When Instagram blocks you

Surely it happened to you that after a long time you try to find a person in Instagram But it doesn't appear to you. This is normal, and you may be thinking why it happens. It's simple, when Instagram blocks you It restricts you from certain functions that you could perform in reference to some profile of the social network. However, it doesn't happen just because the platform decides, when Instagram blocks you It does so at the request of a user account.

Now, when Instagram blocks you It also does it for other reasons that have nothing to do with a person's request. There are several infractions that you can commit causing Instagram to have to sanction you, either temporarily or permanently. That is why we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions that the platform requires at the time of registering.

Its permanent?

It depends on the seriousness of the matter. When Instagram blocks you At the request of a person, the measure is usually modifiable, how so? Well, the person can decide whether to block you for a period of time, or, definitely. The good news is that Instagram allows its users to undo the blocking measure that they have applied to another person.

Now, when Instagram blocks you Because you have breached its terms and conditions on the platform, the situation changes. In this case, Instagram will decide what degree of sanction you will have; In some cases, they are temporary blockages, but in the most serious you can face until the final closure of your account in the social network.

When Instagram blocks you ?: Discover the most common reasons!

It is important to note that, this measure is not only applied to standard accounts, but that when Instagram blocks you You can also do it in your business account. One of the most common reasons is that you have violated some of their privacy policies or policies without realizing it.

Now the only way to know when Instagram blocks you It is once you have applied the measure; Instagram does not warn when it will block a user. That is why, through this article we will teach you about the most frequent reasons why Instagram blocks an account. Pay attention and avoid blockages!

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  • Abuse in following and simultaneous likes

The most common reason when Instagram blocks you It is in the case that you want to get followers and likes at the same time. While this is not all bad, abusing this strategy can lead you to be blocked on Instagram. It can also be caused by the use of external tools to streamline this alternative.

If you want to prevent Instagram from blocking you because of this, you just have to check your account and see all the spammers that have followed you recently. After a while, it is most likely that all of these accounts are blocked because they exceed their limit of followers and interactions. As an important note, we will provide you with the limits that Instagram sets regarding the number of followers and “likes” per hour.

Limits and restrictions

Due to the constant use of external programs to gain followers, Instagram implemented a series of limitations with respect to the amount of likes, comments, followers and I like that a person can handle per hour. That is why it is important for you to know that a standard user can only receive per hour around 60 interactions respectively.

Now, in case your account is not standard but you have created a new user recently, the limitations will be different. In case you have a new account, the maximum amount you can handle in comments, likes, likes and followers will be approximately 30 interactions per hour.

In the same way, you will have to take into account that Instagram only allows a total number of 1440 shares daily. Taking into account all interactions, from follows and unfollows as blockages and interactions in general. So if you want to prevent Instagram from blocking you, make sure you don't exceed these limits.

  • Videos that violate Instagram regulations

It is hoped that Instagram can block a user by violating the user's privacy policies and policies. That is why, users who publish content related to naked bodies, sexual themes or in any case violence are considered inappropriate and have the risk of being blocked.

  • Use of various devices and IP addresses

One of the most common reasons why Instagram blocks you and of which almost no user suspects is due to the use of multiple devices and IP addresses when logging into your Instagram account. Now, to prevent this from happening, you must confirm through a text message that you are entering from another device; this way there will be less blocking possibilities

Instagram block: Duration

Have you noticed that Instagram has blocked you? One of the main ways to realize this is that the platform restricts the use of various functions. Also, you cannot follow another person or vice versa. But don't worry, you are not the only one who has been through it. Normally, users do not realize the reason why the social network has blocked it; the most common case being the breach of Instagram rules and policies.

Said action or measure applied when Instagram blocks you It is usually temporary. In some cases they warn, but in most not. Now the question is, how long is this blockage? In some cases, the duration is shorter than you imagine. Ideally, Instagram will inform you of the duration. However, if not, you should know that the approximate time is 6 hours, up to 7 days.

Can the blockage last more than a week?

In case Instagram has blocked certain specific functions, it is important to note that the platform does not usually extend the block for more than a week. Normally, in this type of circumstances the blockage only lasts a few hours or at most 1 day, depending on the infraction you have committed.

Instagram: Lock the "follow" option

If you have noticed that Instagram has blocked this function, it is most possible that you have violated its rules and have not noticed. As we mentioned earlier, these situations are very common in the social network. That is why, through this article we will explain the most frequent causes for which Instagram has blocked the option of following in your account.

Now, being Instagram one of the biggest and most popular platforms today; It is normal for many infractions to go unnoticed. However, to avoid the annoying crashes in your Instagram account, we recommend that you completely avoid what we will explain below.

Causes for blocking the follow option

The main thing to avoid blocking on Instagram is to know the rules and privacy policies of the platform. While this is extremely obvious, not all people stop to read the terms and conditions that the platform requires at the time of registering. Thus, this results in the blocking of a large number of users, who have no idea what they did wrong. Pay attention to the most common causes and forget about the blockages!

  • You ask to follow users excessively

If Instagram blocks you the option to continue, then this is the most obvious reason. So avoid falling into excesses and follow people within the limit that the platform allows. The moment you try to exceed the 100 in a row in less than 24 hours, the platform will automatically detect that something is wrong; This is not a common action on Instagram users.

  • Complaint by users

This happens when you ask to follow a person, and he sees something unpleasant in the content of your profile; therefore, the user can report your account. But nevertheless, when Instagram blocks you For a complaint, there must be a justified reason, or a clear infraction with respect to community norms. Thus, through a verification process before taking any action.

  • Robot behavior

It is related to suspicious behavior on Instagram. What do we mean by this? It's very simple, if in your Instagram interactions you fall in excess of commenting a lot, giving likes in a massive way, and sharing posts beyond what is allowed; Instagram will automatically associate you with a robot software. Be careful with it, because you could face a permanent closure of your account and not a temporary blockage.

  • Receive too many followers in a short time

Believe it or not, Instagram can also block you the option of following, for receiving too many followers unreasonably. How does the platform detect it? Well, thanks to the efficient algorithm that the social network has. Therefore, it is very easy to identify the use of external programs in users to get followers in a short time.

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