When Instagram verifies you

Currently, social networks have as a priority the privacy and security of their users. It is because of that, Instagram has implemented a series of features and tools to eliminate fake accounts and spam. Thus, when Instagram verifies you means that your account is 100% real, in addition to being fully active.

Also, it should be noted that Instagram has been doing a constant cleanup to eliminate false accounts, as well as inactive profiles. In this article, you will know When Instagram verifies you, as well as all the steps you must follow to perform this procedure.

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When does Instagram verify you ?: Verification badges

It is very common to find this blue badge in your profile among the profiles of celebrities and important brands. These badges are implemented as a security measure on the Instagram platform. However, this feature is not typical of the social network, but is handled on many platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to recognize When Instagram verifies you? It's simple, you recognize it by the blue symbol or badge with a white tick inside it located next to the username, either in the profile or in the Instagram search bar.


Surely you have wondered to what end these badges were created. Here we tell you! When Instagram verifies you, or in any case, the verified badges were implemented to avoid and reduce false accounts, as well as identity theft to influential users in the platform.

That is why, when we access a profile that has this verification badge we can be completely sure that it is real and authentic. Also, thanks to this tool we can find more easily some profiles such as celebrities and recognized brands on Instagram.

Furthermore, when Instagram verifies you The process of searching your profile is much faster. Avoiding in this way, all those accounts of people or brands that want to impersonate your identity. And, in Instagram you find up false profiles that upload the same photos as the original account, this in order to get more followers.

When does Instagram verify you ?: Badge application

It is very common that these badges are assigned to famous profiles or great influence on Instagram. Because of this, many users are currently wondering who can actually request these badges. This is because verification in Instagram accounts is very useful when confirming that your profile is completely authentic.

Nowadays, requesting a verified badge on Instagram is not easy at all. The platform does not manage verifications by request but instead assigns them. That is why many public figures or influential brands have it, since Instagram recognizes them as people who are more prone to identity theft.

Identity theft on Instagram: What to do?

If you're wondering what to do if a person pretends to be you on Instagram, here we tell you! Unfortunately, verification badges are the only reliable means by which your followers can confirm that your profile is authentic and that it is currently active.

Even so, in the social network there is another solution. Through a contact form, users who do not have the verification badge may establish a report in case of identity theft. So we recommend that if it is your case, look for this form and send a request with your complaint; It also applies to the identity theft of people you know.

Contact form

The Instagram platform gives priority to the safety of the users who interact in their community, which is why they provide a form for you to send your report in case someone pretends to be you, or someone you know. In this form you will only have to fill out some requirements, including a photo of your identity document.

It is important to note that Instagram only responds to complaints sent by people whose identity has been supplanted. In case of being a minor, the complaint must be sent by his representative, either father or mother correspondingly.

If, on the other hand, the identity theft is from a person you know, you should ask them to fill out the form with the information they request and send the report. This will ensure that your report is satisfactorily verified.

On the other hand, if problems arise when attaching your identity document, you can fill out and send the form from a computer. In case someone has pretended to be you or someone you know, use this form!

When does Instagram verify you ?: Requirements!

Having covered several points of account verification on Instagram, we will explain how you can verify yours correctly. Recently, Instagram has made the option that anyone can verify your account a reality. As you read it, you can get the verification badge!

Today, we will guide you in the process explaining the necessary requirements that you must meet when Instagram verifies you bill. Even when this option was enabled, complying with the requirements is not so simple, so many users fail to achieve verification of their accounts.


You should know that sending the request will not guarantee that Instagram will verify your account. This is because the platform seeks to verify mainly the public interest accounts or those that are more susceptible to cases of identity theft.

Likewise, when Instagram verifies you or you send a request for account verification, they take into consideration various factors. Next, we will explain you the most outstanding ones:

· Comply with the rules of Instagram

It is one of the most predictable criteria. One of the fundamental factors when creating an account and interacting on Instagram is to comply with the rules and conditions of service that the platform requires. They will not verify accounts that are disrespectful or do not comply with Instagram's use and privacy requirements.

· Original account

This means that the profile in which you request the verification must have the backing of a real entity, or in any case, belong to a company or registered trademark. No verification will be granted to false accounts or companies that do not exist.

· Public profile and completed data

Your profile must be configured to that of a public account. If, on the other hand, you are in a private profile, your account will not be verified. In addition, you must fill all your personal information, including your profile picture accordingly.

· Unique account

For an account to be verified, it must be exclusive of a person or company; unless they are in different languages. On the other hand, Instagram only gives verification priority to one account per person, avoiding confusions with duplicate accounts.

· Avoid suggestions to other social networks

Instagram has been very clear about this. So you should avoid completely add in the description of your account links that direct your followers to other social networks. This is because Instagram seeks that influencers do not derive traffic to platforms that are considered competitions.

· Relevant or very important account

This is one of the main keys to get the verification. Therefore, your account must be that of a person of great importance, or in any case a very recognized and constantly sought after entity. That is why many celebrities get this verification, due to the high activity generated by their accounts. Even, Instagram has a peculiar way of checking this, do you know how it does it? Searching your name in several news sources.

· Prohibited to use false information

In case it went through your mind, do not even think about making this mistake! Instagram, throughout the verification process is responsible for thoroughly reviewing all the information you provide; If it is false or you modify something of it, your verification badge will be completely deleted. Even, it can be more serious; Instagram can close your account permanently.

Verification of your profile: We tell you how to do it!

The steps are simple. Here we will explain what is necessary for you to verify your profile correctly. Pay attention! The first thing you should do is go to your profile. Then, you will have to enter the settings of your account. Once there, go to the "Account" section and choose the option "Request verification". Once this is done, a form will appear that you will have to fill out.

It is very simple; in this form you will only have to append your username, your full name, as well as a photo of some identity document that contains your date of birth and other corresponding data. Once the information is submitted, Instagram will process it to determine if the verification is activated in your profile or not.

Although, the platform allows any user (famous or not) to request this verification; Instagram makes it very clear that the verified accounts are intended exclusively for public figures, recognized brands, celebrities or a global entity.

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