You want to know what it means or have you heard What is fortnite? I'll tell you: it's a famous video game on the internet. In this game several friends participate together for free, in a struggle to survive in a very devastated world.

Then I tell you more about this interesting and current topic, so you can know in detail, what is fortnite? ...

What is Fortnite about?

It is a Third Person Shooter or known TPS, that is, shooting game, where we manage the character in the third person.

This videogame emerged in two versions, the first was called as Fortnite "Save the world", played by a single participant. In this individual version, the player is in a world devastated by a storm, gathering the survivors.

There is also the version "Battle Royale", where hundred players take part that are launched from a flying bus to an island. The idea is to be the last player standing, surviving, finding weapons and creating a base under a heavy storm. The storm destroys the battlefield and ends the life of the refugees under it.

The version "Battle Royale" arises from the argument of a Japanese cult movie that bears the same name as the game. "Battle Royale" is called the genre of video games where they face each other, seeking resources and killing the opponent.

Discover what Fortnite is and its peculiarities

This video game is revolutionizing the Internet, for many its success is attributed to its easy to play and fun. However, you need an intuitive, competitive player with strong skills to survive during game time.

You have to know that this it's a game in real time, where you face different players around the world.

Who are its creators?

It is already clear what Fornite is. Let's tell you more about its history. Was created by Epic Games, Inc., who is a video game developer located in Cary, United States.

The successful video game came to the consoles in the 2017 year, its developers merged construction games and shots. Specifically in July the company Epic launches Fortnite, with a paid early access period, with a view to the free launch.

Lugo emerges Fortnite: Battle Royale in free mode, with more than 45 million players in March of 2018. Without a doubt, this version has become the most popular videogame in the Battle Royale genre.

Epic Games achieved the monetary exploitation of the genre, positioning itself very well within the eSport, a great feat for the company. Nowadays, it has its versions for Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices.

How to play?

Following the Battle Royale genre, up to one hundred players fly over buses that float on a kind of island or map. On the island they are randomly distributed weapons, equipment and strategic material that help during combat.

The idea is to survive, being the last player or team, if you play as a team, avoiding and killing the rest.

As time goes by, the safe area of ​​the map decreases, the players that are left out of it, die damaged. Surviving players will find a secure area that is increasingly narrow and forced encounters between players. It is allowed to take the weapons of the defeated players. Random weapons and random objects are also provided.

The game presents a mechanic similar to other real battles, so the strategy is applied.

Up to one hundred players are admitted, who individually or grouped in squads of up to four people, who try to survive. It seeks to be the last team or last person standing, which kills its opponents and prevents them from killing it.

The great thing about playing as a team is that you can combine attack actions. In addition, the defense is much more effective, so you will have more chances of being the winner.

Players start the game with a pick that helps them collect resources, parachute on the map. After landing they dedicate themselves to look for weapons, armor and resources that allow them to develop a structure to protect themselves.

Then comes the storm that decreases what is known as a safe area, turning it into a small circle on the map. Within that thin white circle another circle will be randomly formed, where the player must remain inside to save himself. Players who are trapped and kept out of the area for a long time may die when receiving damage.

Weapons and random items

Will fall randomly for players some resources, weapons and items that are necessary for their survival in the field. These items may be required by players to build floors and ramps that allow access to other spaces.

In the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, most elements or objects in the environment can be broken down into materials. These materials can be wood, stone or metal, which can be used for the construction of structures with limited duration. You can build ramps, stairs, walls, which are used to cross the map, block other players or protect against shooting.

Players through the change of real money for money in the game, they can buy cosmetic items they need.

Participants can buy V-bucks, the internal currency of the game, these can be used to buy upgrades for the player. With the V-bucks it is possible to buy battle passes to accelerate the speed of pass of level in the seasons. Each of the seasons lasts for months, so by buying V-bucks and improving the level, rewards are automatically obtained.

The rewards are usually cosmetic items corresponding to a themeHowever, it is not compulsory to obtain the items by purchase. Players can move level slowly, without having to buy V-bucks, that is, without a battle pass.

Why is it said that it has multiplatform versions?

Epic announced in March 2018, which was developing a Fortnite version: Battle Royale for devices with Android and IOS systems.

Expectations were focused on future versions will always have cross-platform support between Windows, MacOS and Xbox One. The company is interested in full multiplatform support between PC, mobile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but there is a problem of policies between Sony and Microsoft

The IOS version was released first than the Android version, the second comes to the market initially for Galaxy phones and other devices. The list of compatible devices is expanding, and high and medium range equipment models have been included.

It has been maintained for months as the game of the moment, this is due to its free-to-play model with micropayments. On the other hand, this multiplatability cross-play capability will always make this videogame very striking.

Players from different platforms can compete with each other, using your account to access from any console or mobile. Users who want to compete from PlayStation with Nintendo Switch, by established policies, remain in exception for this condition.

Why has Fortnite become such a successful video game?

Since its launch, it has had a great boom, which is measured by the number of downloads and players. The game has kept online more than 3,4 million people simultaneously, is recognized worldwide. There are millions of downloads made after its release, which are rising from Battle Royale mode.

Its users say that it is a dynamic and simple game, with a high level of intensity, with fast games. The video game presents a structural construction mechanics that makes it different from the rest of its kind. Objects are extracted to build stairs, walls and traps to block shots, reach opponents or create escape routes.

The animated design and the colors used, make it a game that is deeply attractive to players of different ages. This game bets on a very striking graphic engine, which is why it appeals to guys from 12 years. In addition, the inclusion of skins has been successful, these are the gestures and different costumes of the characters when you win.

In this game is always changing, every eighty days approximately, the season changes so that modifications are generated in the game. Change the cities on the map, add game modes, new weapons, also the skins are renewed every week. It is a changing game and not repetitive, so players are always playing to see the changes.

