Although in an instagram beginning it was only an application and platform for photographs. Later the videos joined him. The integration of the videos within the instagram publications was one of the first updates that instagram did to its platform. Today we do not imagine that it would be instagram without their videos. We also can not imagine how instagram would be without its constant updates, which far from improving any failure. They give more visibility and use to the platform.

For new users of the social network. Some updates are still unknown. Some functions are also found in the same way. So that users learn better how they are and where the instagram videos are saved. We have this basic guide.

How and where do I store my instagram videos?

Within instagram and off instagram you can find a variety of ways to save instagram videos. To show you how and where to save the instagram videos in a more secure way. The how and where to store the videos of instagram vary according to the form you choose. The ways to save instagram are as follows:

  • Filing the videos
  • Save them as instagram stories.
  • Editing the videos
  • In the save option within instagram.
  • Within albums.

How to save the videos of my instagram stories

Instagram stories have become one of the favorite features of users. Knowing how and where the instagram videos are saved These are some of the most asked questions in the platform today. The instagram stories have the peculiarity to have three different ways of saving. Next we will show them:

Save to albums

The newest save option within instagram not only allows the user to treasure important moments. But also share it with your followers and other instagram users. The option of saving and creating albums within instagram. It allows your users to have the stories they choose within albums that are visible to other users in their profile. Just below the description. The user can even keep adding posts, not just videos to albums.

Unlike common instagram stories, stories saved in albums do not have a limit of 24 hours. They are always available.

Save after editing

Like the photos. Instagram stories can serve as an editor. From where you can make the modifications of the video or photo for later storage without the need to publish them. To perform the save just click on the icon that indicates it. Later you will be able to know where the instagram videos are saved entering the gallery or videos of your mobile phone.

The automatic storage

If your instagram is configured with automatic saving. Published stories or videos will be automatically saved in your phone's memory. And to know where are the instagram videos you just have to search the videos or the gallery of your mobile device.

Another form of automatic saving that is relatively a new update of the platform. It's the filing cabinet. From where you can not only save normal instagram posts. But also the stories made are automatically saved. The videos are only visible to the user who owns the saved stories.

How the published videos are saved

In the same way that photo publications work, videos work. To save the published videos, the first thing to do is to make sure that the automatic saving of the publications is available in your settings. In case the answer is yes. What you should do is post a video. To do this you must press the third icon of the lower instagram menu. This icon is the + sign.

Once the icon is pressed, the menu will appear, you will have to choose if you want to record a video or choose it from the gallery of the phone. Without depending on what you choose, the next step is the same. You will have to edit it and make its subsequent publication. To know where the video is within instagram what you should do is go to the start of your instagram and update. Another place where this video will be is in your feed. Finally, to know where the instagram videos are saved on the phone you must enter your gallery.

Where edited videos are saved

Previously we mentioned that the videos work just like the photos inside instagram. When a video or photo is edited within instagram. The only way this is saved is by making its publication. And what previous to this is in the automatic saving settings. In case this is not done, the publication is not saved inside the mobile device.

The videos that were not uploaded, but that were edited. They remain in the publication menu. This feature is limited compared to stories that can be saved without being published. There is also the fact that if the session is closed, the edited video will no longer be available.

Archive the videos

To save the videos of your user profile by deleting them from the feed but not from the platform. There is archiving them. This instagram feature allows the user to remove the videos from their feed by saving them within another instagram location. Unlike the instagram stories. The publications must be selected by the user. And as we mentioned previously disappears from the user profile.

To find the archived videos. You must enter in the user profile. Now, depending on what the system of your mobile device is. You can find a clock icon on the left for iOS devices and on the right for Android devices. When you have entered this icon you will find both the archived publications and the stories.

To archive the videos. What you must do is enter the video of your profile that you want to remove from it but not from the platform. Then press on the three points that appear in the upper right corner of each publication. Once this is done, a series of options will appear. Including filing the publication.

Saved from Instagram

One of the most recent functions added to instagram is the saving of publications. From where the user can save for their own view both videos and other publications of other users as their own. Now within each instagram post you will find a new icon. The saved icon. This icon is on the right a bit away from the comments icon.

To save any publication you must click on the save icon. To view your saved posts, you can do the following:

On mobile devices

On Android devices you can find an icon with three lines. By pressing on this icon several options will appear. Among these options appears the save icon. By clicking on this icon you will find the publications that you saved.

On computers

On computers you will find that by entering the user's profile. Just below the description, there are three options, the third of which has the save icon. Entering Here you can view the posts you previously saved. Although the functions of instagram from non-mobile devices are limited, the function of saving and displaying the photos that you saved is one of the available functions.

The only limitation that can be found to this function. It is the fact that the publications of other users can not be saved inside the phone or computer.

Save alternatives

There are different ways in which you can save the instagram videos. Although some of them are not entirely safe. First we show you the common saved forms within instagram. But, it should be emphasized that these are not the only ways of storage. Instagram is limited if we talk about saving videos or publications that are not their own inside the phone. Photos can be captured on the screen. But this is another limitation to which the videos are exposed.

One of the alternatives for saving videos within instagram are download applications. Although many of these are not safe, some are the exception. There are also apps that allow the user to save videos from stories that are not their own. In the same way you can download or download instagram videos to the computer through apps or websites. To download this type of content. First you must be aware of their rights.

Update of live videos

One of the favorite instagram features among celebrities and their fans are the direct ones. This instagram functionality allows the user to interact with other instagram people. Among the new instagram updates. You can find the direct saved in the mobile phone.

This new update allows users to own a copy of the live that I made even if it was removed from instagram. Live videos are automatically saved after their broadcast ends.