Who saw my profile on Instagram?

For many of us, Instagram has managed to captivate us, so much so that we share much of our lives on this social platform and that's why, curiosity arises to know who saw my Instagram profile. Either to know who is spying on us, or if you have a business account, how many people are looking at our products.

But unlike the comments "likes" that other people leave you and that are visible on any of your posts, seeing who visited your profile is a little more difficult. In fact, many applications or tricks from the internet may have been recommended to you, however, No matter how hard you look, you will not find the solution. Since many of the suggestions that you have been able to hear are nothing more than tricks to get web entries.

In many situations these applications or tricks they are facades of cyber criminals looking to fill your device with malware and thus be able to steal information and photos from your mobile. For these reasons we intend to give you the best advice about who saw my profile on Instagram and avoid being one more on the list.

Do not use these applications to know who saw my profile on Instagram

We know that we would all like to have access to an application that tells us who saw our profile, but this is not possible, There is not even one that can reflect you who visualized it.

All these pages and applications that promise to be useful to know who saw my profile on Instagram, are a total disappointment, none of them comply with the functions they indicate and to show a button.


This page offers you information about those who block you and those who have stopped following you for free and without requesting personal data. Also within its functions is the analysis of your publications in ranking format based on the most "liked" they have received, as well as the comments.

You can also see private photos of your followers and know when other users are online. However, although it offers the option to know who is viewing your profile, this function has been proven not to work.


It is the cheat application for those who use iOS operating system, It became very popular when it first came out as a solution to find out who viewed my Instagram profile, but as soon as it went up, it foundered when it was discovered that it was completely fraudulent and was quickly removed from the "App Store".

However, its developer Turker Bayram then created the following wave application that is found in the Google search engine.

How viewed me on Instagram

Its functions are very similar to the previous one already mentioned, with the difference that is directed for Android devices in Google Play.

This application works in a way that creates a platform equal to that of Instagram and users and makes users believe that they are logging in, when they actually direct their data to a server designed to steal information.


This application was created for both iOS and Android, and its users in the search find the solution to who could see your profileThey were also victims of a fraudulent platform. In fact, it has been proven that this server steals passwords and redirects them to another unknown.

After numerous complaints from those who had downloaded it, it was discovered that it was also used to post inappropriate photos and that they were not authorized and even sent spam.

The positive part of all this is that these applications They have been removed from mobile stores and the Google search engine. However, the developers of Malware They are constantly creating more traps to be able to steal information from people and appropriate their data.

And although these applications have a short life in stores, by the time they have been discovered to be fraudulent, many people have been victims of their deceptions. For this reason we will show you below what you should do if you download any of them.

Advice in case you have downloaded any of these applications

In case you have already installed an application that I mentioned before, you may notice one of the following problems:

  • When using Google your phone starts to get slow.
  • Your mobile phone goes off a few times without any explanation.
  • You have difficulty when you start an Instagram session.
  • It does not recognize several publications that you have made from your profile.

If any of these problems are happening to you, we recommend that you enter Instagram with the last password you used, If you can not do it, ask for a password recovery email and change it.

Uninstall the application

If you are suspecting some application the most sensible thing is that you uninstall it as a precaution. Subsequently, change all the password pages and servers that you had used on your mobile phone in the time you had installed the fraudulent application.

When it comes to changing the Instagram password, you just have to go to the section that says "edit profile" and select the option of "change Password", you will have to write the one you currently have and then change it to the new one. In this way you recover the security of your account.

What internet alternatives can I use to know who saw my Instagram profile?

There are infinite options and applications that allow you to analyze your account and which are more secure than those that claim to know who sees your profile. Also among the functions that these platforms have are to inform you of the mutual follow-ups, who has started or stopped following you, what have been your most popular publications, commented and views and in this way you know what impact has generated in your audience. They are between them:

  • Twitly
  • Statusbrew
  • Crowdfire
  • Instagress

How to know who saw my profile on Instagram?

Exactly it is not possible to know who sees your profile in this social network, however, Instagram offers some tricks to locate some users who have gone through it.


It is the most obvious option, because in this section you will know who started to follow you and of course that person saw your profile before making the decision.

I like and comments

This alternative is also very basic, it is about knowing the last users that gave a "like" or left a comment on some content that you uploaded. In fact, there are people who do not mind "liking" even old publications, This way you can see who is reviewing your profile.

Story displays

This trick is a bit more elaborate, but you have to keep in mind that it is data that will be erased after 24 hours, so you will have to be quick. In this sense, it is one of the most infallible ways of knowing who is watching your profile without leaving a trace or trace, that is, it does not follow you or interact with you.

The trick that has this function is to upload at least one publication per day so that when you want to know who stopped in your profile, you can review the statistics. And to achieve this, you just have to go to the story you went up, swipe the bar up and it will show you the list of spectators. In addition to those who do not follow, they will appear next to the option to follow.


This application gives you Valuable information such as the total number of followers. Although this function does not give you the exact name of users, if it offers the cities or countries from which they connect, the age, predominant sex and the days in which they are most active, all this information is subtracted from the audience.

As we told you at the beginning, There is no perfect way to know who can see your profile and not interact with you. It is highly recommended that you follow some of the advice we have told you.

Because the personal information you can have on your Instagram can be used for countless bad things that can affect you, this in case you have downloaded and installed any of the fraudulent applications that we described earlier.

There are many cases of cyber abuse that have ended very badly, beginning by damaging the reputation of the person, even committing crimes for achieving private data. In any case, it is not to take lightly the possibility that you are one of the victims.

The best way to know who saw my profile and clear that curiosity is following the options that Instagram's own social network offers you, since in this way all the information will be protected. In fact, there is no need to place extra data that may be suspicious. The platform is responsible for keeping up to date those who are seeking to clear up doubts, but in turn also protects all people who somehow prefer to remain anonymous or just go through your profile by some chance. In any of these cases Instagram aims to satisfy every need of all its users.









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