When Instagram says active today

Since a time ago, Instagram implemented a series of updates, including the display of the last connection of a person on the platform. Also, this new function has improved as time goes by; showing the last connection more easily and effectively. However, when Instagram says active today? The answer is very simple, in this article we will explain a bit of it.

When Instagram says active today, is because the user has logged into his account and is currently interacting in it. This new indicator is very similar to the one implemented in the Facebook platform, where a green circle is shown next to the profile picture or the user's name respectively. Today, we will explain when Instagram says active today, as well as the fundamental function of this new option and how you can deactivate it; In case you want more privacy.

What does it mean when Instagram says “Active today”?

At the time that Instagram brought this new feature to light, many users wondered the true meaning of this option. While most associated it with the WhatsApp feature, they were not always similar. When the platform implemented this option it was not possible to see when a person had seen a message; Instagram nowadays allows you to see it.

Now, the meaning of this feature has to do mostly when you open a conversation in private Instagram messaging or access a person's profile. Thus, the active today and active now are only references that tell you when a person is available on the social network.

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Is the visualization in real time?

The answer is yes, and it is to be expected, since Instagram is characterized by being a social network that allows its users to interact in real time. That is why, in relation to the connection status of a user, you can see if it is currently connected. On Instagram, two updates will be shown, if you are connected at that precise moment, or if you previously connected; this in order to facilitate interaction between users.

This new feature allows you to know the connection status of a user; thus facilitating the interaction and contact with it. Something that before you could not know when looking for a profile, having to bet on a quick response from the other user if you wanted to contact him.

Now, previously Instagram showed you who was connected, although in a different way. This was visualized through a text that indicated if the person was active, or how long ago it was. However, this new indicator that the platform has implemented is much simpler, since it indicates the connection status through a green dot or circle located in your profile picture.

The difference of the new update compared to how it was shown before, is that the green dot can be displayed in several places on the platform, while the text was only displayed on Instagram Direct. With the constant updates that the social network generates, it is most likely that this new callsign can be seen both in a user's profile, as in their stories and even in the comments.

When does Instagram say active today ?: Connection status

Previously, when Instagram implemented this new functionality, only a user's connection status was shown through the "Active now". However, with the constant improvements made by the social network, when Instagram says active today It does so through a green circle located in your profile picture.

However, the display of this connection status can only be applied if you have the option activated, just like the person you wish to view. That is why, by activating this option, people who are still on the platform can find out if you are connected and available. In the same way, when Instagram says active today it also does it through Direct or private messaging; so that the connection status of another person appears you just have to have interacted with it before.

Active today through Instagram Direct

This new feature is very similar to the one used in the WhatsApp platform. It was a very controversial function, which did not please all users, making the platform had to make it optional, activating and deactivating it according to the user's preference. In the same way it has happened when Instagram says active today.

When Instagram says active today through the direct messages section, it does so when the user has connected to the social network. In the same way, you can visualize how long it was connected, in case it is not available at that time.

This information can be displayed below the username respectively. There are also two cases: When Instagram says "Active today" it's because the person has logged in several hours ago; However, when it says "Active now" it is because the user is currently logged in, and is interacting on the social network. If the option is deactivated, you will not be able to view any of this data.

What does Instagram seek to achieve with the “Active today”?

For what the social network has said, Instagram seeks to facilitate the interaction of its users through the knowledge of this data. This feature would improve the management of conversations in real time. Achieving in this way, more fluid conversations and, in turn, the knowledge of whether a user is connected or not on the platform.

Now, this new Instagram feature can only work if both users have the active option and follow each other on the platform. This as a result of the continuous complaints that users presented based on the lack of privacy that this option generated.

How to hide the connection status on Instagram?

Although, no social network is characterized by offering 100% privacy to its users; Today there are several options that allow you to configure your profile, so that the information you share is more private. Thus, Instagram being one of the largest and most popular interaction platforms currently, offers you various configurations that will allow you to make your content visible only to people that interest you.

Based on this, many users have preferred to hide the new Instagram option. The process to carry out this will be simple, you just have to go to your user profile and then look for its options. Once located, you will have to go to the "Privacy and Security" section.

Once there, you have to find the section that says "Activity Status". Here, you will see the options that you are given to select. The option to choose is the "Show activity status", which is responsible for hiding your connection status to other users of the platform. If you want nobody to see when you are connected, you just have to deactivate it. However, you should keep in mind that once deactivated, you will not be able to visualize when other users are connected.

Instagram also warns if you are “writing” or “on camera”!

Another of the most recent Instagram updates, related to knowing your connection status, is the "typing" and "on camera" warning. However, this code is intended to show users the time when the other person is responding or writing a message.

This new feature is very similar to that found in private messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. This is a new update that nobody expected, since so far Instagram had only shown the "read" status of the messages.

Now, like the feature implemented by Instagram of the "Asset today"; the option to display the "Writing" is modifiable. It is quite simple to understand, the moment you find yourself writing a message, this status will be displayed next to your profile picture. In the same way, at the moment you are using the camera, the person can view it through the text shown in the “On the camera” chat.

How to prevent Instagram from showing "Writing"?

If you are one of the people who values ​​your privacy much more, and this feature does not generate much joy, do not worry, there is a way to disable it. To do this, you just have to go to the Instagram settings and find the “Activity status” section. Now instead of disabling the aforementioned section, you will have to deactivate the option "Show chat activity".

The only advantage of this feature is that unlike the connection status, the display is not reciprocal. That is, if you disable this function so that people do not see when you are writing; You can still visualize when the other person is responding, unless they also have the function disabled.

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