Who sees my videos on Instagram?

Instagram allows us to share a lot of content, such as videos, there are those who are fans of uploading and watching for several hours on this platform. However, in the digital world privacy is an important element or at least be aware of "Who sees my videos on Instagram". Because maybe doubts also arise if people follow you or not, how popular it can be reproduced or if it will be used for something else.

The most accurate answer to these unknowns is that you can not know who can see your videos, at least not those who upload to your "feed". But there are several ways to get closer to meet those who play our videos. And then I will focus on explaining how the visualizations are counted to go into more details.

Visualizations, who sees my videos on Instagram?

The visualizations only work in one way, the viewer must pass a minimum of 5 seconds watching the video so you can count as such. In fact, the only thing that counts on Instagram are these 5 seconds, since it is independent of the "likes" or comments that the video may receive from users.

But it is quite common to observe in videos of accounts with great popularity A number may "like" that of total reproductions. And this may be due to bots or also to users who do not stop the second 5 to watch the video when they have already "liked" it. It is also necessary to say that, although a user often plays the same video, the display will be only one.

So, just You can see the people who have "liked" your video, those that have only seen it will not appear when you click on "views". For example, if 300 people have played your video, but only 50 gave "likes" in the "views" only those 50 people will be reflected, the other 250 will remain hidden

Viewing stories for who sees my videos on Instagram

On the other hand, in the stories of this social network the case is very different, since in this function if you can give an accurate answer to your question of "who can see my videos on Instagram".

To know it you have to enter the video and click on the bottom left, where there are some circles with the user profile photos. Once you press it, a full list of people and pages that have viewed the video that you have uploaded to your story

If in your case you want to know who is watching your videos to earn more followers or know the receptivity you are having in your audience, you must know the metrics used for Instagram videos.

How to measure a video on Instagram?

When talking about video metrics, it's because the content that we are generating is of quality, investing as much time as money in it, for this reason you must ensure that it is the best possible.

If you are planning to create a digital marketing campaign, for it to be successful it must be quantifiable, at this point enter the video metrics. And each of them will explain them in the following lines.

Number of visits

The simplest way to determine how popular and how responsive a video is is for the count of visits you have had. And as mentioned above, the visualization counts when 5 seconds have elapsed in front of the video.

Number of extended visits

The count of extended visits is more significant as it expands from the count of visits. There are many people who can watch a video by 5 seconds but when they watch the video by 60 second or more, indicates that the content has attracted the attention of the viewer, therefore it is a more useful measure to measure visits on Instagram.

Video playback speed

This reproduction rate allows us to measure the number of people who watched the video helping to define how important it was and the effectiveness of the location of it.

Video time

It reflects the total amount of time people watched the video. And the longer this time, Instagram will value more the content you've shared.

Finish rate

In this case, this rate is used to indicate how many people have stayed watching the video until the end of it. In this sense, this metric is used to describe the flow, quality and video production on Instagram.


It is the measurement that includes the reproduction rate, the reproduction time and the completion rate of a video, to say how good the content is or not.

Click for grades

These clicks are concerned with measure the effectiveness of some action that takes place within the video. That is, if someone is watching one of your videos and does not take any action, then you have to look for tools or improve the content to get the attention of visitors.

Conversion rate

This rate is used for videos that are dedicated to promoting a product, so it measures the amount of purchases made through the video.


It is the indicator of the reactions that viewers have of the video. For example, comments, conversations, social mentions, any direct comments through other social networks, among others.

Social actions

They are considered the core of marketing in social networks, in Instagram measures the capacity of the content of get the audience to share and actively promote it. In this sense, it can be said that it is the main objective of a video on this platform.

Now, we already know a lot about the measures that Instagram uses to define a video with quality content. But now we will tell you some tips that will be useful when uploading your videos.

Record a video with several clips

When you want to tell a story in many scenes, this advice will help you to do it.

First select the "+" icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar, then press "Library" to choose the video that you will upload. Second press "Following" which is located in the upper right and after "Trim" at the bottom of the screen.

Now you must press again the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to choose the additional video clips and then touch "Finalize". Then you must select your favorite clips to trim them or reorder them differently. Once you have assembled your video you can share it as you always do.

Record videos from several clips

Press the "+" icon that you will find at the bottom of the screen, then press "Video" and touch the circle to start recording. So, in order to record several clips, you must remove your finger from the recording circle to pause the one you are doing, then press and hold again to continue with the video.

In case you want to delete a clip, press "Delete" and confirm it to finish the operation.

Share videos without sound for who sees my videos on Instagram

Sometimes you want to share videos without them having audio, and on Instagram there are many that are visualized. In fact the videos are played on Instagram without sound by default

To achieve a video without sound, you must touch the "+" icon which is located at the bottom of the screen and then you can select the video you want to upload. Now you can play "Following", then press the volume control icon at the top of the screen so you can remove the sound from the video.

This option It can also be done with Instagram stories, once you have recorded the video, you only have to press the volume control icon, located in the upper section of the screen to be able to silence the recording.

Record videos for your stories in hands-free

Maybe for some people holding the button during the whole recording is a bit tedious, for that reason Instagram in its constant innovation, I incorporate a hands-free mode. In addition, this function facilitates actions such as switching to the front or rear camera, as the case may be, while you are recording.

To make a hands-free video you must, slide to the right from the home screen to direct you to the Instagram Stories camera, then go to the options that are in the lower section there you will find: Normal, Boomerang, Hands-free and press on it. After you have selected the option "Hands-free" you must touch the button to start the recording. Once you want to finalize the video, you can wait for the maximum time to run out or press the circle again.

You can also add texts to your videos to show more creativity or better understand the information you want to share. You can also add the Stickers that you want to personalize even more the videos that you make in Instagram Stories, in a free way and without any type of restriction.

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