Where Instagram was created

The success that instagram has today is something that new applications and platforms that come to light want to achieve. It is not for anyone a secret that instagram has not only become one of the favorite apps of the public, but also has become one of the most famous. There are many nuances that make instagram so successful.

Like all other applications, instagram had a beginning. This beginning has also been one of the most successful. Instagram has gradually adapted to its audience, new technologies and the constant growth of the internet. Many analysts attribute their success to their constant updates. One thing that is certain is that the application is one of the largest in the world. Instagram at the moment does not seem to fall, rather it is quite the opposite. With the passing of the years, its public increases and its appeal is greater.

But to know which is the secret of such success of the application, we must first know some things like: How and where was created instagram, who created it and other things.

Who created instagram?

The masterminds behind one of the most famous instagram apps are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The first of these began to develop the application in 2009. Its main idea was to create a platform that allowed its users to share photos that were edited inside it. At the beginning, instagram bore another name and was very similar to other applications of which Systrom was inspired. Later he was joined by his friend Mike Krieger.

Both Systrom and Krieger studied at Stanford University, and both resided in San Francisco the place where Instagram was created.

Although the instagram story later had more participants. The truth is that in the beginning its creators created the bases of what it is today.

Kevin Systrom, its main creator, before the creation of Instagram had worked in Google. Later he joined Nextstop, although he always had in mind to create his own platform. In the 2009 create the prototype application that preceded to instagram. This prototype was called Burbn, to create it Systrom was inspired by other fashion applications for the moment. At the end of his project he realized his resemblance to his inspiration. It was then that Krieger joined and developed what we know today as an instagram for Apple App Store. All this in San Francisco where Instagram was created.

Another person who helped create the instagram was Kevin Systrom's girlfriend. Since being on a vacation the photos he took did not seem good enough. That's when Systrom created the first instagram filter, the X-Pro II, that you can still find among the platform's filters.

Instagram principles

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger met while studying at the University of Stamford. For those moments Systrom thought about making his own platform. But it was not until after a few years that he developed the idea of ​​a photographic application. The place where Instagram was created It was San Francisco in California. But when its first prototype was developed it did not have the same name and its design was complicated. The app was called Burbn and according to Systrom's words, it was similar to the other apps I had used as inspiration.

After being dissatisfied, Systrom discarded everything he had created for Burbn, remaining only with some functions such as: edit the photos and comment them among users. For this stage of the process he was joined by his friend from the university, Mike Krieger. In conjunction with the latter, it began to develop what is nowadays the most used application.

In October the 2010 is released for the Apple App Store instagram. The new application, unlike Burbn, was more simplified and simpler for the user's use. In later years instagram was developed more and crossed the barriers that had at the beginning.

Instagram timeline

Below we will show you a temporary instagram line, from its creation to what it is today:

Creation of Burbn

In the 2009 Kevin Systrom creates the prototype of instagram, an application called Burbn. Then it fails according to the eyes of its creator. Both the place of creation of Brubn, as the place where Instagram was created is the same.

Set with Krieger

After Burbn's failure. Systrom desase what he had done and together with Mike Krieger create instagram.

Release to Apple

In October, 2010 is launched instagram inside the Apple App Store.

The Hashtags

In January of 2011 the Hashtags are integrated.

2.0 version

For September of the year 2011, a new version of instagram is launched, this version included new filters and effects for the photos.

Launch to Android

In April of 2012, Instagram it becomes available for Android devices.

Buy instagram

After the release to Android the 3 of April of 2012. Facebook makes the instagram purchase for 1 million dollars on the 9 of April of the same year.

Terms of privacy

Late 2012 instagram updates its privacy terms. These new terms angered many of its users. So instagram undoes all updated terms.

Labeling option

For the 2013 instagram add tagging function within the platform.

Instagram direct

In December, 2013 instagram launches its direct messaging system.


Like Facebook, instagram includes advertising publications. This in the 2015.

New logo

In the 2016 instagram, you change your traditional logo to a more modern one.

Instagram Stories

In August of 2016 the function of publishing photos with a time duration is released to the public. Here the instagram Stories.

Instagram TV

In the 2018 the directives are added within the Instagram Stories.

Instagram as the best application

Many catalog instagram as one of the best applications there is a day. Its application has faithful users, who see in it a practical and simple application. That's what Facebook saw when it made the purchase in the 2012.

When the Instagram purchase was made, its co-founders, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom continued working as directors. This although Facebook was in control. Facebook executives mentioned that despite the purchase of instagram, it would continue to work as it came.

It was under the domain of Facebook that instagram began to overcome its barriers even more. It became available for Android. Instant messaging and instagram Stories were integrated. It also happened to become one of the most used applications.

As instagram rose, the Facebook platform stalled. So it fell on instagram the future of growth that the Facebook empire had created. Instagram not only became the most used application, it also became the fashion app.

There are many theories about why users started to choose an instagram over Facebook. Many named the instagram as an app for young people. While Facebook works better for adults. Although in the beginning of the purchase of Instagram, Mark Zukerberg had said that both Krieger and Systrom would still have control of the platform. Comments began to appear about how much more instagram was growing. Zukerberg was integrated more with the activities of the same. The rumors were never confirmed. What is certain is that after almost seven years of work together. The instagram co-founders left the project.

Departure from Systrom and Krieger

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the instagram purchase, as well as in terms of it, it was said that Systrom and Krieger would have control of the platform. Rumors said that this was changing as time passed. The more years passed, Facebook lagged behind the rapid growth of instagram. This is despite the fact that many of the new instagram functions are the same as other Facebook functions. Also that instagram is limited with respect to other functions of the Zukerberg application. It did not prevent its growth.

Faced with Facebook's instagram and stagnation. This made the Facebook empire depend on the success of Instagram. As we mentioned before. Such is the success of instagram that Mark Zukerberg was integrating more and more to the activities and the functioning of the social network. This, according to rumors was what led to both Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger making the decision to exit instagram.

The exit of the creators of Instagram was in September of 2018. In spite of the rumors and theories thrown by its exit. Both Systrom and Krieger claimed that their departure was because they wanted to explore their curiosity and creativity. The truth is that the creators of the app of the moment abandon it in one of its most successful times. Today the app has more than one billion users.

Despite the rumors of problems between Facebook and Instagram, the departure of the creators still sounds like something sudden. But, the instagram creators announced that they are ready for the next chapter.

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