What is the digital marketing? Types and Advantages

Digital marketing (online marketing) is the constant creation and processes of advertising and commercial strategies using the digital media of the moment.

The digital media with which people could be basing their MKT strategies may be the Google search engines, social networks, portals or web pages and something called Email Marketing.

Digital marketing has evolved thanks to the 2.0 web, which is the one that gives possibilities of having even more information due to social networks and new technologies, this makes the exchange of information almost fleeting.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Having a good digital MKT strategy benefits both companies and people who work Freelance, some of the advantages could be:

Allowable costs

Digital marketing has a variety of costs but in the end they are accessible to the pocket and for that reason they are now more used than the traditional MKT such as radio, television and newspapers. When it comes to budget, online marketing is one of the best options today.


When you do an advertising campaign everything is monitored, everything you do has a statistic that can help you improve. You can know up to where and to whom the strategy arrived, in what countries and if it has even had a return on investment.

The results of these statistics are acquired live and also from the interactions of consumers, something that in the traditional MKT has never happened.


In addition, the information is immediate and can be measured, it is changing. You no longer need to wait for a strategy to finish its time when you can change it to continue improving it.

There is a possibility in the online MKT that several things happen in a very short time. That's why adjusting your advertising campaign to keep growing is something that MKT digita.l gives you.


Being able to change campaigns even when they have not been completed shows that online MKT is flexible and is something that other methods do not have. Adapting to changes is something you must do to make your business evolve.

Personal brand

There is a phrase that says "If you're not on the Internet you do not exist" using a good digital marketing strategy can make people remember your personal brand better. You must always keep in mind your values ​​and your culture on high, never leave a bad impression so that your public knows you well and talks excellent about your brand, so much that they recommend it.

Constant presence

Everything that is published is effective for the company. In order to reach more people we have to be constant because the internet access to what we publish can reach anywhere in the world.

How do you benefit from the Digital MKT?

We have already made clear that digital marketing is a tool to create a good strategy to reach more customers and that is why you favor a good strategy. Here we will show you how the digital MKT will benefit you.

New customers

Because we are in the digital age the vast majority of users are always connected to the Internet either by computer or by their smartphone.

By being always online you can interact directly with him since he is constantly searching for information and can also be seen as the opinion of other users for the account.

Have a web page

You should consider having a web portal so that potential customers can find you, but it should always be updated since that is your channel of communication between the user and your company.

For all types of companies

The digital MKT not only benefits large companies but also those new entrepreneurs who want to grow and can win customers. They could expand their market. In addition, the online MKT will make you get loyal customers to your brand or your product.

MKT Online Tools

There are several options to achieve a good marketing strategy you can use one of these techniques of digital MKT, we hope you serve.

Blog or website

Inbound Marketing, unique and optimized content and even affiliate marketing.

Social Media MKT

A good campaign in social networks will get you and your personal brand far away.

Email MKT

An email or email so far is the one that gives the most return on investment. You can bring many successful sales to your company.


You can reach more people if you are one of the first in Google search engines, so in positioning your website with good content is a good strategy.


These are paid campaigns that you could do in social networks, search engines like Google or in banners, videos, etc.

Video Platforms

You can use platforms like YouTube to create an audience and even pay to create advertising campaigns.

Content MKT

Content marketing is that product to which you give a lot of time, you create articles and in a while you wait for your clients to become fixed and not just potential customers.

Create articles or content for websites, blogs, scripts for videos for YouTube channels can use this method to position your business or website. There are people who are dedicated to just doing this type of MKT online.

We know that this is only the beginning of the digital MKT because it is always in constant evolution and innovates in an incredible way. You already know some things about this, if you're looking for a digital marketing course We could tell you more or less what you can find in one.

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