When Instagram verifies an account

Instagram, every day it implements more updates and advanced tools on its platform. One of the most prominent is with respect to when Instagram verifies an account. Previously, this feature could only be obtained by celebrities or influential companies on Instagram. However, today the verification badge can be requested by any user.

Now, when Instagram verifies an account It does so based on certain requirements and characteristics that you must meet when requesting the blue badge for your profile. That is why, through this article we will explain and accompany you in this process.

When does Instagram verify an account ?: Find out here!

While verifying an account is not a simple task, it is no longer impossible. Due to the new functions that the social network has implemented, many users will be able to request the famous blue badge. What is the blue badge? Well, it's very simple, when Instagram verifies an account assign a new element to your profile, which is a blue badge that is located next to your username.

Thus, when you verify your account you will be giving the Instagram community an understanding that your profile is of a real and authentic 100% person. Such verification is extremely beneficial if your profile is that of a company, since your customers will get a guarantee that it is not a scam profile; Acquiring your products in a more reliable way.

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Utility of verification

The verification of an account serves to confirm the authenticity of the account, and how reliable is the person who manages it. Normally, this verification is found in the public interest profiles, or in any case celebrities. However, when Instagram verifies an account He does it meticulously, taking into account certain aspects.

If you are wondering if your account falls within the potential profiles that Instagram can verify; access the account verification section on Instagram and see the requirements. To make it a bit easier, we will mention the main topics of public interest that are taken into account when Instagram verifies an account:

  • Performance, music and modeling.
  • Specialists in fashion and beauty.
  • Sports, journalism and politics.
  • Profiles of key interest companies.

Recognize when Instagram verifies an account It will be simple, you should only observe if a blue badge appears next to your profile name or another user's name. It is very easy and simple to locate; It is very familiar to many users.

What do you need to verify an Instagram account?

When Instagram verifies an account, not only indicates that it is authentic, but that other benefits are obtained, such as better popularity and greater confidence on the part of the users who follow it. However, achieving verification on Instagram is a task far from simple. Normally, this badge is only granted to quite influential people in various industries of the current market; Therefore, reach the requirements established for when Instagram verifies an account It is completely a challenge to face.

Likewise, Instagram takes into account the accounts that are at risk of being supplanted in the social network. It is easy for celebrities or globally recognized brands to get this badge, since their same status allows the platform to confirm their identity in a simple way.

Factors considered by Instagram: Take note!

As we mentioned earlier, when Instagram verifies an account It does so taking into account certain requirements. They are easy to meet if you are a celebrity, but it is not impossible for normal accounts. Although, prior verification was exclusive of public interest profiles; Today the verification can be requested by any Instagram user. Here are some factors considered when Instagram verifies an account:

  • Possibility of impersonation in the social network.
  • Have a company page that has been verified by Facebook, and you are now linking to Instagram.
  • Have a considerable number of followers on your Instagram. Although, this is not a requirement established by the platform; It is taken into consideration.

In case you do not meet the latest requirements, the only option for you to opt for a verification of your account is that you have been the victim of phishing. If that is the case, and they have tried to impersonate you, the best thing you can do is go to Instagram and request verification of your account.

If I request verification, will Instagram grant it to me?

As we mentioned earlier, if your Instagram profile has certain requirements you are more likely to be granted verification. However, requesting it does not guarantee that it will be granted; Everything will depend on Instagram and the verification of your data. However, that the social network has decided to open the opportunity for the community in general to request the verification badge is already a breakthrough.

The main reason for Instagram to launch this new opportunity is the large number of fake accounts that have been seen on the platform. In the same way, the social network seeks that its users understand the entire process behind the verification of accounts. They also seek that the verification requirements are known to the community.

Is it available for all operating systems?

Currently, it is available for all operating systems. Although previously, only those people who had iPhone and iPad devices could opt for this option. Now, the request for verification is simple; on the form you will only be asked to enter your full personal name, username, identification document or personal photograph.

Now, it is expected that with the constant updates that Instagram keeps doing, in the future profile verification will be more accessible for all users in the community. At the moment, we recommend that you work on the various advertising strategies to grow your account day by day. The more followers and influence you get, the easier it is for you to verify your profile.

Instagram: Verification Requirements

Instagram being a fairly popular platform today, it has its own system to verify the accounts of its users; Although, this system is unknown to many. What is common knowledge is that the platform evaluates several factors when verifying an Instagram profile.

Thus, we will explain below the fundamental factors that Instagram takes into account when verifying an account and granting the verification badge. We recommend that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is authentic and its management depends only on a real person; forget about using external management programs. You will also have to ensure that your identity or business is legally registered.
  2. Another of the factors most taken into account by Instagram when granting a verification, is that your account is very popular. Either, because your business is recognized worldwide or, because you are a very sought after user by other people in the world.
  3. In the same way, make sure your account has a public profile configuration, forget about placing it private! Also, you must thoroughly complete all the information in your profile; personal data, personal photo, among others.
  4. Keep in mind that your account must be unique, with a simple and identifiable username. Make sure there are no usernames similar to yours.

How to ask Instagram to verify my account?

The initial point of the verification process of an account is that you log in to Instagram and go to your profile. Once in it, you must locate the options; normally located in the upper right corner of your profile. Selected this, a pop-up menu will appear with various alternatives.

What you will have to do is search and select the "Settings" button; its icon is associated with a cogwheel, located at the end of the menu. After you enter there, you must download and select the "Account" section where you will see the option "Request verification"; It is usually located under the "Private account" option. We remind you that your profile must be public to request verification.

Once you select the option “Request verification”, Instagram will take you to a page where you will have to complete several requirements or personal and account data. Among those you will find name and surname, your corresponding username, if you have an artistic name, which category you manage, and finally, attach a photo of your identity document to certify that you are a completely real and authentic person.

And ready! After you have filled in all this information and pressed the "Send" button, your application will be completed. Subsequently, what you will have to do is wait for Instagram to review your request and make the corresponding verifications of the information you provided. When this process is completed, Instagram will let you know if they have approved your application or not.

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