Where are the photos archived on Instagram

In recent years Instagram has included a lot of new updates that allow its users to have a comfortable experience as well as satisfactory. Among these new updates is the archiving of photos of your own profile. But, despite the time that this new function has, there are still many users who do not know where are the photos archived in instagram.

Instagram not only gives us a large number of very useful features, but they are also very easy to use. Like other functions of this social network, archiving photos of your own profile is a simple process, this we will show you below.

How are photos stored in Instagram?

Archiving photos is a feature provided by instagram to all its users. With this function, the user has the option of storing photos of their own profile at the same time that they disappear from their feed, the archived photos are saved within instagram. The integration of this new functionality within the platform has greatly changed the way in which accounts were managed. This is because previously the only way in which the photos of your instagram account disappeared was to eliminate them.

The archive function is not only available for photos, videos they also enter the equation. When the user files a photo or video in an instagram, these are usually found elsewhere on the platform, only outside of your feed.

To be able to archive a photo or video you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

The main thing is to log in to your instagram account from your mobile.

Step 2:

Enter your profile and choose the photo or video you want to archive.

Step 3:

In the upper right part of each instagram publication there are three points in which you must tap.

Step 4:

By clicking on the three points, instagram will give you a series of options, among them is to archive the publication. Clicking on the option to archive your publication will be out of your feed and archived.

How important is it to archive publications?

With the passage of time, instagram is taking more strength. And there's nothing more your users want like having a good account. Most users want an account or aesthetic profile. Here is the importance of archiving publications. Instagram opened in 2010, almost a decade since then. Over the years the user tends to be ashamed of his old publications. Until a while ago the only way to get rid of the photos or videos that embarrassed you or that did not match the aesthetics of your account was to eliminate the publications.

Since the arrival of the archiving function, the user has the power to remove the photos from their feed but not delete them.

Where can you find my archived photos?

Since the function of archiving publications in instagram was activated one of the most frequent questions among users is:Where are the photos archived in instagram? The answer to this is very simple. Previously we mentioned that the instagram archived photos disappear from your feed but that they are still on instagram. To be able to find your archived photos you just have to do the following:

Step 1:

Login to your instagram account.

Step 2:

Then enter your profile.

Step 3:

Depending on your mobile device, a clock-shaped figure will appear in the upper right or left corner. In the case of Android devices the figure will appear on the right. Contrary to this, on iPhone devices the figure appears on the left.

Step 4:

Once the figure is selected, instagram will give you two options, among them is to view the stored publications. When you click on the option the archived publications will appear immediately.

Recommendations when archiving photos

Earlier we mentioned how the publications are archived and where are the photos archived in instagram. We also talked about the importance of archiving publications for users. The intention of instagram in archiving photos or publications comes from the purpose of saving the photos that users do not want but want to undo. We will give you some tips to put them into practice when archiving photos. These are:

  • In the case of archiving a photo accidentally, instagram gives you the opportunity to undo the process. We'll explain that later.
  • You can keep watching the instagram photos that you have archived. We mentioned this before, but you can get the archived publications by entering your profile and clicking on the figure in the form of a clock.
  • In the watch figure you can not only find archived publications, but you can also find your old stories.
  • We mention again that only you can see the photos you have archived.

How to recover archived photos

We already mentioned where are the photos archived in instagram. And we also talked a little about the action of recovering the photos already stored or archived. The process of recovering the already archived photos is one of the newest features of the instagram app. As well as the function of archiving publications, the process of retrieving photos or publications already archived is just as simple.

The option of recovering archived photos gives the user the ability to have those photos that were previously archived in his feed again. If you have archived the publication by mistake this option is very useful. As it is also in the case of having repented. The only thing that instagram wants is to please its users and shows it with its latest updates.

To know how to recover the archived instagram photos, the first thing you should know is where are the archived instagram photos. Next we will show you how to recover the stored photos.

  • To be able to recover your photos you must know where are the photos archived in instagram.
  • Once you have entered the place where are the photos archived in instagram you will see two options. One of them is called a publications file.
  • Photos stored in archive of publications can only be seen by you.
  • Choose the archived photo.
  • Like the photos in your feed, the archived photos have three points in the back right corner.
  • You must press on the three points.
  • You will see several options, among them is the option to show in the profile.

Photos that were previously archived will return to your profile normally. As if you had never dumped them. They will return with the original publication date, not the recovery date. You will also have the same likes and comments you had before filing them.

Have aesthetics or keep memories?

Two of the options that cause more indecision among instagram users are saving old posts or maintaining the current aesthetics of the profile. Instagram with the purpose of helping its users constantly launches updates. Among these updates is the archiving and retrieval of archived files.

But is it possible to maintain the aesthetics of the profile without losing photos? The answer to this is: Yes. This is exactly the function of the archiving option. Instagram constantly home to light different functions. Among the favorites of the instagrammers is the option to archive photos. With this option, the user is able to maintain the aesthetics of his profile by keeping the publications that he wants to undo from being stored or archived, but he does not eliminate them.

With the function of archiving the photos, the user can continue to see the photos that file. Although, the only person who can see the archival publications is himself. This knowing where are the archived instagram photos.

The archiving of the photos is the alternative that gives instagram to its users so that they do not get rid of their publications forever, but according to the time the user wants. This has been reflected by the new option to recover the archived photos.

New instagram updates

We already mentioned some new instagram updates. As they are the option to archive the instagram photos, as well as recover the archived photos. In this 2019 year, Instagram will give its consumers some new updates. They are between them.

  • To be able to check messages, as well as send them from the computer. Function that was previously exclusive to the app.
  • From this year users will be able to run the instagram videos. This feature was previously unrelated to Instagram. The user can place any instagram video in the second one he wants.
  • Users can make purchases from the app starting this year.
  • One of the instagram updates for the 2019 that has caused most stir. It is the option to hide likes.
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