Instagram continues to grow in conjunction with the internet. Today is one of the most downloaded app, as well as one of the most sought and famous social networks. Instagram is known for its different functions, initially it was known only for its function of editing and taking photos from its platform. So the user was able to publish those images that he had edited. This has changed, since the purchase of Instagram by Facebook, different functions have been integrated into the platform.

The biggest attraction of instagram, is as we mentioned before, the ability to make, edit and publish your photos from the platform. All this can be done from the instagram app, since their services for computers have been more limited. One of the things that most interests users is where photos are saved on Instagram.

Where are my instagram photos stored?

Instagram has different ways in which your user can save their photos, all with different contexts. Being an app and platform of photographs, the photos are the protagonists. At first this was their only functionality, edit and upload photos. It still remains, as well as the photos that are published normally. Instagram has been adding other features. Like the instagram stories, where the user can make publications with a time duration.

To find out where the instagram photos are saved First you must know what is the context of your unknown. In instagram you can save photos on your phone after publishing, save your stories, third-party publications, your own publications, and even archive them out of sight of other users. Next we will show you where the instagram photos are saved.

How the photos you publish are saved

One of the favorite features of instagram consumers is the saving of their already edited photos, directly on their phone once the publication of the same has been made. This function is very simple. All you have to do is press on the square with the + sign. When you have done this, instagram will give you the option to take a photo or choose one from your gallery. Regardless of the form you choose, the app will provide you with a series of filters for your photo. The edits and then the public.

Once the publication is done you just have to enter the photo gallery of your phone and there you will find the photo that you edited and uploaded to instagram.

How to save the photos of your stories

Currently in instagram there are three different ways to save the photos of your Stories. Next we will show you how to save them and where the instagram photos are saved. These three forms of storage are:

Save edited photos

Instagram Stories just like how normal instagram posts are made. It gives its users two options, the first is to take a photo from the app to then edit it and publish it. The second option is to choose a photo from the gallery, then edit it and then publish it. Another thing that is the same as normal publications is the fact that the photos are saved on your phone once you publish it.

In addition to this, instagram stories can function simply as a photo editor. Since if you do not want to publish a photo already edited, what you can do is save it directly in your gallery, this can be done by pressing the save icon.

Save photos in albums

Unlike the previous save option, in this option the photos will not be saved exclusively for you. But they will be on your profile in view of your followers or other instagram users. The option of saving stories to albums is new within the app. This new functionality allows the user to save their stories in albums. These albums, in turn, are visible to everyone in the user's profile, just below the description.

Automatic saving

Another new instagram update allows the photos of the stories to be saved automatically after they are published in a file cabinet. All published stories without exception are found in this file cabinet.

To know where the instagram photos you publish in your stories are stored. What you must do is enter your profile and click on the clock icon located at the top of the menu. It can be on the left or right depending on the system of your mobile device.

Where edited photos are saved

Another one of the instagram saving options for photos is in its publication menu. When you edit a photo, it is in the saved publication menu with everything and retouching, only without being published. This so that the user is able to upload the photo that he previously edited. This is like a draft. The photo, although it is saved within instagram, unlike the Stories instagram, can not save inside the phone. Since this can only be achieved by publishing the photo. If the user closes his instagram session, the edited photos or drafts that were left will disappear.

How to save other users' posts

Previously the only way to save the photos of other users was by doing screenshot. Now users have the opportunity to save other people's posts in their profile for exclusive view. The instagram save option works for both your own publications and those of others. The saved photos are only visible to the user who made the guard action.

If you want to save both your own publications and other users what you should do is the following:

Step 1:

Search for the publication you want to save.

Step 2:

Find the new icon that appears on the right side of each publication, right next to the instagram direct icon.

Step 3:

Once you have found the icon you must press it. With that, the publication is stored inside your profile, only in your sight.

Where are the saved publications

To find out where the instagram photos are saved, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Enter the instagram app or the official page from the computer. Login to your account

Step 2:

Go to your profile.

Step 3:

Along with the icon of the photo labels, the icon of saved publications will appear. You must click on it. Immediately the photos you saved will be displayed.

The only negative thing that can be found to this function is how limited it is. Since despite the fact that the publications are saved, you can only access them by opening an instagram session and they are not saved on your mobile device.

Screen capture to save the photos?

At the beginning of the instagram, users could make screenshots of the publications they liked the most. After, with the addition of Instagram Stories to the platform, users were still doing the same. This has changed for the Stories since instagram implemented its new modifications. The modification that has caused the most stir in recent years is the screen capture warning.

What is the screen capture notice? It is easy, now the user of the instagram app will receive a notification every time someone captures their stories. This, although it is useful for the user, since he will know who keeps his publications. For the other part it is more complicated. The user will no longer be able to capture the image without the owner realizing it.

Archive photos in Instagram

Among the new ways to save photos within instagram. You find the archive. The way in which the instagram archived photos work is very simple. When the user has a publication that he is ashamed of or that does not match the aesthetics of his account. For these cases instagram design the archiving photos. The user can archive a publication, once this process is done, the photos are saved in the instagram but they are deleted from the user's profile.

Finally.The way in which the photos are archived within instagram is the following:


The first thing you should do is log in to your own or corporate account.

Go to your profile

Once you have logged in on instagram, the second thing to do is enter your profile.

Search the icon

In your profile you will get that at the top there is a clock icon. Inside this icon the publications that you archived are saved.


You must click on the clock icon. Inside you will find both the stories you archived and the publications.

Another new instagram update allows users to unarchive the previously archived posts. When the user makes this action the image returns to his profile, just on the date of its publication, with the same likes and comments, without having undergone any modification or change.