From the beginning instagram was considered a photo app. Its creators made it thinking that their users felt professional creating quality content. This through the use of a series of filters that will add more personality and professionalism. The essence of instagram has been lost a bit over the years. Since its users tend to concentrate more on what impact their publications, instead of worrying about making quality content. Thing with which the platform has battled in recent years. And that is present in the decisions they make. The content published on the social network must comply with a number of rules established in the rules of use and in the terms of service. Next we will show you what photos to upload on instagram, so you have better content and comply with the policies of the platform.

The best photos to upload on instagram

New and old users of the most famous social network of the moment, often ask what photos to upload on instagram. And although for many it is easy to create content, some make this a little complicated. Due to the new wave of famous called influencers. The desire of many has become to possess a large amount of followers, I like you and comments. These want to know what photo to upload on instagram to gain fame within the platform. In general, instagram users wonder very much what content to upload on their profile. Regardless if they want to be famous or not. Instagram on all things wants the creation of quality content, original and that complies with its policies.

If you want to become famous within the platform you must implement some advice, yes, although you do not meet what you want. Since a formula has not yet been invented to achieve fame within any social network. You must be constant within instagram, upload content of interest to others, be faithful to what you want, establish a category for your account. You should also keep in mind that no matter what others think, you should upload the content you like. As we mentioned earlier, this is what instagram wants. That quality content is uploaded without giving importance to the amount of likes or comments that these publications accumulate.

Prohibited content

Something you must do to take into account what photos to upload on instagram It is what is content that is prohibited within the platform. Instagram, like many other platforms, has a series of rules of use, in addition to terms and conditions of service that the user must abide by. As for example, as many know, instagram has a strict policy against nudity and pornography. So any publication of this type of content can cause the account lock. So that you are aware of what photos to upload on instagram, you must first know what content is illegal within the platforms. These are:

Adult content

Any adult content, be it pornography, nudes or sexual content. It is totally prohibited from the platform. Since the platform also accepts minor users, and the creation of content suitable for all audiences is promoted. Regarding these platform restrictions, instagram has been changing them a bit. Becoming a little more flexible, although the norm of not showing naked backs of women is still strict. Thing that has earned him criticism, since there are no such rules that include men.

Promotion of self-destructive content

Any type of publication that in some way promotes or incites self-destructive behaviors such as: suicides, anorexia, bulimia or mental and nutritional diseases, is totally prohibited from the platform.


Within instagram, publications that harass some other person or user are not accepted. In addition, the content of revenge, mockery or hatred towards others is not accepted.


Telling lies about users or people is not accepted. In addition to all kinds of content that degrades or defames another person.

Illegal content

Publications that promote or that are related to any illegal activity are not allowed.

How to do to have more interactions

For users who want to achieve fame within the platform, it is even more complicated to know what photos upload to instagram. Since these seek to gain the most reactions or interactions in them. With the passage of time, as in any social network, on instagram a dark side has formed. Within this you can find a large number of users who want fame immediately. What has led them to make the purchase of followers and other practices. Although it has been shown that most of the time they have no influence on generating more interactions. We have already said that there is no exact formula to gain fame within instagram. What there is is a series of tips that can help you gain more interactions and even followers. These are:

Choose a category

Many times what helps more to get more interactions is to have a defined category for your account. This can also help you choose what photos upload to instagram, since you would have a definite theme. Some of the most famous categories within instagram are: animals, landscapes, food, fitness, fashion, design, music, lifestyle and travel.


Try to have cohesion between your posts. We are not telling you that all your photos are the same, but try not to be so far apart in subjects. And even if they are, you can use the same range of filters, so that they keep some resemblance.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very important within instagram. And even more if you want to get more interactions. If you choose the right Hashtags, you can call users who might be interested in your content.

Be different

This is something difficult within a social network with so many users. And although there is no possibility that you have 100% originality or that you are so different from others. What you should do is have your characteristic owner, that your publications somehow manage to differentiate themselves from those of other accounts that are similar to yours.

Do not violate the rules

It is very important that you do not violate any of the rules or policies on which instagram is based. Since doing so could bring you inconvenience such as the definitive or temporary blocking of your account.

Can photos be uploaded from the computer?

One of the questions most users ask themselves, in addition to which photos to upload on instagram, is Can you upload photos for instagram from the computer? And there are two answers for this. The first is the official instagram, and it is not possible. This is because despite the fact that instagram has an official website. This does not have the same functions of the app, and is quite limited. One of these limitations is not being able to publish. But, although this is the official instagram response, the truth is that you can make photo posts from your computer. In addition to this, the trick that allows you to do this is not prohibited.

Although you can publish photos to instagram from the computer through a trick. You cannot publish videos yet. In addition to this, the photos cannot be edited with the instagram filters found in the app.

The best photos of your year

From almost the beginning of instagram, at the end of the year, the platform is flooded with a series of publications that summarize the users' year in nine photos. This type of publication is known as "the best nine" or best nine in Spanish. It consists of a collage of nine of the photos with more user interactions throughout the year. In order to obtain this collage, the user can enter a web page called best nine, enter their username and then take capture of the collage that gives you the page. Then do as the other users and publish the capture with best nine as Hashtag.

Tips for your photos

All instagram users like to have good photos on the platform. Although this is a bit difficult most of the time. To help you make your photos look like those of a professional, we have decided to give you a series of tips. These are:

Quality camera

If you want to have better photos, a quality camera never hurts. Having a smartphone then would be a good investment.

Neutral funds

Try to make the backgrounds of your photos as clean as possible, that they are neutral. Do everything possible so that there is nothing that damages your aesthetics in the background, you can add items. But, don't overdo it with the decoration.

Natural light

Do your best to get natural light when taking a photo. And take full advantage of it. You can also use the generated shadows as contrast.

Use the correct filters

Use all those filters that accentuate the strengths of your photo. For this, you don't just have to make use of the filters available in instagram. You can also use all types of web pages or apps.


Use different angles and poses for your photos. That way everyone will have a different touch and they won't all be the same.