When Instagram says unknown network error

Nowadays, there is a great demand due to the constant interaction and use of social networks in the world. These are used to communicate with friends, express feelings and share with the community to which you belong virtually. It is because of that, when Instagram says unknown network error It is not a good sign.

In the face of such demand in the use of the social network, it is absolutely necessary that when Instagram says unknown network error A solution is sought quickly for the operation of the platform to be effective. And it is that, Instagram is becoming one of the most famous social networks, leaving behind Facebook y Twitter, thanks to its excellent features and functions that make the experience of its users more and more enjoyable.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most ample and famous platforms in the world, standing out mainly for its mobile application. Thanks to it, users can share images and videos in real time, applying numerous innovative and fun photo effects. Subsequently, these images can be shared on the platform or other social networks.

Designed to be used mainly from a smartphone; Instagram offers you various tools applicable to photographs and videos of short duration. Currently, there is also the app for the desktop version, however, this is very limited compared to the mobile application.

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Among the most important features that you find in the Instagram platform are:

  • The option to follow users from the search.
  • Viewing images in real time.
  • Explore compilations of photographs and videos.
  • Create your personalized stickers.
  • Improvements in the tools and constant updates.
  • See user suggestions

Now, not everything is so perfect. On many occasions, the platform has presented problems and we have observed when Instagram says unknown network error. This error usually occurs in many opportunities, this is due to failures in the system components or collapse of the platform itself. However, there are several solutions and here we explain them.

When does Instagram say unknown network error ?: Find out here!

However, when Instagram says unknown network error? In most cases, this error usually appears when you sign in to Instagram or when loading the page respectively. The same, usually associated with connectivity problems, or in case of internal problems in the Instagram platform.

However, this social network being one of the most famous platforms and used by the whole world; when Instagram says unknown network error the panic appears. On the other hand, we are never completely sure if the failure is due to the platform has been dropped, or if on the contrary, our phone is showing faults. That's why, there are currently mechanisms that allow you to check if Instagram is failing.


As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram says unknown network error It is due to problems caused by a bad internet connection. However, here are some causes of this failure:

  • Poor Internet connection.
  • Presence of viruses in the system.
  • Problems of the IP address, causing communication errors.

When Instagram says unknown network error ?: Solutions!

Once the possible causes have been clarified when Instagram says unknown network error, we will talk about the solutions that you can choose to correct this Instagram error. It should be noted that many of the processes will depend largely on the smartphone you have, however, most follow the same pattern.

This is how we will describe the most effective solutions to restore the correct functioning of Instagram. Pay attention!

· Reboot smartphone due to Instagram error

One of the most basic solutions and the one that comes to the minds of many types of users is to restart their smartphone. Although at first glance it seems simple and pointless; When a device is restarted its processes and services -including Instagram- are updated or started again. It is the first option at the moment that Instagram has flaws, being one of the most practical.

To carry out this process, you must activate your computer in case it is blocked. Then, you must press and hold the off button for two seconds; This is on the side of the equipment. Once the reset symbol appears, you will have to press it to carry out the process. After restarting the computer, enter the access password and verify that Instagram works correctly.

Check network connectivity

When Instagram says unknown network error It is usually due to connectivity failures, or errors in network communication protocols. That is why we recommend that you check or validate your internet connection.

In most cases, the Instagram application is used on smartphones through a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, it becomes a target susceptible to errors such as signal strength, power, coverage and other internal and external conditions. As you want to solve this, you will have to disable the Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone and turn on the mobile data to check if the cause is due to connection errors.

Now, if you continue to use the mobile data and the error persists, we recommend that you check the modem connection, or if necessary, disconnect it for a moment. Once a considerable amount of time has elapsed, reconnect it and perform the Instagram connection tests again.

Mobile date and time settings

It is one of the features less taken into account by users, as they consider that it has no negative impact on the operation of the app. However, if you make the mistake of setting an incorrect time and date on your smartphone, you will affect the synchronization processes on your mobile, causing them to fail and generate this type of error.

That is why, we recommend you check the date and time on your smartphone. How to do it? To check this data, or if necessary configure them on an Android device, you must access the settings and in the window that appears you will have to locate the "Advanced settings".

At the moment you locate this section, you must select it, look for the option "Date and time" and access the configuration of it. Once there, you will have to activate or select the option "Automatic date and time". This will allow you to synchronize the date and time of your mobile with Google.

In case the unknown network error in Instagram keeps appearing, you will have to uncheck the option "Automatic date and time", select the option "Set date" entering a date higher than 4 or 5 years and save the changes. If you do this without problems, you can go back to the settings and set the "Automatic date and time" option again.

Clean Instagram cache and data

It is normal that with the constant use of the application on your smartphone, different information is accumulated in the cache, a place where elements that improve the speed of access as well as the performance of the application are housed. However, an accumulation of this data can cause failures in the app, such as unknown network error.

To avoid this and for the application to run smoothly, we recommend that you clean and delete this cache, as well as the data. To do this, just go to the settings of your mobile, search "Storage", then go to "Cached Data" select this option and click "OK." Once done, check if Instagram works correctly.

Can not enter the platform when Instagram says unknown network error ?: Update the app!

Due to security issues, as well as the better functioning of the applications, it is essential to keep updates up to date. To do this, you should check if there are pending updates on Instagram, in case they are not downloaded automatically.

To view these updates, you must go to the Google Play Store app, look for the "My apps and games" menu and you will be shown the pending updates. Afterwards, you will have to select the app where you want to perform the update - in this case Instagram -, and press the "Update" button respectively.

Instagram: How to know if it is down?

We can see that there are currently several alternatives to solve this problem. However, in case the failure is not your phone and the error continues to persist, the most likely is that the Instagram platform is not working properly. To verify this theory, there are pages that are responsible for verifying the service status of the social network.

These pages have a simple operation and will let you know if Instagram is down. This is achieved thanks to an analysis of the number and distribution of people affected by some error in the platform. Among the most outstanding option we will find Downdetector. Likewise, complaints about the drop in service can also be observed on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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