What is WordPress and what is it for?

WordPress is the best content creator or as it is known by its acronym CMS (Content Magnament System). There were some investigations that ended up revealing that more than 31% of the Internet pages in the world are made with this method.

What is WordPress?

In summary, WordPress is a system to create and manage web pages (create and edit their content) and is one of several CMS that currently exist.

This system has 16 years old since its launch was in the year 2013 and shows that it is a serious, solid and with a constant evolution1 since at the beginning it was only thought to create blogs. Now has thousands of templates (topics) available on its official website, which help improve the appearance and functionality of a web page.

It has the feature that is open system and free software that depend on the WordPress foundation, it means that you do not pay for license of use since its code is created and supported by a large number of volunteer programmers, because of that you can have this free system.

What is WordPress for and who can handle it?

The reason why many use this type of systems (CMS) is simple, it helps to create and manage web pages without needing to know something about programming and thus design contents in a visual way.

It can be created beyond a simple blog, since many people associate it only with that sector; but nowadays, due to the fact that it has evolved, all kinds of websites can be made, such as online stores, static pages, digital magazines, etc.

At the beginning of the web this was not so, you had to know a bit about the programming language called HTML. Creating content by coding with HTML was tedious, useless and limited.

Due to that reason, the CMS were born since these are the ones that handle the HTML without the user having to know about this. This allows the consumer to create their content with a visual interface, easy and quick to use so that anyone without programming knowledge could operate it.

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com, what are the discrepancies?

Many people who start in this world of creating web pages wonder at the beginning if they make their blog in Blogger or in WordPress, although most take as their best option WordPress does not know the difference between WordPress.com y WordPress.org.


This platform is the best option to manage a web page, it is the website where you can download your platform and then install it in any of your domains with their respective hosting (own). We will show you what is the best way to take advantage of it and teach you all the benefits offered by the best content manager.

So you can use the services of this platform you have to have two fundamental things:

  • Own domain
  • A Hosting service

So your website will have that professional touch that will make more people trust your page and your content. You can install it in just minutes if the cPanel of your hosting has the option to download it, or you can do it manually. In the same way, your web project will have this system installed in a short time.


This page provides a service somewhat similar to Blogger. As with blogger, when you create an account and a blog on WordPress.com, your website will be hosted by the same and the serial domain something similar to blogger but it will look like this:


If you notice it well, in order to use it you do not need to have a hosting or domain. You can start once you register and you do not need to spend money on hosting.

However, using it because it is a free service has many more limitations, it does not look as professional and as serious as it would be to use the WordPress.org platform.

Why use WordPress.org?

There are several advantages or benefits of using WordPress.org in projects that you have with your own domain.

  • Professional profile: as we had already said, the simple fact of having as domain "ejemplo.wordpress.com" does not give us that professional approach that we want and much less security for those interested who are looking for some information. A domain of your property is an excellent option for this.
  • Content management: only you have control over the content you post or create. Nobody can delete this content or delete your website for that.
  • Plugins: com has the advantage of being able to use all the plugins without restrictions and thus get the most profit with these you can optimize your web page in different aspects either in image, upload speed, email marketing, etc.
  • Themes: there are two versions of the themes, some of which are free, which can be very high quality and the Premium ones have a more updated and modern design.
  • Necessary minimum investment: to be able to download it you need to buy your own domain (10 $ approximately) and a web hosting (7 $ to 12 $ approximately per month); Many do not like to make these payments, but they should know that this is a very low investment for everything they can earn with their internet business.

In summary, we can assure you that with WordPress.org you have more control, performance and better possibilities to make your web project as you wish and create it to your needs.

At what time you can use WordPress.com

There are several cases where you can make use of this free platform, one of them can be if you want to link or send more traffic to your main site or if it is an idea that at first does not have much traffic.

If you want a blog or another project as an online store, the option that will be best for you is WordPress.org and that's why we leave you no doubt.

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