What does it mean on Instagram?

More and more people join the millions of users that Instagram has. Therefore, the variety that we can achieve in this application is related to cultures from all over the world which you can follow and which follow you back to you. But maybe when you are in the search engine you will see a word below the user name and the doubt arises that it means followed in Instagram.

Like the questions you want to get answers to, such as knowing who follows you and who does not. But before this we clarify the first unknown.

Difference between followers and followers

It is very easy to distinguish between one and the other, since the term "Followed" refers to users that you follow. While “Followers” ​​deals with the users who follow you, therefore your community relates to your follower plus the users you are following, if you include the duplicate profiles.

When does it appear often on Instagram?

If you are in the Instagram search engine and you find the person or page you want to start following but at the bottom of the username you see “Followed” means that this profile is already part of what you have followed and that you have him as a follower in your account.

If you do not remember having started to follow that user or page and you want to stop doing so, you can locate yourself in one of the bars below the biography that says "Following", you press on it and a menu that at the end says "Stop following" by clicking on this option you will immediately stop following the person or page.

How to understand what it means on Instagram? Most faithful followers

It is very important to establish connections with your followers, to understand what it means on Instagram, that is why it is recommended to write comments on the content that they upload and of course thank and respond to the comments they make in your publications. In fact, these tips are very important if you want to get a loyal community of followers and especially when we refer to business profiles or brands.

But if your account has thousands of followers, it will be very difficult for you to be able to react to the publications of all your followers. For this reason we will show you some tools so you can identify who are your most loyal followers within the application.

InstaFollow for Instagram

It is a very simple Android application to use, has many features that will be very helpful, however several of them are only available in the paid version.

Within the application you can see a ranking where all your followers are, with priority for those who have made the most "likes" and comments on your publications. You can also load the litas again every time you want so that the positions of the ranking are updated, in this way they indicate you how many positions have won or lost your followers. It also has another interesting feature in which you create templates with the profiles of your best followers and their position in the ranking, adding a description with a mention of each of them.


It is enabled only for phones with iOS operating system, it has several more functions than the previous one, since it creates up to 5 types of list such as:

  • Best followers: is a list based on the number of likes and comments that shows you the most loyal followers. It also gives you a more detailed view because it tells you the sum total of the reactions to your posts.
  • Worst followers: This list is useful to detect those false profiles, because it shows you who do not comment or like the content you upload to the application.
  • Best users who do not follow you: is considered the most interesting, because it reflects a list of potential followers who react to your publications, however they are not yet part of the group of users who follow you.
  • Ghost followers: show followers who have not been able to generate any activity towards your posts for a long time.
  • Ghost users you follow: it helps you to clean the list of users you follow.

With these two applications you can know who these followers are that are constantly reacting to your posts, therefore they show you who are more files than other users. But it is also important to know who you follow who does not follow you back.

Who am I following and not following me? what means followed on Instagram

People generally like to know if an acquaintance may have stopped following him or if a person with whom you have followed each other You are interested in your publications or just wanted to add a new follower. That is why we will give you two options so you can get out of doubt, It should be noted that we recommend the manual form since using third-party applications failures can occur.

Manual method to know what it means on Instagram

First of all to know what it means often on Instagram, you should find a user who you follow on Instagram using the search engine, if you do not know the name of memory you can try accessing your profile and press on the bar that says «Followed» since it is a link to the list of people you follow.

Later you can see if in the upper tab it says “followed” to make sure of the next step. Once inside, select the name of the user you want to check that also follows. Then you can notice that Instagram does not tell you if you are already following it, however you can press its link to the number of followed and in this way you can see if you are in its list of users that it follows.

You can use the search engine of the application to find yourself and check if you are on their list, if your username appears in the results it is because the user is also following you.

Using other applications

As we already mentioned, it is complicated to make use of third-party applications because they can present flaws in the algorithms, since Instagram has restricted its API so much that almost none is capable of analyzing a database. You should also keep in mind that when you use any of these applications, you are sharing your information that they can collect, knowing this we mention some of them that are considered more reliable than the rest.

Followmeter: In most cases it worked correctly, but not in accounts with too many followers, due to the limits of the API. It is also available for Android and iOS and when it opens on your mobile you must press the “Sign In” button so you can log in.

Once inside, you will get a browser where you can write your data to log in to Instagram and when you access it the application will start analyzing it and it will only take a few minutes to collect your data. Then press on the option «Not Following Me Back» and all the users that are not following you will appear, if you click on any of their usernames the application will open the person's profile and stop following if it is what you want.

How to differentiate those false profiles?

Within Instagram there are many toxic profiles or that really do not contribute anything to your account. In this sense it is good that you know how to identify them so you can ignore them when they follow you, such as: those users who only want to be followed by them, people with fake profiles or who only enter 1 once a month, users who follow you but do not react to any of your posts.

Ignore these accounts

On the other hand, what it means often on Instagram is also if some user follows you but has not given a heart and less commented on your posts, It's because your content isn't interested, he's just looking for you to follow him. In the same way you can easily identify them by seeing their number of followers and the number of people who follow him.

False profiles that follow you on Instagram

Try never to follow a person without first seeing and studying their profile, with this we refer to review their photos, number of photos uploaded, el time you have without uploading content, his name, number of followers, number of people he follows and if you check that you notice that something is wrong, you can simply ignore it.

Do not continue to follow, which means followed on Instagram

Finally, what it means often on Instagram is the choice to follow a user will always be yours, so do not follow anyone just to follow him, Avoid following an account that doesn't interest you. In fact, it is better if you start following people who upload content similar to yours, in this way you will feel comfortable with their posts and this new follower will also often react to the content you upload.

It's always good to have a good audience, which you can count on for likes and comments. Not with followers who are just to be, in the end Instagram gives you the opportunity to create a community of friends and you have to take advantage of it.










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