What is archiving on Instagram?

With how popular Instagram has become since its launch in 2010, this application continues to innovate its platform. In this sense, we want to talk to you about one of the updates that results as a solution to some problems you may have. It’s just the function of archiving on Instagram, which many users want to know how it works to be able to apply it in the application.

Therefore, below we give you all the details of this tool that you now have on your Instagram.

Archive publications

If you were never convinced by one of the publications that you had already uploaded, the only option you had to make was to delete it. But this new feature that Instagram has added it's like a midpoint between deleting and maintaining the post, we mean what is archiving on Instagram.

This archiving tool makes it possible to stop being visible any photo or video for other people, but that remains visible at all times for you. Likewise, it keeps the likes, comments and description so that in case you change your mind you can restore the publication and it will be as before.

When you decide to integrate this tool into Instagram, the first platform that received it was the iOS operating system, this may be because the beginnings of Instagram was reserved exclusively for the same. However, this function was also added for Android and even for the web version.

Then you already have this new option that will allow you to hide those photos and videos that give you a little shame that other people can see, but that has something you still like and that's why you don't want to delete it permanently. And the best thing is that the way to do it is very simple.

How to archive on Instagram?

The first thing you should do is is enter your profile where your posts are located and choose the one you want to archive. Then, click on the options button in the upper right, which is indicated with three dots. Next, a menu will open with more than one option for the publication in which you are.

Within this drop-down menu you will find an option that says "File" and clicking on it you can make it wake up in view of the other users who have access to your profile, but it will not be deleted because you can always see it and retrieve it whenever you want. Also it is not necessary that you have to activate something so that you can have this option available, since it is pre-active on Instagram since it was included on its platform.

How to unarchive on Instagram?

To be able to unarchive some publication you will have to enter the archives directory that Instagram has. In this sense, you have to click on the clock-shaped icon that has an arrow around it, which is located in the upper right of the application when you are walking in your profile.

Once you have pressed on it, it will take you to a section where all the publications you have archived until then are located. So, by default it will be on the display of your stories and you will have to press at the top to open a new menu in which you have to click on the option that says "Archive of publications".

Remember that all the publications in this section can only be seen by you and whenever you want you can unarchive them so that they are public again normally before the other users in your profile. To achieve this you have to press on that photo or video that you want to recover and it will be shown to you in a big way.

Once you have done so, you can click on the options menu indicated by the three dots, which is located in the upper right part of the screen. Then when opening a list with two options you will have to select the one that says “Show on profile” This way the photo or video will reappear on your profile, with the original date of when it was published, that is, it will be as if nothing had happened.

Advantages of the archive tool on Instagram

For many users this new function is very useful for those occasions in the It seems that some of your publications are no longer consistent with your style. Since there is no need for you to erase the photo or video, but you will only make it invisible to other people.

It is also very appropriate for the fact that it can reverse what you have done, that is, when you decide that you have changed your mind you can return the photo or video to normal. In addition, the description, the publication date, and the reactions that this content received while it was visible, will also remain the same once you unarchive it.

The main objective of this tool is that people can make unimportant publications, as is the case in the Instagram stories ephemeral Since counting on her they can hide from the sight of others those photos that they regret uploading.

Disadvantages of archiving a publication

Although it may seem that this tool has nothing wrong, the truth is that it does. Since the fact of being able to archive a publication also results in that does not receive more reactions from other users.

In the same way it can happen that in the case that another person has archived a photo or video that you liked, you won't be able to see her anymore, and if you wanted to save it for some purpose, you won't be able to do it unless you ask directly.

Why does the archiving option arise?

As perhaps many already know, Instagram is a very popular photo application, it is this fame that has turned it into a social network of self-esteem, where people seek to publish the best photos of them.

That's why Instagram decides to create a function so that people don't feel self-conscious about publishing any content, but have the confidence of being able to upload everything they want for hoping to hide it when they no longer want other people to see it.

This new function is a tool that the user has to be able to upload the content that perhaps before did not dare to do so. Since previously the only option we had when a photo or video ceased to be nice for us was to remove it completely from the application. But it turns out that for some reason it was difficult to erase it, it still has something we liked and we didn't want to do it.

And in response to all this entanglement that caused to define whether to post some content because perhaps it did not represent all that image created within this application. Since it seeks to create the best perspective for each person, At least that's what many users care about. All this is due to the fact that the more reactions you have on the part of other people, that is, comments and the “likes” that you can receive, the more possibilities you have of being able to increase the number of followers.

Delete or archive?

The decision is on the part of each person, depending on the need you have or how much you stop liking the publication that once uploaded to the social network. But without a doubt, the tool that allows you to archive the photos and videos was created in order to Do not have to delete any content permanently.

But it also turns out that the whole image that you have created within Instagram increasingly demands better tastes and moments, especially if the number of followers has increased over time and thanks to your most recent posts. And so you have decided that those old women who did not attract attention are now a shame for the self-esteem you have achieved. In consecuense, you may think that the best option is to eliminate completely any trace of a social activity that was previously held.

Archive on Instagram It turned out to be a good tool

Once this function was incorporated, which is to archive on Instagram within its platform, many of its users reacted positively. In fact, most consider this tool They have been needing and waiting for some time.

Therefore it can be said that within the most recent updates, this is one of the most liked by the public who uses Instagram. Because it represents a midway solution for the publications you no longer want, and with “midway” we mean that represents a midpoint between deleting and maintaining the photo or video. Since it will be only hidden for people who follow you or who can see your profile in case you have a public account, but it will always be visible to you and you can return it whenever you want.

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