When Instagram says active now

With the new updates that Instagram has implemented, we have seen certain features that have improved communication and development in the platform. When Instagram says active now is to show the connection status of a person or user in the social network. Thanks to this, communication and interaction is facilitated, especially when using I.

When Instagram says active now is to announce that the user has connected. However, you can also find out if the user was connected during the day on Instagram, as well as their last connection.

When does Instagram say active now ?: Find out here!

In a recent update on the platform's official blog, Instagram has announced that it will allow users to see the connection status. So, if you want to know when Instagram says active now, You have reached the indicated article!

This update to know when Instagram says active now will mostly be for direct messaging, or better known as Instagram Direct. Through Instagram Direct you will be able to locate the users who are active or, you will know the last connection of them.

Now, one of the easiest ways to know when Instagram says active now is to go to Instagram Direct and check the chat, or in any case go to the user's profile. Through the green circle that will be displayed next to the profile picture, you can locate which users are active and which are not. It is important to highlight that this information will only be visible in the contacts that you follow or that you have previously contacted.


The main objective of the platform when implementing this new feature is to offer its users the opportunity to have conversations in real time. However, not many Instagram users are happy with this new update.

This discontent arises because due to this new feature there are users who feel they have lost their privacy. On the other hand, it is nothing to be alarmed because there is an option that will allow you to deactivate this feature. If you want to know more, continue reading this article.

How does the new update work?

As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram says active now it means that you are available on the platform. The function of this new update is quite simple, it only consists of being able to visualize through Instagram Direct or from a profile the connection status you have.

Thus, for several months the Instagram platform has implemented this new feature, beneficial to many, intrusive in the opinion of others. This indicator is very similar to that used in Facebook Messenger and in the Facebook platform in general. It's very simple, you just have to locate the green circle on the profile picture to know that a user is connected to Instagram.

Connection status

Previously, on Instagram you could only see which user was connected through a simple "Active now". However, with the new update, you can visualize it through a point or green circle in your profile. Thanks to this, the interaction, as well as the conversations on Instagram are more fluid and in real time.

Also, you can see if a user is connected as long as both have the active function, and if that person follows you on Instagram. Therefore, also people who follow the platform can see when you are connected. Although, there is an exception to the rule; Even if two people do not follow each other, as long as they have exchanged messages via Instagram Direct, they can see their connection status.

Who can see your connection status?

  • The accounts that you follow.
  • The accounts with which you have interacted with Instagram Direct.

Now, in case you have disabled the function, none of your followers will be able to see when Instagram says active now. In the same way, those people who have deactivated this new update, will not be able to see the connection status of the other users.

Is it useful when Instagram says active now?

The opinions are diverse. However, many users agree that it is a good function when we get in touch with another user and we want to know if they are connected. Also, fluency and interaction in Instagram conversations has improved.

On the other hand, those who appreciate privacy are not very happy with this new feature. This is because the new update reduces the privacy of the Instagram platform and the activities of its users. Therefore, a percentage of Instagram users have opted to deactivate this function.

Fortunately, if you're not very comfortable with this new feature, Instagram offers the option to deactivate it easily. In this way, you can connect and interact on the platform as you have always done.

When does Instagram say active now ?: Deactivation

Know when Instagram says active now It has been very beneficial for many users when engaging in conversations with other people. However, this new update has not been the favorite of many. This is due to privacy issues, since all the people who follow you can see if you are active or your last connection.

That is why, to avoid discontent in its users and the pressure of having to respond to a message because you are available, Instagram also thought of a way to deactivate this function. Yes, as you are reading it, there is the possibility of deactivating this new update. It is important to consider that once you deactivate it, you will not be able to see the connection status of your contacts.

To completely deactivate your connection status or the green circle in your profile, you must go to the options. Once in the "Settings" menu, you will have to enter the "Privacy and Security" section. In it, you will see an option called "Activity status", this is where you must deactivate the option "Show activity status" or it may also appear as "Show activity in the chat".

Once all these indications are completed, you can ask a friend to check or verify for you if the active state in your profile no longer appears. If so, well done! You can now enjoy Instagram as you have been doing.

Notice of "Writing": What is it about?

Another novelty that came together with the new updates, is that Instagram shows in the private chat when you're writing. This function is very similar to those established in messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. It should be mentioned that before the most recent updates, Instagram only showed when you had read a message.

The operation is quite simple. The moment you enter a chat via Instagram Direct, and you are responding to a message; the person will be able to visualize that you are writing. This will appear next to your profile picture. The "Write" function can also be deactivated, as can the "Active status" of a profile.

How to deactivate the function?

In case you do not want anyone to visualize when you are writing and need more privacy, you can deactivate the function following the instructions that we will give you below: You will have to go to the Instagram configuration, then you must locate the section "Activity status" . Once there, you should look for the option "Show activity in the chat" and deactivate it.

The indications are very similar to those described in case you want to deactivate the "Active status" of your profile. However, in this case, even if you deactivate the function so that other people do not see when you are writing; you can continue to visualize when another person or user is writing, unless you deactivate it.

Warnings when you take screenshots ?: Find out here!

Apart from all the updates that we have described above, Instagram has also been testing a warning system for screenshots. If the previous ones caused discontent in many Instagram users, imagine this one! And, Instagram is taking away more and more privacy from its users.

Now, there is good news and it is that this has not yet been implemented. However, if it becomes a reality, you can choose other options. Depending on the operating system of your mobile device, there are several tools that can help you download the stories of other users, either photographs or videos.

Thanks to various mobile applications, downloading Instagram stories is possible. In the case of Android phones you can use the famous Story Saver for Instagram application, it's completely free and 100% secure. Once downloaded you should only access it with your Instagram data and search for the story you want to download.

Now, in the case of the operating system iOs, or the iPhone, the procedure varies a bit. The first thing you will have to do is go to your browser and look for a Chinese app store called Tutuapp. Once you find it you must download the free version. Also, when you download you will have to grant the necessary permissions on your device and then you will have to go to the store and download "Instagram ++".

With the downloaded application, you must only access it using your Instagram credentials. Once you've done it, you'll just have to go to the story you want to download and, that's it! By an easy and fast way.

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