When Instagram suggests you friends

The suggestions in Instagram They are one of the elements that are most visualized in the social network. And, you are constantly watching when Instagram suggests you friends. However, although it has its positive points, there have also been complaints from users, as these recommendations appear intrusively in the social network feed.

When Instagram suggests you friends, it does so collectively, where a recommendation does not appear, but several at the same time; You can see it with the title “Recommended for you”. Why does this happen? It's simple, when Instagram suggests you friends It does so in relation to the accounts with which you have interacted lately. Also, the issues you have handled in your interactions are taken into account. Whereby, when Instagram suggests you friends It will always be based on your topics of interest.

When does Instagram suggest you friends ?: Find out here!

This feature implemented by Instagram is not typical of the social network, but is handled on various platforms. In the same way, it makes sense that they exist, since being Instagram one of the social networks with more interaction worldwide; It is necessary that ways arise to locate the accounts of your greatest interest.

So, when Instagram suggests you friends It is based on your interaction. So, you can connect with the followers that interest you most and handle the same issues with which you have interacted. In case this Instagram feature bothers you, you just have to locate the option of “hide” or “hide” and select it respectively.

Is this feature effective?

As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram suggests you friends It is in relation to your topics of interest. Although, they do not always succeed in these recommendations, for many users they are really useful when locating people related to them. In the same way, they will appear constantly in your feed, so the search for your topics of interest will be much simpler.

On the other hand, this is not entirely comfortable for many users; for this there is the option to deactivate the suggestions or recommendations. In general, it is a tool that will be useful if you love to interact constantly in the social network. Through it, you can quickly locate your topics of interest, as well as people you know.

What is the origin of the Instagram suggestions?

Currently, Instagram is considered one of the largest and most popular social networks in the world with more than 1.000 millions of active users. That is why it became necessary to implement a feature that would allow users to locate the accounts of interest more easily. All this through interaction in the social network, which is one of the engines by which the Instagram platform is managed.

How is this achieved? Thanks to the operation of the Instagram algorithm. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that it is designed so that all Instagram users can stay in touch and maintain a constant interaction. These suggestions can also be found when a person visits your profile, relating them to users who follow your account or your topics of interest. Also, these recommendations are based on the following:

  • Interaction in the social network, through likes and comments.
  • Brands and advertisements of your interest.
  • The searches you have done, also taking into account the cookies of your searches on Google.
  • Thematic profiles with which you interact on Instagram.
  • Hashtags of the content you view.
  • Likes of the users you follow.

What profiles does Instagram suggest?

As you have read, when Instagram suggests you friends Take into account various characteristics that will allow you to locate the people of your interest. Also, you can also enjoy this feature constantly due to its immediate display in your Instagram feed. On the other hand, the platform usually suggests specific users and accounts; Here we will see them all!

Now, we have currently seen that Instagram is constantly updating its tools and functions. These updates are based mainly on the design of Instagram, which is focused on spending as much time as possible viewing topics of interest. That is why the suggestions that appear to you are closely related to the topics and people with whom you constantly interact.

And, most users frequently seek to increase their popularity on the social network and get numerous followers. It is based on this, that the suggestions on Instagram have as main objective, to publicize the accounts that share common interests, thus increasing the interaction on the platform.

Suggested Profiles

Normally, when you are a new user on Instagram and have not made publications, it is when Instagram suggests you friends more consistently. Likewise, people who visit your profile will also be able to view various suggestions from people that they might know or are interested in following.

On the other hand, we also find other profiles that Instagram suggests and these are those of account users that you follow. You can locate this, at the bottom of the profile name, there you will see the common contacts that may interest you.

Also, and as expected, Instagram will always recommend you to follow back the users who follow you and you have not followed. In the same way, people who have searched your profile on Instagram will also enter among the suggestions that the social network makes.

On the other hand, you will also find other types of profiles that Instagram will suggest. These are those contacts or groups in which you interact on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You will even find suggestions from the followers of the people you follow. Also, you will also see suggestions in your feed of the contact accounts you have added on your smartphone.

Finally, you will find popular profiles, those that Instagram suggests because, as we have mentioned, they are profiles that have many followers and therefore Instagram interprets that you would also like to follow them.

When does Instagram suggest you friends ?: Stories!

Instagram is characterized by living in constant updates, taking out new and increasingly innovative functions and tools every day; One of them is Instagram Stories. Now, Instagram suggestions are not displayed when you see the stories. However, the platform algorithm is still applied here, sorting by priority the stories of the users that you frequent the most or with which you have constant interaction.

It's funny, but it's reality. The Instagram algorithm is applied to numerous functions and tools of the platform, the Stories being one of them. Therefore, when you appear among the first people in the stories of a user that you do not frequent, you will be able to know that it does interact and visualize the content you publish.

On the other hand, Instagram suggestions are not liked by all users. If this is your case, and suggestions from people that are not to your liking appear, you can solve it! You should only carry out certain instructions that we will explain shortly.

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Eliminate unwanted suggestions!

As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram suggests you friends It does so based on the people with whom you have interacted and taking into account your topics of interest. If even so, Instagram's suggestions remain of your dislike, there are ways to eliminate them completely.

To begin, the first thing you should carry out is to locate the suggestions that bother you. Then, you will have to access your recent searches and check if those people appear in the list. If so, we recommend that you delete them. Next, we will explain a step by step, to make the process easier:

  • Access your Instagram account, once there you must locate the magnifying glass icon on your toolbar.
  • Then, a list will appear showing your most recent interactions and searches.
  • If what you want is that the suggestion of an account does not appear to you, you just have to press the X located to the right of the profile. In this way, the suggestion will be completely eliminated.

How do I remove the visibility of my account?

Now, if what you want is that other people cannot see your profile, you will only have to access their user account and locate the symbol of the three points; It is located in the upper right corner of the profile. This will display a menu that will allow you to block that user's account, taking away access to your stories and publications.

In the same way, there is another less drastic option that you can apply in case you don't want a profile to visualize your stories. This is "Hide history" and you can locate it in the profile settings. In this way, the user can continue seeing what you publish in your feed, but not what you share in your stories.

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