A bloody aspect is not observed despite its plot, which has made it acceptable for parents. However, in the sense they are generally concerned about the addiction that can develop in their children through the video game

How can I do to play Fortnite?

As you know, this video game is available on almost all platforms, which allows you to play it very easily. You can have access to the game from your PC, Xbox One, PlasStation 4 or your mobile device, IOS or Android.

It is not necessary that you pay to play, since you can simply download it for free from its website. Also, if you want to play it from your computer, a final model is not mandatory for the application to work excellently. Having the game installed on your computer you can play with your friends who have it on their video game console.

If you are going to play from Xbox or PlayStation you must have an active Live Gold or PS Plus account.

You can also access from your mobile phone, since it is available for equipment with IOS and Android. In this case you need an iPhone 7 or higher and for Android a high-end equipment. However, it is known that in some midrange equipment the application works, so it can be played.

Epic Games has been optimizing the game to ensure that more teams with very simple features can access to play it.

Note that this mobile game is in beta, so the application is not at 100%. This means that there are still compatibilities that have not been covered as we would like, so we have to wait for something.

For mobile phones that are not on the official list of compatible equipment, the application may work. What you have to consider is that these teams have not been sufficiently tested by the developer Epic Games.

To play you must only download it through its website and install the file in the phone's memory. Downloading the APK can test the installation on mobile phones that are not included in the official compatibility list.

What are the minimum requirements to install Fortnite on my mobile phone?

In order to install the game on your mobile, there are a series of minimum requirements, in order to effectively move the game:

  • Android operating system of 64 bits, Android 8 Oreo or higher is recommended.
  • RAM memory of at least 3 GB
  • Andreno GPU 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

What are the minimum requirements to install it on my PC?

If you want to access the game from your personal computer or PC, it is necessary that your team cover some technical specifications:

  • 10 Windows operating system 64 bit.
  • Intel Core I5 2.8 GHz processor or similar, if you want to improve the Ryzen 3 1300X, I7 7700k or I5 8600k experience.
  • 8GB RAM memory.
  • NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD7870 card or video card.

Do you want to know the main features?

Do you wonder where the word Fortnite comes from? its developers will know the truth, apparently comes from a play on words. In British it means "two weeks" or "fortnight" ("fortnight"), but also strengths ("fortnite"), comes from building strengths and surviving for two weeks. This is the apparent explanation about the name of the game It is one of the curiosities that perhaps his followers unknown.

We all know that it has caused a stir worldwide, but this has not only been in its fanatical players. Epic Games who is the developer of the video game has also been the subject of some controversies and other particularities.

This company had scheduled the launch of the video game in 2011, showing the trailer at the Spike Video Games 2011 Awards. This indicates that he had a wait due to delays and trial periods until 2017 that was his launch.

Frotnite although it is a free game, it has an advantage and has managed to surpass other famous videogames at the level of fundraising. Through the sale of skins or cosmetics, that is, costumes or aesthetic objects, a lot of money is collected. These objects generate a great attraction in their players, who spend millions of dollars weekly to acquire them in playing.

¿How much money will he have raised so far?

It is said that the mobile version raises a million dollars a day approximately. Without leaving aside the PC and console version that has raised more than 125 million dollars.

Epic Game has promoted the videogame very well, through an advertising campaign based mainly on Youtubers and Streamers. These characters receive money to play for days incentivizing their millions of followers, which generates good results.

Initially the developer team, betting on a scary and frightening game using colors that made it look. The idea was to use dark and terror elements, and this was done, until they changed to more colorful images.

The picturesque change in the animation of the videogame arises from the platforms of Pixar, Tim Burton and the Looney tunes. Pixar was based on the physical appearance of the characters and Burton worked the balance of the frightening visual elements.

Another curious fact to share is that Epic Games is credited with the creation of Unreal Engine. This is the graphic engine and dozens of video games in the market, great contribution to the gaming sector. Anyone interested can access this and use it in their projects, as long as they recognize Epic's benefits.

One of the consequences of its success, was that Epic Games devote more attention and staff to the game. The team had to be expanded, moving personnel and closing other Epic titles, such as Paragon in April of 2018.

Many celebrities around the world are followers of Fortnite, the singer Travis Scott and the rapper Drake, have manifested it. On the other hand, players like Lionel Messi, Carvajal, Antonie Griezman and Ibrahimovic are also fans of this game without borders.

Its popularity has covered the world of costumes, the market offers costumes of various characters of the game. You can find the costumes of the heroes and heroines: Commando, Devastator, Black Knight, Brite Bomber, Skull Tropper, among others.

The dances have taken a boom lately, the movements of the characters have been in the news on several occasions. Some dances have come out in real life, through players from football they make the movements to celebrate.

Not everything is positive

Not everything is positive for the game or for the developers of it, who they also face legal demands. One of the most famous cases is the demand of Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton interpreter in the rap prince. Ribeira wanted to sue Epic Games for copying one of their representative dances presented in the well-known Bel-Air series.

As well as this, there have been other cases of demand, such as that of Katty Perry's companion known as Backpack Kid. In this particular case the demand is also for the plagiarism of his dance which is called floss.

Many are the anecdotes that arise from popularity, the truth is that this video game goes for more. Divorces, lawsuits in the court, tricks and hackers, cheating players, etc., are some of the situations that generates what is Fortnite.

Up to here, we discovered a lot about the fabulous video game, which aims to be the most played and famous in history. Among its main advantages is the attack on all platforms, which is free, attractive and easy to play.

Video games are an exciting world for fans and enthusiasts, who devote part of their time making discoveries about it. I hope you have awakened your curiosity, I invite you to follow this fascinating world to learn more aboutWhat is Fortnite ?.