When Instagram pays you

We live in an era where digital tools, influencers and online businesses take on more prominence every day. That is why many wonder when Instagram pays you; and it is that being one of the largest social networks in the world it is logical that a large number of people devote themselves to work on it.

Currently, Instagram It has become the best ally for online businesses and businesses. However, you should know that when Instagram pays you It doesn't do it directly. How is the payment then? It's simple, you should attract the attention of companies that are interested in advertising your products. This will be possible if you have an Instagram account famous enough and influential.

When does Instagram pay you ?: Find out here!

Are you interested in learning when Instagram pays you? You are in the indicated article, we will show you here! Although Instagram is a social network purely for the management of photographs and videos; Currently, it is also used to handle a large amount of advertising, as well as in digital marketing. But nevertheless, when Instagram pays you It doesn't do it because of your great influence, much less because of the content you upload, but other features are taken into account.

It is very common to hear that when Instagram pays you He does it because of the number of followers, but there is nothing more wrong than that. While the amount of followers you have helps you, it is not enough to get paid on Instagram. The first thing you should know is that Instagram doesn't pay you, you get money from the social network. How is this? Through your influence, as well as with the quality content you generate, attracting the interest of brands or companies.

Thus, when a brand is interested in promoting its products, you can get money. It is because of that when Instagram pays you It does not do so directly, but rather indirectly through the diversity of companies and brands that make life on the platform.

Earn money with Instagram!

Want to learn how to monetize your Instagram account? Pay attention! Every day there are more people who decide to bet on dedicating themselves to the digital world; Instagram has become one of the best methods to achieve it. That is why many people focus their attention on when Instagram pays you.

However, your focus should be mainly on finding the best strategies to monetize your Instagram account. In this way, you can obtain a diversity of benefits, among which you will see when Instagram pays you, followers, greater popularity, influence in the social network, among others.

This activity today is among the most innovative, since being Instagram a photographic social network, nobody imagined that it would become a potential tool to earn money, and even more, start new ventures. However, we already see that currently the platform is constantly evolving, giving rise to the so-called influencers or instagramers, who obtain significant economic benefits thanks to this social network.

And, every day there are more people who decide to bet on earning income through Instagram, adopting these new trends; Although, not everything is as simple as it is said. That is why, you must work hard so that your influence on Instagram is constantly increasing, using various strategies that we will provide later.

What is the gain of an influencer?

Previously, the great initiative to get influence in the market, as well as the best strategy to gain popularity was through the television industry; However, it is no longer so. Currently, important brands and companies, as well as ventures are betting to attract public through social networks, being Instagram one of the most popular.

That is why, a new trend or movement that are called influencers has emerged. People who use their popularity in the social network to earn money, being the first focus of attention of brands and businesses eager to promote their products. While there is no exact number of followers that qualify you, it is recommended that you have a large number.

The salary of an influencer

In the digital world you can find influencers from all sectors. Now, those specialized in travel, beauty, fashion, among others, always stand out. The rates of these services are not public knowledge. However, you do find the companies in charge of paying, among which are online agencies or businesses.

Now, businesses and ventures are currently opting for more specific or permanent contracts. Apart from agencies, many companies choose contracts that only involve a single publication or an image. On the other hand, the appearance of offers that have to do with campaigns or in other cases exclusivity contracts is becoming more constant.

As we mentioned, the salary of an influencer is not in the public domain. However, there are numerous sources that give us an approximation. Finding then, salaries ranging from 80-100 euros per publication, to reach figures of 2.500 euros, all depending on the number of followers you have.

It is important to clarify that, when Instagram pays you Through these contracts found in your community, the remuneration will not always be monetary. In many cases, brands choose to send products to influencers, so that they can try and recommend them in their publications.

How to make money with Instagram?

Unlike other digital platforms like YouTube, when Instagram pays you It doesn't do it because of the content or the amount of visits you drive. On the contrary, the payment in this social network is obtained through agreements with companies that offer you contracts to promote and advertise their products and services.

That is why it is important to highlight that it is not Instagram who pays you but the brands and companies that exist in the social network. The key to success to break through as an influencer on Instagram is to have a good community of followers. Based on this, many brands will look for you, so that you can promote and advertise your products.

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The process varies depending on who makes the contact. On many occasions, it is the influencer who contacts the sponsoring company, or the opposite is the case where the advertiser is the one who hires the services of the influencer. In any case, we recommend that you turn to the influencers market so that you can choose the best offers.

In the same way, there are also marketing networks that send you information about the offers that are in the market. Asking for nothing more certain data and a record, as well as linking your social networks.

Now, while managing this whole process and looking for the best deals; We recommend that you continue working on the growth of your social network, also improving the quality of the content you publish. In this way, your profile will be much more attractive for companies looking for promoters.

Avoid at all costs, the purchase of followers and the use of external programs to grow your community. What you can achieve by using these methods is that Instagram blocked you. Grow your community little by little and you will see how your growth will be attracting the various brands and advertising campaigns that wish to hire you to promote their products.

Strategies to get money with Instagram

The first thing you will have to do is define what kind of topics you want to handle. This will depend on the content you manage, as well as the type of advertisers that you attract to your community. Once that point is defined, you have to work on generating the best possible quality in the content you publish.

Clarified the most important points, we will explain some strategies that will be very helpful to get money on Instagram. We recommend that you apply them and work constantly on them, and thus you will see an effective growth of your community.

  • Offer and sell your photographs

Although, the majority of offers generated on Instagram depend on the number of followers and the great influence you have; There are other methods that you can take advantage of. If you are a photographer or, you capture interesting and good quality photographs; Today there are several banks of images more than willing to pay you for your content. The most prominent of them is Shutterstock, which pays for images, as well as vectors and videos.

  • Contact brands and advertisers

Depending on the theme you drive you can locate and contact the advertisers that suit you. Thus, depending on the level of scope your account has, brands could offer you very good deals. Although, there is no set amount to know that your account is influential, it will always be recommended that you reach at least the 1000 followers in your Instagram account.

  • Sell ​​your Instagram account

One of the most attractive things for people who invest in Instagram are the accounts that have thousands and thousands of followers. If this is your case, and you no longer want to use your Instagram account, we recommend that you look for the highest bidder and sell it to you. Thus, the new owner will give you a new utility taking advantage of the followers and the influence that you had achieved.

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