform will block you is almost nil. But if you start from different devices and IP addresses, the social network may think that This action is a product of your account being hackedIn fact, the reaction of the application is almost immediate.

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