Who saves my photos on Instagram?

In Instagram we share many photos and videos, we usually look at other people react to the content we upload, indicating that they like or commenting. But know who saves my photos on Instagram It is one of the questions that many of us come up with while we are on the platform.

Sometimes it can be for safety or to know the impact that the photo is generating in our audience. In any of these cases we will help you find the best alternative below.

How to know who saves my photos on Instagram?

First of all, there is no way to know who can save the content you upload to Instagram from a personal account. But perhaps you have heard of some applications that you can download in the «App Store" or in the "Play Store» whatever the case, I'm sorry to tell you that none of them will work to achieve your goal.

They could also suggest you search the internet for some tricks or tricks, however, they are not the solution either. In fact, until now there is only one way to know who saves my photos on Instagram.

Change the personal profile to business

This is the only way or alternative that Instagram gives you, and it is very easy to do in short steps.

  1. Enter your profile on Instagram and press the three dashes or dots that are on the top right.
  2. Once inside, press "Settings" and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Choose "Accounts" and press the last option that says “Switch to business account” o "Switch to business account."

Once the process is ready you can know who are saving your photos. In fact, from that moment you will have statistics of your profile, then every time someone saves one of your photos it will appear as a notification, and to know how many people have done it, you just have to press «Statistics» and a list will appear with all users.

These statistics are much more than notices whoever has saved any of our photos, are widely used to know the impact that the publication is generating to the audience that looks at you. In fact, many people who are influential in this social network They use this feature to measure the quality of their photos and videos. For this reason we will explain what they consist of statistics and how they can help you.

Use statistics to know who saves my photos on Instagram.

If you want to know how good your audience or friends think the photos you are uploading, the statistics help you to know these results, since they are much more than knowing the data of followers and interactions.

But it should be noted that many people make use of these analytics to extract more information from those who follow them and the people who react in their Instagram accounts. And although many of these people use other alternative applications to obtain all this information, without a doubt, Instagram is the one that provides the most reliable data.

There are three types of “Statistics” on Instagram: General Business Profiles, Posts on Business Profiles, and Instagram Stories.

Statistics in Instagram posts

To know who saves my photos on Instagram you can be guided by this option, which in turn gives you access to the general statistics of the account. You can also see statistics of each publication in a particular way.

The time in which you get these statistics is weekly, the platform policy established it that way and to date no changes have been made to it. In other words, when making a report or monthly report on this social network, you must store "screenshots" every week.

Analysis of Instagram statistics

The metrics that keep these statistics can be viewed globally but with the peculiarity that each one fulfills and develops a different function. Besides that they facilitate the understanding of the facts, for example: if your case is that of a company that needs to generate more sales and win more clients, you need to know what impact your product causes, the receptivity of the public and the strong points of your campaign. In the same way it happens with the weak spots that you are having, in order to know where you should focus your effort and time on gaining more opportunities.

On the other hand, if you somehow ask yourself the question of “who saves my photos on Instagram” it is because you want to know how good the content you publish is, then in some way you are looking to please yourself and those who follow you. And in any case, Instagram statistics help you know the quality of what you spend time and money on. 

In order for you to understand even more what these metrics are about, we will explain them to you in a particular way in the following lines.


Although in the app stores there are many "tools" that claim to provide you with all the information about the interactions, I am sorry to tell you that it is false, the most they can help you is by reflecting the likes and comments. So it is only in the Instagram application and with the statistics that you can know the saved, the reproductions and the click in bio link.

All these interactions are shown by Instagram statistics, and are the main guide for those who seek to know the reaction to their photos and videos.

Increase of followers per post

Within these Instagram statistics there is a section that says “Actions” there you can see the follow-ups. And it is with this information that we can know if our publications are working like a magnet to get new followers with upload one of them.

Scope of publications

This is the total number of users who have seen your publication, each separate publication reflects a scope. But this is also measured on a monthly basis, with the particularity that you would be including the sum of several followers who react to your publications, that is, that you would repeat some people, so this scope will always be greater than the real one and is what you should take into account.

Calculate engagement

The word «engagement» refers to the percentage of interaction response that a user can generate to the stimuli that are provoked, in this case, by a photo, image, video.

Visits to the profile

The statistics will provide you with the data of the last week, and when you want to make a monthly report on Instagram, you must have statistics for each week.

Index of conversion to followers

The profile visits provide more relevant information than you imagine, since all new followers have to enter our profile to click on the option to follow. That is, when someone enters your profile and follows you, the conversion of followers is caused.

More technically there is a way to know this conversion percentage described as: the number of new followers among the number of visits to the profile by 100%.

Visits to the profile from our publications

The statistics also allow us to know who is visualizing our profile from the content we have uploaded. That is to say, this information allows us to know what magnetic tapes are being our photos and videos. The best reaction a person can expect is that after they see some of its content, the user decides to follow it. In fact, this is the interaction we are seeking to generate as the main objective.

Conversion funnel

With all the information that Instagram statistics offer up to now, the famous “conversion funnel” can be created. where the total impressions of publications are displayed, the estimated scope, the interactions received, visits to the profile and click on Bio link.

In the order that is written in the paragraph above it is placed in the funnel scheme that helps improve the activity you are taking on Instagram.

Impressions for using location

Now you can measure how many times you have viewed your photos of the location option, that you must add it when you are editing the photo. further the location plays a fundamental role in the visualization and positioning of your publication and even more when it comes to the Instagram Stories.

Some people try different locations to find out which one works best for them.

Impressions for hashtags

Sure you have found publications that have many hashtags and have thought that they have no meaning. But it really is not like that, in fact, there are many of these that are established in order to generate more interactions in the public. This is because each of them is connected to another, so sometimes we are looking at a photo and pressing one of them directs us to another content that may also belong to another user.

The way in which hashtags influence in publications and even in the increase of new followers They are also measured by Instagram statistics.





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