What song to listen on instagram

Normally, instagram always places new updates on its platform. At the end of last year, a new function was added to the social network. This allows users to share music with each other. This can be done within the instagram stories. Which have become one of the favorite functions of all users of Instagram. Within the instagram stories there are a large number of options for interacting and editing of photos and videos. Now to these the music has been added. And even users can make recommendations. As you can also recommend. All you have to do is ask others?What song to listen on instagram?

Song Recommendations

Instagram stories are famous among Instagram users. The idea taken from another social network, Snapchat, has a deep draft among instagram consumers. Within the platform, more stories are uploaded daily than normal posts. And the stories give the user a more spontaneous way to interact with others. One of the new additions to instagram stories is the music recommendation. Users had time requesting this function from the platform. And in the 2018 the platform integrated it.

Now users can ask for recommendations from what song to listen on instagram to others. All this in the way that the platform has accustomed us, in the simplest way. Within this new instagram stories tool you can not only ask other recommendations. But you can also tell others what song to listen on instagram.

How to ask and answer with music

As we have already mentioned, the way in which music recommendations are requested is very simple. And within the platform you can not only ask which song to listen on instagram, but you can also give song recommendations to your followers. How can you do this? Next we will tell you how:

Ask which song to listen to

To ask what song to listen on instagram, the first thing you should do is see if you have the updated instagram app. We must tell you that instagram stories can only be done from the instagram app. To ask for recommendations you must do the following:

  • Enter the instagram app.
  • Go to the instagram stories section at the beginning of the app. In the camera icon, just in the upper left corner.
  • Choose a photo for the background.
  • Various options will appear in the top menu. From left to right there is: an X to cancel the photo, a little face to place effects, the download option, stickers, bookmarks and the text option.
  • Click on the stickers option.
  • Choose the question option.
  • Write that they recommend songs or what song to listen on instagram.
  • Just below the question will appear the option to respond with text and to answer you with a song (represented by two joined eighth notes). Select the last one.

When someone answers your question, you can get the answer by entering the story you published and sliding it from the bottom up. There you can find all the songs that the other users sent you. Right in the same place where you can find the visualizations of the stories you publish.

Recommend songs

To be able to recommend a song to another user, the first thing you should do is get a story with this request. Later he happens to do this:

  • Click on "choose a song".
  • After this a tab with three options will appear. These are: popular songs, mood and genres.
  • If you don't want any of these options, you can go find music.
  • After searching for the song you want to recommend, select it, you will know that it is selected when it turns blue.
  • Press send the song you chose.
  • And voila, your song will be sent as a recommendation. And the user can access it in the same way in which you can access the music recommendations.

What to do to be able to put music to your photos

Within the latest instagram update, users have not only been able to ask for song recommendations. But you can also put songs to your videos or photos. In order to do this it is necessary that you have a mobile device with iOS service. Since the update is not yet available for Android. In addition you also need to have downloaded the latest version of instagram available. Since as you know, the instagram platform goes through many changes during the year. These add more appeal to their functions. But it is impossible to access these updates without downloading the latest version of the app.

Then, it is possible to add music to your photos and videos if you have the latest version of instagram. Because the modifications of the platform allow others to do other things than ask others to tell you what song to listen on instagram. To add music to your posts do the following:

  • Enter instagram from the app.
  • Go to the instagram stories section. This is available in the upper left corner of the platform home page.
  • Click on the sticker icon, then click on “MUSIC”.
  • This will cause your song library to open.
  • Associate a fragment of the song with your photo.
  • You can also search for songs by popularity, mood, title and genre.

In the case of videos you can do this:

  • Choose the song before recording the video.
  • So the song can be played in the background.
  • The music icon will be found below the record videos button.

Instagram stories features

Instagram has already accustomed us to its updates, new features and additions. This new year has not been the exception. Many attribute the success of the platform so that it has to be renewed from time to time. And although there have been updates that have bothered users. There are many that have liked. Apparently Instagram grows with the Internet. In addition to that it also sets trends. There may be a few other functions that have been available on other platforms before, as is the case with instagram stories. But, the truth is that the platform has managed to give it its touch.

In addition to the music recommendations feature, others have been added. These are:

Song lyrics

This year, the instagram platform announced through its official twitter account the incorporation of a new function. Eta is to add lyrics to publications with music. The update allows users to add text to images or videos with photos. And the best thing is that the lyrics will be played with the music.The update is available for all those users who have previously accessed the music library of the social network.

Sticker change

Stickers or stickers have been available in instagram stories for quite some time. But did you know that you could have several types of stickers in one? This is possible by choosing a sticker and pressing it once it is located in our photo or video. You will see how it changes color and even style.

Upload more than one story

Instagram allows you to publish several stories at the same time. This by selecting more than one photo to post. The maximum number of photos allowed is 10.

Post a long video

You may also post a long video through several stories. The most that can last a video within instagram stories is 15 seconds. But now it is possible for you to post a larger video by trimming it and placing it in several stories.

Publish publications from other accounts

Now inside instagram stories you can also echo a publication. This by publishing another user's content within the stories. By pressing inside the publication of the story, the users will be able to reach the publication of the user who created it. We saw this before in direct. But now it is also available within the stories. To publish this, you can press the direct plane icon of a post you like. Later press on add to history.

Story Albums

As in the publications. Stories can now also have photo albums and videos. Instagram stories have the characteristic of being available only for 24 hours. But, now they can always be in our profile like publications. This if we keep them in albums. This photo collection is saved under a name and is located below the user profile description.

The interesting thing about albums is the fact that you can add photos to the albums you have already made. This is because instagram gives you the option to add in collections all the publications you make. You can even save those stories that already exceeded their time and are archived within the same platform.

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